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Crib Notes on the War of Northern Agression, III
!50 years ago on May 8, the Army of the Potomac and the Army of Northern Virginia commenced a two-week engagement at Spotsylvania Courthouse . Casualties at Spotsylvania were appalling ...
pkgoode 05/11/2014 33 22 - -
Crib Notes on The War of Northern Aggression, II
To the white South in 1861 , it was an article of faith that the Civil War -- or the War of the Rebellion, as it was most commonly known in the North -- could have been avoided had Abraham Lincoln ...
pkgoode 12/30/2013 21 10 - -
Rate Shock
In a good way. When I left Washington state two years ago, my catastrophic health plan cost ~$700/mo. Since it was catastrophic, in practice I paid for my medical care and prescriptions out-of-...
pkgoode 09/28/2013 13 24 - -
The Ponderous Chain
I made it link by link, and yard by yard; I girded it on of my own free will, and of my own free will I wore it. Marley's Ghost, A Christmas ...
pkgoode 06/13/2013 1 1 - -
Crib Notes on the War of Northern Aggression
It was either the fall of 1968 or the spring of 1969. The American History teacher of my rural South Texas junior high school was ladling out generous helpings of Kool-Aid regarding the Civil War, ...
pkgoode 05/19/2013 15 17 - -
A Hillary To Climb
In a recent column , 61-year old Maureen Dowd wrote about the inevitability of the nomination of 68-year (in 2013) Hillary Clinton, especially if 73-year Joe Biden would do the right thing and stand ...
pkgoode 04/08/2013 27 2 - -
Who Are The Makers? Who Are The Takers?
During a committee hearing last month, Sen. Elizabeth Warren pointed out that If we started in 1960 and we said that as productivity goes up, that is as workers are producing more, then the minimum ...
pkgoode 04/05/2013 2 5 - -
Miguel de Cervantes on George Will
During The Colloquy of the Dogs , written some time between 1590 and 1612, Miguel de Cervantes wrote what appears to be a thinly veiled, prescient critique of George Will. Read on (and substitute "...
pkgoode 12/02/2012 5 11 1 -
Paths to Victory
In the end, it wasn't that close.
pkgoode 11/22/2012 4 2 - -
Seeing Red(
Over at , Erick Erckson writes: At the same time, Romney made a conscious decision to blow off Hispanic voters. Yes, conservatives, we must account for this. The Romney campaign to the ...
pkgoode 11/09/2012 12 22 - -
Times for Them to Go?
There's nothing like a presidential election to shine a light on the punditocracy. It's been a surprise and a disappointment to see how poorly New York Times writers have performed. While the ed ...
pkgoode 11/04/2012 3 - - -
Why Mitt Romney Can't Turn This Thing Around
Because a politician with the skills to shovel the shit out of the stable Romney has built for himself wouldn't be knee deep in the stuff in the first place.
pkgoode 09/21/2012 4 3 - 108
As usual, the CW is wrong
The standard conservative (and sometimes liberal) meme in the wake of Mitt Romney's spree of unprecedented and unbelievable gaffes is that he is blowing an election that was his to win. The ...
pkgoode 09/20/2012 3 7 - 96
Der Mittster and Me
I opened my mailbox, and there it was, lying flat: A 10.5 x 12 dark blue mailer with the words "Lift Here To Open" imprinted on the bottom of the flap, the initial caps signaling with the clarity of ...
pkgoode 05/15/2012 2 2 - 35
The Long Game
The right greeted President Obama's unqualified endorsement of gay marriage with predictably vile caterwauling. And of course many on the left whined that it came too late, that it shouldn't have ...
pkgoode 05/10/2012 9 4 - 29
Values v. Direction
Jim Rutenberg of the New York Times writes: But Romney has not yet been able to tap into the antigovernment, populist zeal in the party or convince more traditional ...
pkgoode 01/04/2012 4 2 - 15
As usual...
