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You might ask what $227,592,000 is all about. The average pay for a congressman is $174,000.00 a year. Please follow below the artsy orange thing for more information.
petes friend 07/08/2014 6 8 - -
Open Ltr to SCOTUS
I believe the Hobby Lobby Ruling was wrong. I can only hope that a SCOTUS staffer may visit here and comment. Thank you for your time and please take the poll. Below the orange thing where I have ...
petes friend 07/02/2014 3 3 - -
Republicans are the Boots on the Ground for the Corporate Coup d etat of America.
I’ve been thinking a lot about what I see going on for the last few years. The republicans have said no to absolutely everything except tax cuts for the rich. What with all the voter suppression ...
petes friend 03/04/2014 4 6 - -
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