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Roll call for January OKC Meetup (proposed)
Who's in OKC and up for a Meetup on Saturday, January 17? We will try to ensure that meetup venues are accessible physically and financially.
peacearena 12/12/2014 3 3 - -
Dan Snyder, this is how it's done
Tonight, the Oklahoma County City School Board (Oklahoma City is located in Oklahoma County) voted 8-0 to drop the "Redskins" mascot for the Capitol Hill High School, which had been used since 1927.
peacearena 12/08/2014 7 15 - -
The Oklahoman Obama Obsession
This is republished, with permission, from the great Okie Funk blog by Kurt Hochenauer. It is hard to convey how awful our corporate media here is, but Kurt does the effort justice on a regular basis.
peacearena 11/20/2014 4 5 - -
C.L.E. on Discharge Upgrades - Chicago Sept. 4
Due to PTSD and other factors, many veterans are separated from service with discharges that prevent them from accessing the full range of benefits other vets enjoy, regardless of the number of ...
peacearena 08/28/2014 1 3 - -
Oklahoma law restricting emergency contraception blocked in district court
Judge Lisa Davis granted a temporary injunction, blocking a law preventing over-the-counter sales of emergency contraceptive A report from the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice : On ...
peacearena 08/20/2013 11 24 - -
Call to Action! Oklahoma Republican shenanigans on Plan B access
The anti-choice Republicans in the Oklahoma legislature are playing games with women's lives again (still). Now they have suddenly stripped a bill and recrafted it to make an attempt to prevent any ...
peacearena 05/14/2013 4 4 - -
ALEC comes to OKC, gets large, loud (un)welcome from workers
At least 500 workers, progressives, social justice activists and friends came out today for a march and rally in protest of the national meeting of ALEC in Oklahoma City. I took photos of the pre-...
peacearena 05/02/2013 30 139 4 -
In 2013, resolve to use your Facebook time to advance peace and justice -- here's how
Update : Wow, never been in the Spotlight before. Thanks to whoever is responsible. I posted this on Facebook yesterday, and thought I'd share it here in case it might be informative to some -- ...
peacearena 12/31/2012 40 53 8 -
Oklahoma legislator has brilliant idea to "protect students"
The NRA may wisely be keeping silent (for the time being), but their members and advocates aren't so wise. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Oklahoma State Rep. Mark McCullough. This morning, ...
peacearena 12/17/2012 64 11 - -
Okla-homies, let's get together (new regional organizing group)
The Oklahoma Roundup group has repurposed itself and is now a regional organizing group on Daily Kos, like the ones the NEW DAY team promotes. If you are from, living in, or have any ties to or ...
peacearena 12/07/2012 9 15 - -
Shame on Oklahoma, shame on the Senate, shame on the Republican Party, shame on us
The no votes by Oklahoma Senators Inhofe and Coburn against the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities brings great shame on our state. Along with the 36 other ...
peacearena 12/05/2012 11 23 - -
Oklahoma's best known homophobe joins Chick-Fil-A controversy
[X-posted from Oklahoma Citizen ] You can't possibly be surprised that our state's premier drama queen felt the need to weigh in on ...
peacearena 07/27/2012 12 8 - 146
Oklahoma House will likely vote on Personhood Act today
SB 1433 has already passed the state Senate, and is now in the House, set to come to the floor about 1:30 today. Reproductive justice advocates ( Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice and ...
peacearena 04/18/2012 3 5 - 20
Oklahoma ultrasound law struck down!
"Unconstitutional" So said District Judge Brian Dixon today in a ruling on Oklahoma's ultrasound law. The law never went in to effect, and now never will, said representatives of the Oklahoma ...
peacearena 03/28/2012 43 111 1 677
Occupy activist/filmmaker put on no-fly list
Mark Faulk, a documentary filmmaker and prominent member of Occupy Oklahoma City (OccupyOKC), discovered he was on the no-fly list when he attempted to check in online and then at Will Rogers ...
peacearena 03/10/2012 45 49 2 233
File an FCC complaint against your local station that carries Rush
Preface/Update: In comments Rashaverak points to a much broader and better diary here . How is this diary not on the Rec list? Please go rec it! There are several ways to fight this Rush Limbaugh ...
peacearena 03/03/2012 18 38 1 219
Pearl clutchers, you don't speak for me
Generally, I hate this kind of diary, so apologies in advance. But there are so many diaries ranting about Operation Hilarity and purporting to represent all or even a majority of this site, that I ...
peacearena 02/16/2012 35 19 - 178
Oklahoma Senate just passed Personhood Bill
By a vote of 34 to 8, the Oklahoma Senate has passed SB 1433 , the Personhood bill. Several Democratic Senators argued valiantly against it, after it had been lobbied hard by women's groups, ...
