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Help me decide on New York constitutional amendments
Hello fellow kossacks! I will be casting my vote in New York City this evening. Of course, when voting for candidates, I will be casting an all-Democratic ballot, including de Blasio. But I'm still ...
plooto 11/05/2013 27 2 - -
Republicans play politics: want to give the executive branch dangerous, sweeping budgetary powers
Brian Beutler reports that high-rankings figures in the GOP are considering trying to deal with the sequester by giving the Obama administration unprecedented executive powers to choose how its ...
plooto 02/21/2013 6 1 - -
Good governance: let's make filing taxes quick and easy and automated
Each year, over a hundred million American taxpayers file tax returns, collectively spending hundreds of millions of hours and dollars every year. It's such an immense burden that when people think ...
plooto 02/13/2013 48 2 - -
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