Paul Krugman has the right of it: Few people do understand debt .
pkgoode 01/02/2012 3 2 - 36
Go Ahead: Make My Day
Cleve Loney had had enough. The taciturn Montana state legislator had sat quietly as Democrats criticized Republican legislation that, if passed, ...
pkgoode 02/27/2011 10 5 - 66
Dispatch from the Bloodlands
In Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin, Timothy Snyder writes: Ideologies also tempt those who reject them. Ideology, when stripped by time or partisanship of its ...
pkgoode 02/26/2011 1 - - 6
The Tragedy of the Ten Million Acre Land Bill
I readily and, I trust, feelingly acknowledge the duty incumbent on us all as men and citizens, and as among the highest and holiest of our duties, to provide for those who, in the ...
pkgoode 01/29/2011 10 12 - 215
There They Go Again
John Boner and Eric Cantor have been talking big about cutting the defense budget, but plenty of members of their own caucus don't like the idea. At. All. Sez Rep. Howard McKeon of California:
pkgoode 01/27/2011 1 2 - 54
Responses to a Request for Conservative Input on Health Care Reform
This morning in a comment on an MSNBC story about Republican plans to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, I wrote the following:
pkgoode 01/18/2011 35 5 1 55
Like I Said...
Thanks for the many comments, pro and con, to my diary about why I left the left. The headline was deliberately provocative and much of my language was offensive (as in, on the attack), neither of ...
pkgoode 11/26/2010 21 4 1 38
How I Left the Left
With the 2000 election shaping up as a contest between Al Gore and George Bush, The Nation magazine urged Ralph Nader to run for president on the Green Party ticket and eventually co-...
pkgoode 11/24/2010 144 28 1 52
James Lee = Barack Obama
James Lee was leftist Obamaite pure and simple and probably a Homosexual Muslime. I bet that once the police finish a search of his effects, they will find ample evidence connecting Lee to William ...
pkgoode 09/02/2010 14 1 - 47
Our Barbarous Ancestors
The right loves to quote Thomas Jefferson above all other Founding Fathers. I wonder what they'd make of his assessment of the Constitution and his own role as a founder:
pkgoode 07/06/2010 13 5 - 27
The Land of the Blind
In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. -...
pkgoode 07/05/2010 10 2 - 22
I smell a nutria
"Our message to the federal government is lead or get out of the way."
pkgoode 07/03/2010 18 4 - 36
Journey to the Dark Side
If you prick, us do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? -William Shakespeare, The Merchant of ...
pkgoode 07/03/2010 8 22 - 203
John Boehner's America
"They are snuffing out the America I grew up in." -House Minority Leader John Boehner on Obama and ...
pkgoode 07/02/2010 28 21 - 115
The Rainbow Brigade
The Army withdrew the ROTC scholarship of University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill senior Sara Isaacson after ...
pkgoode 05/25/2010 1 3 - 23
The Heart of Power: Medicare and Momentum
The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office. David Blumenthal and James Morone, University of Californian Press, 420pp. In all things which deal with be ...
pkgoode 05/19/2010 2 2 - 19
The Heart of Power: Stirrings (Part 1)
The Heart of Power: Health and Politics in the Oval Office. David Blumenthal and James A. Morone. University of California Press (420pp). When Franklin Roosevelt became ...
pkgoode 05/18/2010 5 2 1 28
From the Belly of the Beast
Tidbits from BP's web site :
pkgoode 05/15/2010 4 2 - 18
Weary Blues
Unsurprisingly but nonetheless pathetically, the right-wing media has chosen to make the spill a matter of partisan politics right-...
pkgoode 05/01/2010 8 5 - 27
You Can't Drink The Kool-Aid When The Well's Run Dry
Conservatives are beginning to recognize that their intellectual well has run dry . Says one:
pkgoode 04/30/2010 21 6 - 116
Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye
It's been long apparent that John McCain has sacrificed every conviction he ever had on the altar of preserving his political skin. If that weren't already evident, his craven and pandering call for ...
pkgoode 04/27/2010 7 10 - 19
Loving the Constitution to Death
Unlike many teabaggers, I don't walk around with a copy of the Constitution in my hip pocket. Nor do I claim any particular Constitutional expertise. But, I know what my values are and I know what ...
pkgoode 04/25/2010 5 1 - 27
The Gestapo Comes to the Grand Canyon
Your Papers, Please: Arizona is about to enact legislation that will require aliens (read: Hispanic aliens) to produce their immigration status upon police request. Senator John (I ...
pkgoode 04/22/2010 39 22 - 33
Contract From America Exposed
A combination of teabag groups, Founding Partners, and Coalition Partners has proposed a Contract From America (signed by the American People, which -- the last time I checked -- includes me). A ...
pkgoode 04/16/2010 8 5 - 36
What If...
