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Enough with the outrage. Each day the headlines here, at TPM, at HuffPo, and other left political sites scream of the latest outrageous behavior by Republicans. Endless Benghazi hearings, ...
parallax 05/10/2013 2 1 - -
Who will introduce the progressive budget proposal?
With pundits drooling over Ryan's "courage," why has no one from the Progressive Caucus stepped up with a counter proposal? Perhaps we need to write one for them. Initial thoughts below.
parallax 04/12/2011 8 - - 26
 Another Dem Author Going Indie
No, not registering Independent, publishing as an independent. You’ve probably heard that the publishing world is in a tizzy because of ebooks. It’s actually in a tizzy for a number of ...
parallax 03/26/2010 16 7 1 9
Bipartisanship. Really?
Sen. Obama often speaks eloquently of his intentions to change the tone of politics and foster a cooperative, bipartisan approach to government. Given the tone of the McCain campaign, however, this ...
parallax 10/24/2008 6 - - -
Fiction: The Quiet Front in the Culture War
Somebody on this blog (I tried to look it up and failed) once asked why there are no leftie thrillers being published. Not an idle question, since there are plenty of winger thrillers out there, ...
parallax 01/23/2007 15 7 1 1
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