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Where Are All of Putins Fans?
Less than a year ago Rudy Giuliani was telling us Putin is what a "real leader" looks like. Lindsey Graham clutched his pearls in admiration. McCain practically saluted. Fox News wished he could run ...
pbyer 02/28/2015 128 15 - -
One Simple Question
This might be the shortest blog on record, but with income inequality at it's highest point since the 1920's, I have one simple question that should be asked of every politician. If trickle down ...
pbyer 01/31/2015 18 6 - -
Who Edits The News?
If you only watched the news reports of the president's news conference and not the news conference itself, you might think that the only topic of discussion was Seth Rogan vs. Kim Jung Un. However, ...
pbyer 12/21/2014 4 2 - -
It's like two, two, two protests in one
There were two decisions especially detrimental to the well being of American women this session. Here's a way to protest both of them simultaneously.
pbyer 07/01/2014 4 2 - -
Maybe It's All A Publicity Stunt
A self proclaimed redneck makes some statements on the record. His comments about "sin" are beliefs shared by millions of Americans. A religious belief is, after all, just that, one's belief. His ...
pbyer 12/21/2013 11 4 - -
No Justice No Peace
How long will the lack of justice in America go on before resentment boils over. The Zimmerman verdict is no surprise. It is just another example of the outrageous inequality built into our legal ...
pbyer 07/16/2013 2 2 - -
Can Someone Please Explain
Why John McCain's trip to Syria to negotiate with the rebel factions is not an act of treason?
pbyer 05/28/2013 26 1 - -
Obama Should Veto Air Traffic Control Bill
The whole idea of the sequester is shared pain across the board. The congress hasn't acted to aid the long term unemployed. The congress hasn't been moved by cuts in aid to the poor or hungry. Help ...
pbyer 04/27/2013 23 16 - -
The NRA is no different than our government
A close look at the NRA reveals that they really operate much like our own government. Let me ...
pbyer 01/31/2013 5 3 - -
Don't Ban Assault Weapons
The odds of getting an assault weapons ban through this congress are slimmer than a super model. Not only would the battle suck all of the energy out of the political will to do "something" after ...
pbyer 01/14/2013 84 4 - -
The Real Obama Showed Up Last Night
Maybe it stems from his work as a community organizer.Maybe it stems from not wanting to appear the "angry black man." But Obama is simply not a confrontational man. All one needs to look at is his ...
pbyer 10/04/2012 8 2 - 113
Sure we would probably all be safer, if we had a gun policy similar to Canada, but that's not going to happen here any time in the near future. A few common sense restrictions might go a long way to ...
pbyer 07/24/2012 13 - - 106
How About a POT Party?
Say what you want about The TEA Party, in it's various forms, but they have been successful, and apparently gaining in strength and influence. This administration seems unwilling or unable to fight ...
pbyer 12/17/2010 12 2 - 38
Democrats could win by a landslide
Regardless of who wins on Tuesday, this election, like so many others will be close. The democrats could start winning elections handily for years to come, if they would embrace one issue...GUNS.
pbyer 10/31/2010 85 12 - 88
Top 10 Reasons to Vote Republican
All the polls and all the media can't be wrong. Despite the Republican record of the past 30 years, the electorate seems eager for a return to the past after only a couple of years of the Obama ...
pbyer 09/06/2010 18 12 - 38
Lack of Leadership
The slogan "Change you can believe in" suggests a strength in leadership that no one on the democratic side has been willing or able to display. On issue after issue, the White House and the ...
pbyer 08/17/2010 11 1 - 41
I've Lost The Audacity Of Hope
My career as a political junkie began when Jack Kennedy was killed the day before my 16th birthday. Now at the age of 62, I think it's time to ...
pbyer 01/20/2010 90 14 1 24
Where is Tim Kaine?
Last week it was revealed that an overwhelming number of Oklahoma high school students could not identify the first presiedent of the United States. I venture to guess that none could identify ...
pbyer 09/29/2009 16 3 - 50
Right wing is correct
As we try to advance the cause of healthcare for Americans, we are being warned of danger to our democracy by the voices on the right. There is, indeed, danger to our democracy so eloquently ...
pbyer 08/19/2009 7 6 - 1
The war is still going on. Ka-ching!
With all the problems facing the World's economy, we hear almost nothing about the war in Iraq anymore. Perhaps it is that steady drip of $10 billion a month that is the real root cause of it all.
pbyer 10/17/2008 4 3 - 1
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