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GOING ASTRAY: Or How Pursuing the Respectable Can Lead to Odd Places
Everyone who uses the Internet, a good search engine, and is at least a little distractible (or much too curious) has had the experience of starting in one perfectly sensible place, and ending up ...
pimutant 08/09/2013 25 23 1 -
Two Long Lifetimes Ago
Today is the 150th Anniversary of the first day of fighting at Gettysburg. To those of you under about 50 that must seem a very long time ago. But to me, not so much. I'll turn 70 this year, and it ...
pimutant 07/01/2013 3 6 - -
May 30th: Tradition and Commemoration
Memorial Day did not become a moveable picnic until June 28, 1968. By then I was grown and had already left home. But I remember the traditional date because of my father. He was a World War II ...
pimutant 05/29/2013 13 15 - -
Monday Murder Mystery: Brother Cadfael
I first became acquainted with Ellis Peters' medieval detective Brother Cadfael through the good offices of the PBS Mystery series, where Cadfael was played by the wonderful Derek Jacobi, who was ...
pimutant 11/19/2012 121 84 2 -
The Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month
I noticed Veterans' Day is marked for Monday on my Calendar, and there is no note at all for Sunday, November 11. I'll be flying my flag on both days. I just can't let Armistice Day pass with no ...
pimutant 11/11/2012 8 6 - -
The October Nadir
The other day, just after the second debate, but before any more cheerful polls appeared, I decided to take a look at what I called "The Mid-October Nadir" for the Electoral College, and thus the ...
pimutant 10/18/2012 9 8 1 -
Shiloh: A Commemoration of the 150th Anniversary
"I would not have the anniversaries of our victories celebrated, nor those of our defeats made fast days and spent in humiliation and prayer; but I would like to see truthful history written." --U. S.
pimutant 04/05/2012 40 13 - 117
Books That Changed My Life: Reading Matters
Editor's note: pimutant lives on the West Coast, and will be along around noon ET to respond to comments. My contribution should really be titled "Books Changed My Life"--without any of the ...
pimutant 03/23/2012 48 37 1 228
Mother Jones: Connections and Degrees of Separation
"Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living." --Mother Jones Born in Cork, Ireland, Mary Harris Jones claimed to be a bit older than she was. In her autobiography she said she was born in ...
pimutant 03/17/2012 10 24 1 92
The Inferno: What's in it for Me?
Everyone's favorite section of the Divine Comedy is the Inferno . It has appealed to the human imagination since it first appeared 700 years ago. There's something in it for everyone, from the ...
pimutant 03/09/2012 15 13 1 105
Santorum and the Saint
I was rather taken aback when Rick Santorum called the President a snob for supporting higher education. After all, Santorum was a Catholic, he was not from some peculiar little sect of Know-Nothing ...
pimutant 03/03/2012 46 41 - 406
My Dante Summer
A couple of years ago several things happened at about the same time, which changed my reading habits, perhaps even my life. The first was the realization that it was likely I didn't have all that ...
pimutant 02/21/2012 19 28 5 202
A Catholic Calvinist
The other day my BFF and I (over 50 years of friendship ought to qualify as forever) were discussing the Komen debacle, and I mentioned that it didn't bother me that Komen had jumped the shark since ...
pimutant 02/09/2012 62 37 1 559
Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll
Or perhaps more appropriately, since I'll be talking about the 19th Century: Free Love, Absinthe, and Poetry. It seems there has long been a connection, in Western Civilization at any rate, between ...
pimutant 02/02/2012 19 39 1 345
Accidental Learning in a Digital Age
For my first diary I have thought about various topics and discarded them over the course of the last year or so, while feeling increasingly guilty about enjoying everyone else's diaries, but not ...
pimutant 01/26/2012 46 39 3 359
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