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I'm not visiting Georgia anytime soon
Now that an extreme gun bill has passed the Georgia legislature, I'm going to have to strike the state off my list of vacations spots. The NRA calls it a "historic victory for the Second Amendment." ...
political junquie 03/26/2014 73 54 - -
Michael Moore's Prescription for Obamacare
Michael Moore's column in today's New York Times, "The Obamacare We Deserve," is a clear and effective prescription for improving Obamacare as 2014 begins. We all know and understand the weaknesses, ...
political junquie 01/01/2014 40 163 2 -
High Cost to States Rejecting Medicaid Expansion--Updated X 5
This just out courtesy of USA Today : The 20 states choosing not to expand Medicaid will lose billions of dollars in federal funds, according to a new study released Thursday. The study, by the ...
political junquie 12/05/2013 80 162 - -
President Obama: "Government is important. It matters"
This morning, President Obama gave the speech of his lifetime, with news coverage to swoon for, all courtesy of the GOP's abortive government shutdown. Thanks to Ted Cruz, ably abetted by the ...
political junquie 10/17/2013 11 10 - -
Memo to Republicans: the ACA was never left-wing
Dear Republicans, I know we live in the same country, but sometimes I have to wonder if we live on the same planet. And one of the things I know on my planet is that my left-leaning political ...
political junquie 10/04/2013 2 6 - -
Who Has the Courage to Stand with Gabby?
Courage . It's sometimes hard to recognize it when we see it. Gabby Giffords doesn't have the swagger, and she doesn't talk tough. But when it comes to gun violence she's got it. She walks the walk. ...
political junquie 04/19/2013 25 32 - -
Wayne LaPierre is a Lousy Shot
I hate to expose someone so ruthlessly, but somebody's got to tell the truth about this guy. Lord knows, he never will. And it's sure not something his hunting buddies are ever going to spill. You ...
political junquie 01/31/2013 3 3 - -
Note to Republicans: Grow Up
Dear Republicans in Congress, I see you have decided that re-election in your little ideological enclaves trumps sound economic policy for the nation. Apparently, you're more likely to be worried ...
political junquie 12/28/2012 6 7 - -
Action: Get Gun-Control Advocates on Next Sunday's News Shows
Last Sunday the major networks put a big megaphone in front of the NRA delusionists mouthpieces and let them broadcast their looney-tunes version of America into households across the land. Voices ...
political junquie 12/26/2012 4 12 - -
The NRA's Million Dollar Men
After Wayne Lapierre's delusional rant on TV yesterday, I suspect that the NRA's donors are experiencing a little bit of buyer's remorse. After all, the man is supposed to help them market the idea ...
political junquie 12/22/2012 9 1 1 -
Are We Ready for Today's NRA Pushback?
The NRA is in a corner. So be wary. They're going to break their silence in a news conference today, and we need to be ready to uncover the lies and knock down the straw men. As a New York Times ...
political junquie 12/21/2012 26 12 - -
Liability Insurance for Guns
People are required to insure cars, boats and motorcycles for liability. Why? Because they may do harm to others. Guns should be required to carry liability insurance as well. I confess I had ...
political junquie 12/20/2012 361 143 1 -
Guns are made to kill.
People pull the triggers, but guns are designed to kill. Let's keep that in mind as the inevitable, mind-numbing, brain-tangling arguments resurface to cloud the issues yet again. Guns are engineered,
political junquie 12/16/2012 19 12 - -
Are Canadians Being Snookered*?
So Canadians are re-enacting the War of 1812 . Interesting . And the federal government is paying for the ads: Although it produced “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the War of 1812 does not get ...
political junquie 10/08/2012 8 6 - 87
Romney's Etch-a-Sketch Moment
John Heilemann has a thoughtful post-debate analysis in yesterday's New York Magazine. Never mind that he extended a stiff middle finger to the fire-breathing right by recasting himself as ...
political junquie 10/07/2012 13 9 - 153
Montreal Students March to Protect the Right of Assembly
A massive march is planned today in Montreal to protest coercive legislation that makes it a crime to hold a demonstration. Aside from a few diaries posted by engreve recently, almost nobody is ...
political junquie 05/22/2012 17 14 - 93
Contraception a 'Wedge' Issue? Seriously?
I'm getting a little tired of turning on the radio, TV and computer, and hearing about the latest "wedge" issue: contraception. Somehow, unfathomably, the media is giving uptake to the very Catholic ...
political junquie 02/10/2012 5 5 - 72
Memo to GOP: Nobody Cares Where You Spend Christmas
You have to hand it to the Party of No. They think they've got the American people all taped out. How do you block the Senate's payroll tax cut compromise in the House without looking like the Grinch?
political junquie 12/21/2011 11 10 - 128
Texas is Burning
I'm not a huge fan of Tom Friedman, dating back to his columns that gave Bush cover at the start of the Iraq invasion, but he's always been a strong advocate of green energy.
political junquie 09/14/2011 13 7 - 119
Katrina vanden Heuvel: "We Need a Jobs Bill"
Katrina vandel Heuvel has posted a terrific blog today that sums up the ...
political junquie 08/09/2011 17 17 - 93
On Activism and Presidential Action
Ta-Nehisi Coates writes a persuasive op-ed in today's New York Times about the president's recent characterization of ...