It's the winter of 2003, the day after the invasion of Iraq. An angry mob of African-American protesters gathers outside of the entrance to the White House, screaming imprecations and waving ...
pkgoode 03/25/2010 5 2 - 22
George Will and workers' rights
When the pungent stench of horse manure rose from the Seattle Times editorial page, I knew immediately to check ...
pkgoode 03/27/2009 39 8 - 3
Will Wounded Veterans Have to Pay for Health Care?
House and Senate Democrats have moved to eliminate a budget proposal that would require combat veterans to use third-party health insurance firms to pay for combat-related injuries, calling it "...
pkgoode 03/19/2009 7 3 1 -
What is the Employee Free Choice Act?
What is the Employee Free Choice Act? Conservatives would have us believe that is the end of democracy as we know it -- the first peals of the death knell of the secret ballot. Along with the U. S. ...
pkgoode 03/17/2009 - 8 2 37
There Dave Reichert Goes Again
Dave Reichert, my congressman who dares call himself a moderate, voted against the Ledbetter Act. I personally don't know how anyone to the left Genghis Khan could call himself moderate and oppose ...
pkgoode 01/31/2009 15 14 - 28
Palinista Alert!
Kristofer D. Lorelli of the the blog Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President writes:
pkgoode 11/29/2008 32 3 - 2
"What About That Lady Who Just Got Elected In Alaska"
Jane Mayer's " The Insiders: How John McCain Came To Pick Sarah Palin" in the current New Yorker isn't ...
pkgoode 10/21/2008 7 6 - 24
John Lewis
Over at Slate, John Dickerson remains in a dither over Obama's supposed ducking of John Lewis' remarks. Here's what I would tell Johnny Mac about John Lewis: "While you were partying in ...
pkgoode 10/16/2008 7 8 - -
McCain Truth Watch: Blinded By The Light
Somewhere on the road to Tampa, John McCain decided that the economy was not "fundamentally sound," as he had claimed. A searing light knocked him off of his elephant, and it came to pass that he ...
pkgoode 09/17/2008 3 2 - -
Katrina Fatigue
In college, I took a philosophy class that included a brief unit on Soren Kierkegaard. Old Soren is tough sledding to say the least, and the class was restive. The professor asked how many of us ...
pkgoode 08/29/2008 3 1 - -
The Party's Over (Turn Out The Lights)
Has Barack Obama become drill happy? MSM headline writers seem to think so: "Obama, In New Stand, Proposes Use Of Oil Reserve" claims the New York Times ; "Obama Urges Opening Up Oil Reserves:
pkgoode 08/08/2008 7 3 - -
McCain Raises Racism's Ugly Head
I'm sitting here listening to "Katrina" -- Dr. Michael White's brilliant jazz dirge -- and pondering the McCain campaign's accusation that Barack Obama introduced race into the campaign with a "...
pkgoode 08/01/2008 6 3 - -
The Cudgels Of Certitude
Spending a month away, among people who had a lot of questions about where the United States is heading, made me realize more than ever what a colossal, nearly impossible job the next president has. ...
pkgoode 07/21/2008 1 3 - -
Feed Them On Your Dreams
"It's hard to think of any work of art of which one can say 'This made men more just to one another or this saved the life of one Jew or one Vietnamese'...The difference between us and the artists ...
pkgoode 06/09/2008 2 1 - 2
Dream Team?
With Hillary Clinton preparing to endorse Barack Obama, the punditocracy and political class ...
pkgoode 06/05/2008 2 1 - -
This One Was For History
Barack Obama entered the annals of history last night when he claimed victory over Hillary Clinton in the long march to the Democratic party nomination. In a powerful speech pointedly set at the ...
pkgoode 06/04/2008 3 1 1 -
When Will They Ever Learn?
The following letter -- apparently written in all seriousness -- appears in today's Seattle Post-Intelligencer: "The news from Iraq is increasingly good and hopeful, so what are the media talking ...
pkgoode 06/02/2008 4 1 - -
Another Rat Deserts
So, former Bush Administration press secretary Scott McClellan has written a tell-all account of his experience. In the memoir McClellan drops ...
pkgoode 05/29/2008 4 1 - -
Who Really Supports The Troops?
Eric Alterman writes of the misconception that conservatives revere and support the military while liberals largely disdain ...
pkgoode 05/23/2008 4 1 - 11
A couple of weeks ago, we joined ten other people and toured the Katrina-damaged areas of New Orleans. This amounts to 80 per cent of the entire city, an expanse of 144 square miles, or the size of ...
pkgoode 05/18/2008 13 18 1 182
I Can See Clearly Now...
