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My joy is tempered by the reality of CA's Prop 8
What a wonderful new day in America. The people have risen up and placed Obama and Democrats in charge of redirecting the future of our country. But, my overwhelming joy is tempered by great sadness ...
pfeester 11/05/2008 10 4 - 13
Tickets now being sold on all GOP escape ships
When I wrote this I had no idea it could be even worse for the GOP'ers: ...oh, sweet Lord, the destroyer of worlds isn't'...
pfeester 10/31/2008 13 6 - 1
My brother killed himself in part because of Bush and Cheney
My little brother killed himself at the end of August, and only now can I write about it now. He put a .38 in his mouth one Sunday morning, and pulled the trigger. He was 28. My sisters and I are ...
pfeester 10/01/2007 57 36 - 7
Do I dare feel...god help me...optimistic?
pfeester 11/03/2006 49 - - -
We nabbed Al Qaida's barber! How can they fight now?
pfeester 10/15/2005 14 5 - -
Repubs want to leave US after '08...but, to where?
pfeester 10/10/2005 65 10 - 9
Wal-Mart turns student over to Secret Service...God Bless us All
pfeester 10/08/2005 5 7 1 -
History of the World, Part 3?
pfeester 10/06/2005 10 2 - -
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