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Hardship of bringing Democracy, e.g. the Southern United States
To highlight the hubris of thinking that Iraq would become a Democracy within a few years we need look no further than how the Northern United States brought Democracy to the Southern United States ...
paxpi 07/10/2014 4 6 - -
Who the Hell is Rep. Tom Brower (D)?
Answer: Five-term State Rep. Tom Brower (D) and Americas newest anti-homeless vigilante. He has, no joke, taken to the streets with a sledge hammer to smash shopping carts that could be used by the ...
paxpi 11/19/2013 10 6 - -
The Lesson for Republicans is
...that Obama could have done this to them at anytime since 2010 and before. He could have called their shenanigans, played hard ball, "destroyed the GOP", and hurt their pride at any time. That he ...
paxpi 10/18/2013 7 3 - -
UPDATE: Sign in MA: Obama Voters for Scott Brown! Brown paying homeless
I was walking into Ashmont Station (Red line. Right on dot ave. You know, dot? Southie? fahgetit). Anyhow, I saw two guys and a pregnant women holding up big blue "Obama voters for Brown" signs. I ...
paxpi 10/19/2012 8 13 - -
New Narrative plz: OMFG Romney needs an EPIC win Tuesday!
People ramping up expectations for Obama need to stop it. It is Romney who needs an EPIC win Tuesday. Given the voting /reality/ in Ohio (we are reality based, fact based, right?) it is Romney who ...
paxpi 10/13/2012 14 14 - -
Why Obama is a heavy favorite in the prediction markets
"So take that order, start adding up electoral votes until you hit 270. You're going to find a pivot state: a state that if Obama holds he wins and that if Romney can reach he wins, and that state ...
paxpi 10/12/2012 66 24 - -
Romney has two sets of books
One set of books for the one percenters and one set of books for the rest of us. That's the meme. I'm done here. Go Warren!
paxpi 10/02/2012 4 1 - 63
Let's play a game: Famous Native Americans... Elvis Presley, Will Rogers...
Everyone, let's build a long list of famous people with native american blood. I'll get things kicked off with 5 minutes of googling. I can tell you, this mine is deep and filled with people you ...
paxpi 09/25/2012 23 6 - 173
News of OccupyBoston's death exaggerated
I just went down to Dewey square on my lunch break expecting an empty lot and a confused somber gathering of Occupiers. What I found was the thriving community of Occupiers I had taken my young ...
paxpi 10/11/2011 7 21 - 130
RFC: Women & Followership
I've been doing some reading and am thinking of doing some research on the topic of gender dynamics in leadership. The abstract is below. I'd appreciate any references to material I should follow up ...
paxpi 09/15/2011 13 2 - 49
Wisconsin: You're leading the Nation
Pacific WWII wasn't lost at Pearl Harbor nor was it won at Midway. It was a long committed struggle. Rejoice in your gains and fight on against the losses. What you do next will have a huge impact ...
paxpi 08/10/2011 10 8 - 39
Political Zoologists vs. Political Geneticists
Shoveling piles of cash accumulated by someone else into the greedy hands of a shadowy few is easy. Fundamentally restructuring society for the betterment of the many is hard. To those who criticize ...
paxpi 03/01/2011 1 1 - 14
Homosexuality, Homophobia & Hypocrites in American Society
With all of the hypocritical closeted homosexuals in the news lately it's very easy to write snarky articles and comments attacking the positions of homophobic right wingers. But I'd like to take a ...
paxpi 05/07/2010 29 4 - 32
Damn the Polls! Get Out and Vote!
Massachusetts has not had to do this in over 40 years! This is all new territory! The only thing the polls are telling us is that the Republicans are fired up and Democrats need to get out and vote!
paxpi 01/19/2010 9 6 - 12
GOTV Action Links: Phone Bankers, whats the response?
I was just down at the IBEW on Freeport street in Dorchester MA tonight to asses the situation for tomorrow. I just missed Coakley herself firing up the troops. We are meeting at 10am. This is the ...
paxpi 01/18/2010 12 9 1 11
[Update3: Action Links, Photos] Boston NU Coakley Rally, Get Active! Volunteer! GOTV!
I've always assumed that Massachusetts would go Blue and whatever efforts I made would never change that fact. We we're supposed to be the people Red Staters railed against: educated, empathetic, ...
paxpi 01/17/2010 242 162 2 173
More backspin on the economic meltdown
McCain's camp has pulled out the " Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 " ...
paxpi 09/19/2008 2 1 - 2
Backspin on the Economic Meltdown
I was talking to a McCain supporting friend of mine about the economic meltdown and he came out with the argument that the crisis was precipitated by the Carter era "
paxpi 09/17/2008 16 - 1 11
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