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pipsorcle's groups.

Group Last Diary
California politics
This group is for discussion of any and all politics - and other issues - related to California. Races, initiatives, local issues, the environment, and more.
Knowledge Democrats
A group for Democrats and progressives who are interested in promoting a constructive dialogue and promoting progressives candidates who discuss the issues, make effective arguments and not the talking points. We cover races for U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Governor, etc. Our coverage doesn't always indicate endorsement of candidates but we support certain candidates.
Les Miserables
Discover the masterpiece Les Miserables from the perspective of Victor Hugo, the humanist and the activist.
National Patent and Copyright Reform
Dedicated to Bringing Issues and News about Patent and Copyright to the Forefront of Debate. News Stories, Legislation, Regulation, Treaties, Court Cases, Raids and Convictions.
San Diego Kossacks
A "hub" for dKos junkies in SD to communicate with each other, virtually AND in reality!
Three Star Kossacks
Kossacks in the fine tradition of Cordell Hull, Estes Kefauver, Al Gore (Senior and Jr.) Ned Ray McWherter and more.
Unemployment Chronicles
This group is for discussion of resources and advice to help unemployed folks survive with dignity and find another livelihood, whether it's a traditional job or some other way to survive.

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