Last year, my wife and I had the unadulterated pleasure of spending a day driving through Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks.
pkgoode 05/16/2008 5 11 - 23
All Over But The Crying
Think for a moment about the magnitude of Obama's achievement.
pkgoode 05/10/2008 16 8 - -
The Banality Of Peggy Noonan
Hard as it is to believe, Peggy Noonan displays more than her usual banality by writing:
pkgoode 04/30/2008 16 3 - 1
Barack Obama's Crime
A saloon in the Old West hires a Shakespearean actor to declaim a few lines from Othello. He arrives on the noon ...
pkgoode 04/18/2008 26 9 - -
Someone Neuter George Stephanopoulos, Please
The two most inane and vacuous performances of the debate season came last night in Pennsylvania. I'm writing, of course, of ABC moderators George Stephanopoulos and Charles Gibson. Both were ...
pkgoode 04/17/2008 15 6 - 1
Faith Forum
Yesterday, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton participated in a Faith Forum in Grantham, Pennsylvania. (John McCain declined an invitation.) They answered questions about abortion, human rights, and ...
pkgoode 04/14/2008 9 - - 2
Thank God for the Navy
The U.S. Navy in its infinite wisdom promises that Lt. Cmdr. Rebecca Dickinson will never "wear her uniform again in the service of our country." "Service" is perhaps an unfortunate choice of words, ...
pkgoode 04/11/2008 21 6 - -
Riding The Tiger
General Petraeus' testimony yesterday was a linguistic maze of gobbledegook that said little and committed to less. Would that he and Ambassador Crocker could face the American people with a ...
pkgoode 04/09/2008 7 4 - -
45 Days And Counting...
In yesterday's disgraceful testimony before Congress, General David Petraeus recommended that the troop "drawdown" from Iraq cease for a minimum of 45 days after the surge force completes its stint. ...
pkgoode 04/09/2008 3 3 - 6
Edwards '08 T-Shirt = Youth In Trouble
Last week, Pete Palmer, the son of longtime friends, filed suit against the Waxahachie (TX) Independent School District for violating his First Amendment rights. Last September 21, Pete had the ...
pkgoode 04/06/2008 25 21 2 14
Book Review: Sex Wars
Sex Wars: A Novel Of Gilded Age New York, Marge Piercy. Piercy's novel explores the formative years of feminism through the intersecting lives of four characters. Three of them -- proto-...
pkgoode 04/05/2008 2 1 - 2
Making Movies
That Dick Cheney's "So?" remark touched off no more than a one-day flurry of coverage calls into question the media's perception of exactly what is happening in this country. A democracy that fights ...
pkgoode 04/03/2008 1 1 - -
Have A Heart, Somebody
The Associated Press reports over the weekend that Vytorin, a cholesterol-reducing drug made and marketed jointly by Merck and Schering-Plough, has little effect in improving heart disease. ...
pkgoode 04/02/2008 7 7 1 2
The Irrational Hatred of Bush, Revisited.
Conservative blogs and columnists often refer to the "left's" irrational hatred of President Bush. (The "left" being anyone who reads The New York Times.) The left, according to these writers, ...
pkgoode 03/30/2008 18 5 - 66
DISCLAIMER: Most of this interview is fictional. It could never happen like this. As we all know, in an interview with ABC's Martha Raddatz, Vice President Cheney brandished his usual contempt for ...
pkgoode 03/23/2008 4 4 - -
Abu Ghraib Revisited
John Burns of The New York Times remembers his five years in Iraq here . Unsurprisingly, he's ...
pkgoode 03/16/2008 1 - - -
Let me get this straight...
...Barack Obama's pastor makes an ill-considered remark in the sanctity of his church, and Obama is called out in the public pulpit and made out to be somehow responsible for it.
pkgoode 03/15/2008 10 6 - -
An Open Letter To Hillary Clinton
Senator Clinton: While I support Senator Obama, I have steadfastly defended your candidacy and told anyone who wanted to know (and more who didn't) that you would make a fine president and that I ...
pkgoode 03/13/2008 - 3 - -
A Southern Strategy for the 21st Century
In 1968, Richard Nixon adopted the Southern Strategy as a key element of his presidential campaign. Running to the right of Hubert Humphrey and to the left of George Wallace, Nixon deployed ...
pkgoode 03/11/2008 6 12 2 158
No Country For Old White Men
West Texas is a violent lawless place, but according to No Country for Old Men, it's also filled with lots of good folks under siege. We know they're good because one of them (Josh Brolin) wakes up ...
pkgoode 12/20/2007 24 1 1 -
Whose Child Is This?
