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Buy your own damn birth control pills--Supreme court is going farther
Much has been made of the Hobby Lobby case only applying to specific facts and the specific methods that the owners objected to such as Plan B and IUDs. Well, according to Scotusblog , the Court ...
pasco2c 07/01/2014 9 10 1 -
Feds seizing tax refunds for parents debts
As you are reading Dailykos because you are tired of working on your tax return with only 5 days to go before you give up and send in the extension, I would recommend an outrageous (and long story) ...
pasco2c 04/10/2014 37 18 - -
ACA Washington State numbers: Updated--10k signups
Out here in Washington State, we have our own exchange with about 35 different options from 7 insurers. The site had problems its first day but seems to have got things under control. The couple of ...
pasco2c 10/07/2013 9 14 - -
Gun Confiscation with Compensation
Where do we stand? The current round of gun violence is just a road too far. The progressive community needs to adopt a program of first identifying all guns and equipment with no valid hunting or ...
pasco2c 12/15/2012 8 1 - -
Saturday morning at the Washington caucus
I thought I would draft up a short diary for you interested big city folk. I attended the local eastern Washington caucus at the local high school cafeteria today to support operation hysteria. The ...
pasco2c 03/03/2012 5 4 - 30
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