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When Obamacare hits home.
I was one of those people who was thrilled that the president was actually going to take on health care. I didn't think Obamacare went far enough, but I was really pleased that something, anything, ...
parker parrot 11/13/2012 8 29 1 -
The Gift of Veterans
During the DNC, I was struck by the video showing interviews with veterans. One veteran on the clip chuckled about being asked to supervise 2 people when he once led 50. I laughed about the ...
parker parrot 09/08/2012 26 44 - 175
Eating some crow today? Here's how:
I have been astounded at the vitriol displayed toward President Obama on this site. There are times when the comments here look like they migrated from Free Republic without an ounce of editing. ...
parker parrot 12/18/2010 372 51 4 101
The other Las Vegas. The real one.
Las Vegas is the Strip. Glitz. Over-the-top theatrics. Pure entertainment. Excess. We all know this. It's precisely what we expect. There's another Las Vegas lurking just beyond the Strip. This is ...
parker parrot 07/23/2010 12 17 - 28
Joe Wilson: No Government health insurance for you, just me and my kids.
According to Adam Weinstein in Newsweek , Joe Wilson's campaign site headline is:
parker parrot 09/11/2009 8 7 - 4
Rocky Horror Picture Show and Sarah Palin
This morning as I was reading Dana Milbank's column in the WaPo , I had a vision. ...
parker parrot 10/28/2008 69 24 1 17
McCain: Foreign experience really does matter. As long as it's his.
Much has already been focused on McCain's confusion about Spain during a recent interview with Radio Caracol Miami. And that's before Keith, Rachel, Jon and Stephen get hold of it. The diary by ...
parker parrot 09/18/2008 10 3 1 -
Your friends don't know this. Tell them.
One thing we all forget around here is that we know what's going on. We are strange and exotic birds in the flock of voters. Every time I bring something up, a friend will say "How did you know that?
parker parrot 09/13/2008 16 14 3 10
Experience? No! It's about judgement and vision.
Senator McCain and Sarah Palin are qualified to run for the offices they seek. I know this because Senator Barack Obama said it. And I'm not going to argue with him because he's right an awful lot ...
parker parrot 09/06/2008 7 5 - 15
This is McCain's first tough election. Ever.
And you know what? It shows. He's never been through an election like this. He's never lost an election. Even more, it's never even been close. McCain's toughest battles have been a sum ...
parker parrot 07/30/2008 38 22 - 24
Lanny Davis joins Fox News
Back when Lanny Davis praised the virtues of Fox News to Laura Ingraham who knew he was on a job interview? This is the source of the quote "I now know what it feels like to be a Republican" and "...
parker parrot 06/16/2008 52 18 - 20
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