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We need a central donation hub to save voting rights in America
Voting has never been a right all Americans have enjoyed. Native Americans, African Americans, women, the poor, the "unlanded," immigrants, non Protestant Christians... The list goes on. Today it is ...
polidiscoursor 08/28/2013 10 5 1 -
Loudly unaware and aggressively out of touch
The Republican party doesn't know how to fit into a societal landscape furiously reorganizing before their blinking and largely uncomprehending eyes. They are the party, after all, that for ...
polidiscoursor 01/14/2013 2 8 1 -
855-444-6100: "True" the Vote's complaint hotline
Update : To be clear, "True" the Vote is a sham, teabagger operation . I meant to second TBogg's call to flood their lines. However, as some have noted in the comments, this, as well as reporting ...
polidiscoursor 11/06/2012 20 10 1 -
Mitt "No Turnaround" Romney: "Polls go up, polls go down."
TPM links to an ABC article that includes this Romney quote" Frankly at this early stage, polls go up, polls go down,” Romney said in an interview on Wednesday with ABC’s David Muir on the ...
polidiscoursor 09/26/2012 11 3 - 89
Mitt's delusions: the 60 Minutes interview
The excerpt of this Sunday's 60 Minutes interview (video) released by CBS is quite stunning in its documentation of a major party candidate for the presidency of the US in a state of denial and ...
polidiscoursor 09/21/2012 30 14 - 333
You people should be ashamed for not appreciating what Mitt is offering to do for you
" That this is a guy that is, doesn't, obviously need to do this for a job... " That. That right there. That little quote captures the condescension and false, yet still extremely arrogant and self ...
polidiscoursor 09/19/2012 4 9 - 114
How to make Mitt Romney's head explode in the first few minutes of the first debate
Okay, so there should probably be a 'probably' somewhere in the title, but it was already getting kind of long. But what if the first few minutes of the first debate actually did go somewhat along ...
polidiscoursor 09/17/2012 23 5 - 221
How the right is freaking out about Ryan's GM plant lie
Various people and outlets on the left have thoroughly debunked Ryan's laundry list of right wing distortions and outright lies that made up his convention speech last night. Included in the many ...
polidiscoursor 08/30/2012 47 41 - 610
[Updated] Romney advisor: Obama doesn't understand "Anglo-Saxon heritage"
LGF links to an article in The Telegraph : My jaw is officially on the floor at this statement to Britain’s Telegraph by one of Mitt Romney’s advisers: Mitt Romney Would Restore ‘Anglo-...
polidiscoursor 07/24/2012 612 424 8 3020
Finding worthwhile discussion partners in new media: an actual possibility or fool's errand?
Most people would probably agree that it is possible to have discussions that are respectful and perhaps even productive and mutually edifying with people who have different perspectives. In fact, ...
polidiscoursor 07/07/2012 15 1 - 73
Right wing discourse: "working at a higher level" and making reality irrelevant
Steve Benen linked to Paul Krugman's piece on right wing political correctness, in which Krugman writes: Today, however, the big threat to our discourse is right-wing political correctness, which —
polidiscoursor 06/11/2012 15 16 1 141
Romney accuses Obama of having dressed up like a Michigan State Police officer
Reacting to the news that he dressed up in a Michigan State Police uniform, provided by his then Michigan governor father, Mitt Romney today accused President Obama of having dressed up in a ...
polidiscoursor 06/07/2012 24 17 - 331
Obama Purposely Slowed Recovery: Romney's Latest "I'm Rubber; You're Glue" Line
Talking Points Memo brings us this : The idea that they knowingly slowed down our recovery in order to put in place Obamacare, which they wanted and they considered historic but the American ...
polidiscoursor 06/06/2012 7 4 - 93
Rep. Coffman's Birther Auto Post Mortem
Talking Points Memo has the story of Colorado Representative Coffman's (R/Birther) insight into the issue that made him nationally famous. “We’ve got to focus on the issues,” Coffman said. “
polidiscoursor 05/25/2012 4 5 - 80
Birthers, Racial Anxiety and Why It Really Does Matter
As I write this, the taxpayers of Arizona are generously funding a vacatio investigative trip to Hawaii for a couple of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's henchmen. Also in further Arizona Crazy, the Arizona ...
polidiscoursor 05/22/2012 10 5 - 80
George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina: Internet Bully, Right Wing Exemplar
Internet bully and misogynist, George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina , has been getting a ...
polidiscoursor 05/21/2012 30 35 - 385
Birthers as useful idiots: the right wing utility of racial paranoia
Not content with voter suppression and stirring up racial animosity , it seems Republicans are going full ...
polidiscoursor 05/18/2012 1 3 1 64
Romney was brainwashed into saying whatever he said, but he stands by it, whatever it was
George Romney, Mitt's father, was a serious contender for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination until this: Would the country have been better off if Romney, rather than Nixon, was the GOP ...
polidiscoursor 05/18/2012 6 1 - 56
Uncouth and indecorous: unwashed bloggers weirdly insist on the truth
"I'm not a racist, but..." Whoever has heard this stock preamble knows what's coming next. Pure, Grade A, triple distilled racism. You can of course also replace racist with sexist , anti semite , ...
polidiscoursor 05/17/2012 4 5 - 73
Quantum flipflopping means never having to say you're sorry
Quantum theory holds that electrons can change position in no time, moving a distinct quantity of distance rather than incrementally traversing the space between starting and ending points. There is ...
polidiscoursor 05/11/2012 5 1 - 31
Supporters, false equivalence and willful ignorance
As you're no doubt aware , a Romney supporter asked the presumptive GOP nominee why president Obama has not been charged with -- and presumably executed for -- treason. This was after a Romney ...
polidiscoursor 05/07/2012 3 3 - 75
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