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No Landslide???
Just how great is Obama's mandate? Obama could have lost Florida, Ohio, and Virginia, and he still would have won the electoral college. Obama has over six-million votes in California. That's more ...
patrick ford 11/11/2012 9 3 - -
The Senate race in Nevada has tightened quite a bit since yesterday. The margin is now around 8000 votes. Anyone know how many votes have yet to be counted including provisional ballots?
patrick ford 11/09/2012 4 1 - -
They're Good At Math
How can we be so confident the Republican tax plan/budget doesn't add up? I mean we know how good they are with things like; data, numbers, math, statistics, analysis....
patrick ford 11/09/2012 1 1 - -
It already apparent the GOP and it's zombie cult have decided the best tactic is to double down on hate. A continued focus on voting rights and registration should be a priority. I've got a lot of ...
patrick ford 11/08/2012 9 4 - -
Florida: Obama-50, Romney-49
The margin only continues to grow. Percentages now at 49.9 for Obama, and 49.2 for Romney. Now I'm thinking that if Dick Scott is so determined to keep counting they ought to count all the ...
patrick ford 11/08/2012 19 12 - -
Anyone know what's going on in Florida? It seems as if the vote totals haven't been updated for close to a full day now. At first I found this kind of irritating, but now it's amusing. Is it such a ...
patrick ford 11/08/2012 27 6 - -
MSM Going Rove
Funny to see the MSM all playing Rove on Florida. Guys, It's over. Why not walk down the hall and have the FOX numbers guys explain it to you?
patrick ford 11/07/2012 4 4 - -
This means more to me than any election ever. And at the top of the list are Virginia and Florida. Those long-long lines of voters keeping the polls open hours after they might have closed. I voted ...
patrick ford 11/06/2012 4 4 - -
Should someone maybe inform Mittens that he's lost Virginia, and Florida, and that Ohio doesn't even matter anymore.
patrick ford 11/06/2012 4 1 - -
No Mercy
What Obama should do in the coming debate is ask Romney if he would like to apologize for having said the President didn't at first describe the Libyan terror attack as a "terror" attack. Something ...
patrick ford 10/21/2012 9 - - -
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