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DKos: Please Help Me
I feel like i've become a "problem case" of the community (sadly, that's how big my ego is). A few months ago, i wrote this diary about being at the end of my emotional and mental ropes. Thankfully,
pholkhero 12/19/2012 9 1 - -
UN Poll Watchers Coming Next Month
I saw this as a flash-by text on CNN whilst at the gym today, and then found this article from the Hill. United Nations-affiliated election monitors from Europe and central Asia will be at polling ...
pholkhero 10/21/2012 13 15 1 -
Volunteer, Volunteer, Volunteer
These next three weekends are BIG weekends for OFA. It's time to start the GOTV machine hummin'. more important than any money at this point would be to volunteer your time to phonebank or canvas ...
pholkhero 10/16/2012 8 10 - -
Liveblogging the Phonebanking
Tonight i went down to my local OFA office to help out some more, making phone calls and generally getting some positive karma in the bank. The script tonight has us calling pholks who have ...
pholkhero 10/16/2012 1 - - -
pholkhero update
Hey, thanks again to everyone who responded to my diary of saturday afternoon. I needed help and this community was there for me, even though i hadn't given much of myself to it, and I'm eternally ...
pholkhero 10/08/2012 5 5 - 55
I'm 99% Sure I Won't Harm Myself
Sorry for the provocative title, but that's about where I'm at with my life. So, my estranged wife is out for a romantic weekend, and I feel like I'm losing my mind, literally. I'm anxious, and ...
pholkhero 10/06/2012 31 6 - 240
OMFG: Romney sleeps nude!
I'm sorry for putting that image into everyone's head, so close to dinner here on the east coast, but just this on political wire, and had to share (my vomitous feelings). Mitt Romney and his wife, ...
pholkhero 09/14/2012 115 20 - 582
Morning in America All Over Again
The 1984 Reagan commercial, officially titled "Prouder, Stronger, Better," had, as its opening line: "It's morning again in america." It featured a montage of images of Americans going to work ...
pholkhero 09/07/2012 1 1 - 48
Does Anyone Else Feel That?
And no, i don't mean the stomach pains I have from some virus i caught last week... I feel this rising sense of Obama-ness coming. I feel like the RNC was such a dud, and didn't move the marker ...
pholkhero 09/04/2012 6 3 - 75
And the beat goes on... AP: Romney uses secretive data mining
So, the AP is out with breaking story that R-Mizzle is using a secretive data-mining project that sifts through Americans' personal information – including their purchasing history and church ...
pholkhero 08/24/2012 3 5 - 161
Romney's WSJ Op-Ed: Or, What I learned at Bain
Almost every year come September, many returning students have to write the obligatory "What I Did On My Summer Vacation" essay. This op-ed piece from Mr Romney reads like so many of these essays.
pholkhero 08/23/2012 12 4 1 155
Akin Death Threats Being Investigated
Via the AP: U.S. Capitol Police said Thursday that officers are investigating a reported threat against Rep. Todd Akin, the Missouri congressman who has been criticized for comments he recently ...
pholkhero 08/23/2012 26 7 - 201
New NBC/WSJ Poll: rMoney "out of touch"
earlier today, they released some non-prez figures: 22% say they are more likely to pick romney b/c of ryan; 23% less . This is less than previous VP announcements w/biden 24% more/16% less and ...
pholkhero 08/21/2012 11 27 - 375
Romney Wins! Now about those blind trusts...
If Romney wins, what happens to those blind trusts that he's got? Will we know exactly HOW our would-be president is making millions off of his billions in "investing"? Will he still draw an ...
pholkhero 07/17/2012 4 1 - 43
New Amendments: Popular President; Proportional Senate
We've known for 8 long years just how out-of-date and undemocratic the Electoral College is. Started as yet another check against the "mobacracy," it is high time that we, as a country, moved past ...
pholkhero 06/23/2008 62 1 - 1
Moneybomb! Let's show BHO some love!!
Okay folks, with less than two dozen delegates remaining until Barack is our nominee before the polls even close, it's time to turn those "limping" headlines into "shot out of canon" ones. So, go ...
pholkhero 06/03/2008 17 20 - 9
2117: The real, REAL magic number!
So, we all know the goal posts are worn out from moving so much (they had to nail a retread to one to keep it mobile). First it was Iowa, then Super Tuesday, then blah, blah, blah. Well, we all ...
pholkhero 05/12/2008 11 1 - -
Finally! Rasmussen: O: 46, C: 44
This has been the poll i've been watching, not withstanding it's republican/conservative bent (maybe b/c of it). Obama is up 2 points for the first time since the 21st.
pholkhero 03/28/2008 20 11 - 9
Obama Supporters Superdelegate Project (OSSP)
--crossposted at Open Left-- So, Matt Stoller has a good post on the FP at Open Left re: Obama's ability to influence SDs. And I ...
pholkhero 03/20/2008 4 1 - 1
Did You Say Failure to Close?!?
Failure to Close? You want to talk about failing to close? Senator Clinton has gone from shoe-in to being pressured to drop if SHE doesn't take OH and TX! Perhaps rather than pointing to these ...
pholkhero 03/03/2008 27 4 - -
It's Only A Flesh Wound!!
So, having seen this on OpenLeft, i thought i would plagiarize the idea one step further, and put out a nice transcript of the epic encounter between King Obama, his sidekick, Axelrod, and the Blue ...
pholkhero 03/01/2008 5 8 - 31
1627: The Magic Number
full disclosure: I'm an Obaman ~ No matter what you think of the primary and causes system, or how certain states apportion delegates [and I can’t help but think that Hillary supporters ...
pholkhero 02/18/2008 16 4 - 5
Obama and Lincoln
With President's day approaching, I thought this was appropriate. I've long since had this idea that Barack Obama is very much like Abraham Lincoln. 1. They're both from ...
pholkhero 02/14/2008 29 1 - 1
War-making: Congress has the Power!
A few nights ago, my father and I got into a discussion about Iraq, Afghanistan, and America's military role therein. He is a Reagan Republican who has, I think, moved further right as he's aged (...
pholkhero 03/02/2007 7 3 - -
On Conservatives and Global Warming
Over these past few weeks, climate change and global warming has been at the forefront of the news, especially with the new UN study [ ...
pholkhero 02/08/2007 10 5 - 2
New SecDef a Red Herring; Rummy stays
pholkhero 11/09/2006 4 1 - -
Gen Pace: "Rummy led by God"
pholkhero 10/19/2006 37 18 - 6
Yes, 9/11 WAS Clinton's Fault! Now what?
pholkhero 09/06/2006 18 2 - -
Syrian implicated in Lebonese assassination
pholkhero 10/20/2005 3 - - -
Republicans are the remnants of a dying cultural vision.
pholkhero 10/14/2005 8 13 3 8
Ultimate Reality TV: The Saddam Factor
pholkhero 10/13/2005 3 - - 1
Amended Constitution 'rejected'
pholkhero 10/12/2005 15 1 - 6
Guantanamo and Beyond: Why torturing terrorists ISN'T what they deserve
pholkhero 10/11/2005 5 4 - 1
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