Some friends have taken in a baby boy via the foster care system with the intent of adopting him. He came with nine broken bones from abuse he had suffered. A baby. It's not that I didn't know that ...
pkgoode 12/12/2007 10 4 - 4
The Congressman and Me (Round 2)
I recently wrote to my congressman (Rep. Dave Reichert, R-WA8), urging him to support a timetable for withdrawing from Iraq. His response and my return email follow.
pkgoode 09/11/2007 - 4 - -
Oh my sweetness, knock three times
Anyone heard any good Larry Craig jokes lately?
pkgoode 08/28/2007 - - - -
With nary a whisper of irony, the Washington Post’s Peter Baker reports that President Bush feels like a prophet without honor in his own administration.
pkgoode 08/20/2007 - 3 - -
That skittering sound you hear... that of another rat deserting the sinking ship.
pkgoode 07/09/2007 4 7 - -
Troubled old man
President Bush is reportedly reading Lynne OIsen's Troublesome Young Men: The Rebels Who Brought Churchill To Power And Helped Save England . The President's self-identification with Winston ...
pkgoode 07/04/2007 6 3 - -
Choices, choices, choices
Conventional wisdom has it that by vetoing the Iraq funding bill because of its timelines, President Bush has assumed the tactical high-ground in a battle with the Democratic Congress over the ...
pkgoode 05/07/2007 1 1 - -
What is a conservative anyway?
What is a conservative? This mysterious sociopolitical outlook has long confounded those of us on the left of the political spectrum. We wonder, "Why would anyone be a conservative?" Is it fun? Is ...
pkgoode 04/30/2007 18 3 - -
The gays are coming, the gays are coming!
In a move certain to advance the Homosexual Agenda in the Evergreen State, the Washington state legislature passed domestic ...
pkgoode 04/11/2007 37 13 - 17
Reaping the whirlwind
In the March/April 2007 edition of Foreign Affairs, James Fearon matter-of-factly explains why even a successful troop surge will inevitably be counterproductive. ...
pkgoode 04/03/2007 1 8 1 135
The sanctity of marriage
From an email accidentally sent to my Inbox from a member of the Republican National Committee: After some deep digging (on Wikipedia), I've discovered some interesting voting records regarding ...
pkgoode 03/15/2007 6 2 - -
The Congressman and me
Recently, I wrote to my Congressman (Dave Reichert, R-WA 8), urging him to support the House nonbinding resolution opposiing the troop escalation. Last November, incumbent Reichert narrowly defeated ...
pkgoode 03/02/2007 5 1 - -
Redefining national security
On January 23, 1980, in his State of the Union address , President Jimmy Carter announced what became known as the ...
pkgoode 02/18/2007 8 6 4 12
The unreasonable, irrational, obsessive liberal hatred of George Bush
I’ll come right out and say it: I am a liberal and I detest George Bush. If the right-wing blathersphere is any indication, I therefore want America to fail in Iraq. It means that stories ...
pkgoode 02/11/2007 13 5 - 45
A whimper, not a bang
President Bush’s State of the Union address was subdued, pleading, and resigned. He came across like a man who was glad that he had only one more of these left to deliver. The domestic “...
pkgoode 01/25/2007 1 - - -
Bum's Rush
Rush Limbaugh touts what appears to be the right-wing version of The Daily Show. (Thanks -- I think -- to advisorjim at Daily Kos for ...
pkgoode 01/12/2007 - - - 1
Deja vu...
Waist Deep In The Big Muddy It was back in nineteen forty-two, I was a member of a good platoon. We were on maneuvers in-a Loozianna, One night by the light of the moon. The ...
pkgoode 01/11/2007 - 4 - 23
Are you experienced?
pkgoode 01/05/2007 21 2 1 -
Our city of ruins
On June 15, 1980, my late wife and I flew from San Antonio to New Orleans on our honeymoon. We found a city of hospitality, good feeling, and great food. We stayed in an antebellum guest filled ...
pkgoode 12/26/2006 9 18 - -
Unspeakable blather
“I believe that we’re going to win, I believe that...My comments yesterday reflected the fact that we’re not succeeding nearly as fast as I wanted.” The President of the ...
pkgoode 12/21/2006 1 - - -
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