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Gun Ranges, the Law and the NRA -- A Story of "Reckless" and "Negligent"
By Patrick Leary, a St. Petersburg Neighbor It is 2.5 weeks since I found out about Mr. Carannante's intent to fire his weapons at a small, makeshift target in his side yard less than 20 feet from ...
pajoly 02/18/2015 40 80 2 -
Would-Be Shooter Selling "Gun Range" on eBay; Help Us Buy It To Take It To Tallahassee
My neighbor now selling on eBay the "gun range" we pressured him into dismantling. What you see there stood between my neighbors and Joey's bullets. No kidding. After other people gave him ...
pajoly 02/09/2015 41 28 1 -
FL Bill Entered to Stop #frontyardgunranges and How It Relates to NYC Police
Last night Florida Rep. Darryl Rouson entered House Bill 623 to put a stop to residential gun ranges. An act relating to weapons or firearms; amending s. 2 790.15, F.S.; prohibiting any discharge ...
pajoly 02/06/2015 10 28 - -
Gun Range Gone! - It's Time for the Law to Be Torn Down #frontyardgunrange.. a little help pls
Screen grab from my camera of the "gun range" being torn down and loaded up. Now it is time for the law to come down. Glorious day. The ill-conceived "gun range" has been torn down... in front of ...
pajoly 02/04/2015 103 302 3 -
#frontyardgunrange - Round 1: We Dodged a Bullet (Literally) - How You Can Take Action
The latest update in our little life and death saga here in Florida. This morning a popular radio showed at 102.5 FM, "The Bone," called young Mr. Carannante and offered a one year free membership ...
pajoly 02/04/2015 39 117 - -
Sanity May Yet Prevail; Even the NRA Agrees Residential Gun Ranges Are Stupid #frontyardgunrange
This contraption's days are numbered, even if the NRA has its way. Here were four days later and what a difference kinetic marketing and handful of determined and outraged people can make. Here in ...
pajoly 02/03/2015 104 232 1 -
THIS is What's Between Our Children and Death By Recreational Bullet - Petition Update
This is the "gun range" that stands between our children and a young man's bullets. Feel safe yet? Please share this picture broadly. #frontyardgunrange I want this image even spread among super ...
pajoly 02/02/2015 243 351 2 -
MAJOR UPDATES - Making the Gun Crazy Neighbor Famous After the Super Bowl, News at 11PM NBC
Watching the Super Bowl tonight in central FL? Stay a few extra minutes for the breaking news on the same channel. The hell raising is bearing fruit. I just spent over an hour with the local NBC ...
pajoly 02/01/2015 227 559 2 -
Gun Range Update - NRA & FL Legislators Literally Made Residential Neighborhoods Shooting Galleries
2 of my kids and 2 of my neighbor's children at their backyard side fence looking at the "gun range" next door. The line of fire runs parallel to and 30' from the kid's bedroom. Beyond that pile of ...
pajoly 02/01/2015 133 220 1 -
The Front Yard "Gun Range" Just Feet From My Neighbor's Kids' Bedroom Window #frontyardgunrange
This sat 8' from my neighbor's side fence where my kids play. There is no backstop. Behind it another fence and a home immediately behind that. The back wall of the home is direct path should any ...
pajoly 01/30/2015 349 445 7 -
Lunatics w/AKs Kill 100+ in PK School, GOP Enraged; Lunatic w/AR Kills 20+ in CT School, GOP Shrugs
Do I really need to write the diary?
pajoly 12/16/2014 7 13 - -
See This Image: Red State Roulette. How A Red State Cleans Up Ebola.
Oh my. Is the U.S. really ready for ebola? The men in short sleeves and common clothing below are pressure washing the vomit and blood from ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan, who got violently sick ...
pajoly 10/03/2014 281 248 1 -
I Finally "Get" White Privilege and I'm Sorry
This is important enough for me to say out loud in this crowded room. I'm 50. I'm a white male. Still, I'm also liberal. I live in a predominantly black neighborhood. My wife coaches a girl's ...
pajoly 08/20/2014 284 254 8 -
The Real Reason Behind All The "Go Hillary" 2+ Years Before Election
At this point, the onslaught is at least weekly. It has become predictable. It thrives on victimhood. It is patronizing. It is insistent. It is the now steady stream of diaries attempting to ...
pajoly 06/25/2014 1056 326 7 -
Too Important for Clever Titles -- Scientific Study Says We Are an Oligarchy (Update)
We like to assert that Daily Kos is a reality-based community. At the very least we surely do not deny science. A new study appearing at Princeton's ...
pajoly 04/14/2014 332 530 38 -
Followers React to Polls, Leaders Manage the Trends, Visionaries Own the Future
“For me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.” Most of us remember this seminal moment in American politics ...
pajoly 04/14/2014 5 2 - -
Florida Theater Shooting Is About Federal Law Not State Law
The sad and unnecessary shooting in a Florida movie theater that ended with a 43 year old father dead and a retired police captain in custody charged with 2nd degree murder has received some ...
pajoly 01/14/2014 27 10 - -
Peanut Butter Sniffing. Who Knew?
I grabbed our jar of peanut butter from the fridge and stared at it nervously for a few moments. I can be a bit of a hypochondriac you see. Finally, with some trepidation but steely determination, ...
pajoly 10/09/2013 17 21 - -
My 7th Grade Daughter Asked a Good Question This Morning
After I drop off our elementary-aged kids at their bus stop, I drive my 7th grader to her magnet middle school. This year she has a civics class. Being a civics and geopolitical junkie, I love to ...
pajoly 09/09/2013 93 123 1 -
U.S. To Bomb Russia?