peacearena 02/15/2012 24 31 1 183
Cartoon by former Republican, 79, skewers GOP candidates
A friend's 79-year old father, a former Republican, drew this cartoon. The friend posted on Facebook and gave me permission to post here and anyone to share. The artist's name is Tom Glover. He ...
peacearena 02/08/2012 9 21 1 254
Faux News readers are freaking out over latest from SGK
It's not right to gloat at other people's discomfort .... but You gotta think they had it coming. Well, I peeked over at what the poor deluded souls at were saying about the latest news ...
peacearena 02/03/2012 16 14 - 458
[Updated] Shame on Susan G. Komen For the Cure
Update 4: See action items pulled from the comments. This hasn't been diaried yet?
peacearena 01/31/2012 299 590 7 3236
In defense of my fellow Oklahomans
Remember that recent diary about an Oklahoma legislator who has proposed a bill ...
peacearena 01/25/2012 14 2 - 107
Auld Acquaintance and Virtual Community
I moved around a lot as a kid and young adult. Due to that, combined with my incredible shyness until I was well past adulthood, I don't have any friends in my life now from before I was 30. Then, ...
peacearena 12/31/2011 6 8 - 43
OKC council vote marks new day for GLBT rights
This morning the city council in Oklahoma City voted 7-2 to add "sexual orientation" to the city's personnel anti-discrimination policy. This comes three weeks after new council member Dr. Ed ...
peacearena 11/15/2011 4 8 - 41
Death at Occupy OKC encampment
Earlier today one of the protesters at Occupy OKC was found dead in one of the tents. It was a young man known as "Street Poet" who had shared his gift for rap with the small community in Kerr Park.
peacearena 10/31/2011 22 48 - 369
Occupy OKC Day 1
Oklahoma is finally in this thing for real, with an occupation starting tonight, the site being Kerr Park downtown in the heart of our own little financial district. Within two blocks of the park ...
peacearena 10/10/2011 3 12 1 34
Occupy OKC starts Monday 10/10 (with poll)
Oklahoma, what is seen to be the "reddest" state, has a significant and growing number of people who are not anything like Oral Roberts, Toby Keith, Tom Coburn or even sweet Carrie Underwood. No, ...
peacearena 10/09/2011 6 12 - 54
300 attend Occupy OKC GA meeting
The Occupy OKC (Oklahoma City) General Assembly meeting tonight had over 300 people tonight. This was the second GA and the occupation is starting Monday (some details still pending). I've been an ...
peacearena 10/07/2011 10 20 - 81
We write letters (well, some of us do)
I'll get the embarrassing part out of the way first. Long, long ago, Dec. 2009, I ...
peacearena 02/15/2011 8 5 - 29
Things to do while waiting for DK4 pages to load or error messages appear
Note: this diary posted in good fun with full understanding of and appreciation for the issues with the transition and new features, which I am very excited about. So, you've come to DK4 and are ...
peacearena 02/13/2011 14 5 - 70
Del City High School Lesbian Outrage -- NOT
Please stop promoting this story of descrimination of lesbians at the high school in Del City Oklahoma. I just got off the phone with Principal Gina Hill, I have also talked to a local independent ...
peacearena 11/16/2010 33 28 - 134
What about this for a running diary series?
I know many of us write letters to the editor of our local papers (or beyond). Many, many excellent examples have been either inspired or published here at Kos (though my experience is that one ...
peacearena 12/19/2009 16 9 - 27
The 2007 University of Oklahoma interview with Colin Powell [Updated]
This will be short, as there's not a lot I can add to Keith Olberman's description and reaction to this lost nugget. In case you missed Countdown last night and tonight, Keith referred to a two-year ...
peacearena 10/15/2009 8 8 - 114
Open memo to MSNBC re: Tonight's Rachel Maddow Show
I love the Rachel Maddow Show and watch it every night. Frankly, sometimes I watch it again when it comes back around on the TV machine. So it is with much sadness that I must inform you that ...
peacearena 07/16/2009 79 23 - 60
Organization uses concern for disabled vets in scam fundraising
Maybe you've received one of their mugs, or a flip calendar, or a blanket. Maybe you responded to these "gifts" from Disabled Veterans National Foundation by sending them a check. ...
peacearena 04/01/2009 8 10 - 45
A teacher in Emmonak, Alaska
My friend Fannie moved to a small Eskimo village last fall to teach special ed. She's an activist, but probably didn't dream she would end up in a national political drama in that remote place. I ...
peacearena 01/16/2009 29 66 1 28
Texas Activist Bill Holloway passes away
peacearena 01/11/2009 4 12 - 33
Give HARRY (& his Senate club) hell [updated]
So, we're all disgusted at the Dems caving once again. The diaries and comments on this site will be red hot on the topic for days. But what real action can we take? Preferably something immediate,
peacearena 11/18/2008 4 6 - -
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