Is my title hyperbole? Yes, it is, but then there is Tartus.
pajoly 09/08/2013 13 12 - -
"Airstrike in Damascus Kills Civilians"
Nato air strike 'kills 14 civilians' in Afghanistan A Nato air strike on Saturday in the eastern Afghan province of Kunar has killed 15 people including nine civilians, Afghan officials say. But a ...
pajoly 09/08/2013 12 6 - -
Mr. President, Be Proud Of Your Fellow Citizens Re Syria
I'd like to highlight a thought that occurred to me tonight. I've read by now gobs of anecdotes about how the telephone lines and emails of our Senators and House members are being swamped, perhaps ...
pajoly 09/06/2013 31 20 - -
The Curious Comments of SCJ Kagan
She says justices write memos, which are then printed out on ivory paper that looks like it came from the 19th century. The memos are walked around the building by someone called a “chambers aide.��
pajoly 08/21/2013 36 14 - -
Meet Gabby - One of 602 Lives Saved By One Amazing Woman
Meet Gabby, a one year old Australian Shepherd, more commonly just called Aussies. Today she becomes our newest family member, and we could not be more proud. As thrilled and honored as we are, ...
pajoly 08/16/2013 13 17 - -
Farmers Win Major Protection Against Monsanto GMO Infringement Lawsuits
Jim Gerritsen, a Maine farmer and the president of the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, announced in a public letter today that American farmers have secured a major victory in the battle ...
pajoly 08/08/2013 169 280 10 -
Children, Ages 7 & 10 Given Lifetime Ban from Discussing Fracking
This is another of those, really?! stories that is indeed true, as reported by the Guardian today . Two young children in Pennsylvania were banned from talking about fracking for the rest of their ...
pajoly 08/05/2013 13 25 - -
I propose a bill even Conservatives might endorse: The Clean Cops Act
Literally not a day goes by now where one cannot find some published record of a new incidence of excessive police violence. Law enforcement response has been disproportionate to the threat, so much ...
pajoly 08/03/2013 32 35 2 -
Unarmed Couple Shot At 137 Times By Police (Updated)
As you might imagine, the couple was killed. That's a bit of an understatement. Basically, by the time the cops were done you could strain pasta with the couple's lifeless bodies. In November 2012, ...
pajoly 08/03/2013 316 361 3 -
Armed Agents Raid Shelter to Kill Baby Deer -- Apex of American Insanity Reached (w/update note)
In a case that highlights absolutely everything wrong with this country, Wisconsin state Department of Natural Resources (DNR) agents and sheriff's deputies "armed to the teeth" raided a non-profit ...
pajoly 08/01/2013 691 643 10 -
Breaking [My Heart]: CIA "Double Taps" Rescuers and Mourners Once Again
I actually had bile rise up in my mouth when I stumbled across this article and validated it with subsequent quick research: Bureau investigation finds fresh evidence of CIA drone strikes on ...
pajoly 08/01/2013 28 33 - -
Why Can Cuba Do With $300 That We Can't Do With $6000?
My amazing wife -- mother of 2 and stepmom to my 2, full time employee and full time adult student -- recently wrote a brief paper about the Cuban healthcare system that compared it against key ...
pajoly 07/09/2011 28 19 - 121
Sen. Inouye (D-Hawaii) Planning to Kill Franken Amendment - UPDATED with Jamie's Story
Breaking and short diary: Daniel Inouye has been getting relentless pressure from the defense sector about the Franken amendment that would allow employees -- victims of rape and assaults -- of ...
pajoly 10/22/2009 70 64 2 175
No Bradley Effect Here - A Personal Early Voting Story in FL
I am a 44-year old white male, currently living in St. Petersburg, FL. I am moderately successful and I have historically voted Republican for president, except for Bill Clinton in 1996. Today ...
pajoly 10/20/2008 49 70 - 28
Canvassing in Old Florida - Palin Impalin' McCain
This past weekend, my wife and I loaded up our two little girls in a little red wagon adorned with an Obama sign and an American flag, then we headed out into our St. Petersburg, FL neighborhood to ...
pajoly 10/06/2008 22 21 - 2
Enough of the arrogance! Country people are not "folksy."
I have lived urban, suburban and rural. Most of my career has been spent working closely with rural clients. I have spent time in the countryside of every state in the country (ironically, except ...
pajoly 10/05/2008 59 30 1 22
Too big to fail? A simple solution?
Okay, so this is a brief diary, but I want the idea out there in the KOS ether so those much wiser than I can weigh in on the effacy of a simple idea: No company should be permitted to get so ...
pajoly 09/23/2008 12 4 - 8
Cracks in the "base": My evangelical, home-schooling sister-in-law coverts to Obama
I live in Florida. My mother-in-law the Goldwater Republican is going hard and fast for Obama. My brother-in-law the libertarian is going hard for Obama. And last night I received news that has me ...
pajoly 09/19/2008 20 34 - 27
"More of the same" = Worse than before
As I talk to friends and others about the choice of Obama vs. McCain, I've had some difficulty making the "more of the same" tag have power. Something about this phrase has bothered me. More of the ...
pajoly 09/10/2008 2 - - 4
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