political junquie 07/28/2011 3 1 - 34
Hoist, Meet Petard
So I go away on vacation, and return to find that one major party has gone on strike. Call it the Red Flue. They don't want to govern, and they don't want to let anyone else do it either. If ...
political junquie 07/23/2011 3 6 - 62
Memo to GOP: People Have Sex
As Gail Collins writes, in today's column "Behind the Abortion Wars," GOP leaders just can't seem to bring themselves ...
political junquie 04/14/2011 31 10 - 114
Way to Go Ohio
There's been quite a bit of talk on this and other Progressive sites about Wisconsin and Maine, but I haven't heard much about Ohio here. I wonder why? As someone who lived in Cleveland for ...
political junquie 04/03/2011 15 17 - 136
GOP United Against Americans' Well-Being
Yesterday, the GOP voted unanimously (with 3 Democratic supporters, unfathomably), to repeal the Patient Protection ...
political junquie 01/19/2011 9 2 - 58
WTF Happened While I Was Away?
So today I come back to DK after several days of brief, flyover visits from afar, when all seemed...well...quiet and serene. And I find that I missed something HUGE. LaFeminista writes ...
political junquie 12/29/2010 81 11 2 67
The Horse-Trading Mentality Must Go
It occurs to me that what's going on in the White House might have something to do with having two Senators at the helm. Recent reports of Joe Biden's role in the recent tax-cut-for-the-wealthy-to-...
political junquie 12/12/2010 17 6 - 72
NY-01: Tim Bishop's Opponent Concedes
Finally, Some Good News! Republican ...
political junquie 12/08/2010 10 12 - 31
How Do We Stop Tax Cuts for the Rich?
I share the anger on this site, and in the left-wing blogsphere, about the alleged compromise on tax cuts for the rich. People blame Obama. People blame the GOP. People blame the Democrats generally.
political junquie 12/07/2010 13 6 - 119
Remember the Gas Tax Holiday?
Tellin' the truth is a dangerous business Honest and popular don't go hand in hand* Back in the summer of 2008, the "silly season" of politics, then-...
political junquie 12/05/2010 3 2 - 32
NY-01 Tim Bishop Victory in the Balance
Out here on Long Island, off the east coast, an important congressional seat hangs in the balance. Incumbent Rep. Tim Bishop was ahead by nearly 4000 votes, until a re-canvass found him down by 400 ...
political junquie 11/06/2010 12 17 1 61
Misrepresenting Anti-Government Activists
Folks, what this country needs is a heavy dose of civics and history. I say that as an educator, sure, but also as a citizen. I'm not ( ever ) surprised when Fox "news" "reporters" and ...
political junquie 04/19/2010 13 8 1 18
I'd Like to Thank the GOP for their Negativity.
Nothing says "Yes We Can" like a year-long fight against unreasonable, intransigent opponents who said yes to many of the HCR bill's provisions before they said no. On this historic day, I'd like ...
political junquie 03/21/2010 15 6 1 33
Ugly Politics Over HCR in NY-01: Rep. Bishop Fights Back
My representative Tim Bishop (NY-01) was one of the first to face the anti-HRC hysterics last summer. Their you-tube, which revealed their Me-First, Hate-Thy-Neighbor philosophy to its ...
political junquie 03/20/2010 31 28 1 43
Frank Rich: Give Us A Compelling Story
Frank Rich's op-ed in today's NY Times strikes me as a timely, and friendly, intervention. I haven't seen it diaried today, and I thought it worth highlighting. The best parts are toward the end of ...
political junquie 03/07/2010 20 14 - 42
Senator Ben Nelson Throws Down
I'm getting tired of reading health reform obituaries in the MSM. I'm sick of hearing that the Dems are in disarray, and that delay and compromise are the orders of the day. Nonsense. All it ...
political junquie 01/29/2010 50 4 - 26
What Have You Done Today on Health Reform?
This is a short diary--or rather this is a forum. Last night the ...
political junquie 01/28/2010 11 6 - 2
3-Step Health Reform Recipe for Success
Ingredients: 1 simple plan 1 clear spokesperson (more to taste) 1 powerful will to succeed 1 strong showing of public support 1 determination to make opponents explain ...
political junquie 01/21/2010 17 1 - 9
Gail Collins Must-Read Today
Gail Collins is one of my favorite columnists out there. To be honest, she's the reason I keep subscribing to the New York Times. She can skewer faulty logic and overblown prose more deftly than most;
political junquie 12/12/2009 22 18 - 29
Time to Get Serious on Jobs
Yesterday, President Obama got serious about jobs. He proposed a jobs summit to look at options for job creation.
political junquie 11/13/2009 14 2 - 59
Young Voters and Health Reform: The Long View
If you believe the MSM Common Wisdom, Seniors' fears about Medicare is the most important issue driving the health reform debate. The media's focus on Seniors (and its exaggeration and distortion of ...
political junquie 10/16/2009 17 2 - 28
Healthcare Rights Campaign
I'm writing this to let you know about nyceve's diary on a new publicity campaign for the public option.
political junquie 10/08/2009 3 1 - 9
It's Fall:  When Will the House Vote on HR 676?
Last July, Anthony Weiner proposed an amendment in the House Energy and Commerce Committee to replace HR 3200 with HR 676 ("Medicare for All"), as ...
political junquie 09/21/2009 15 5 1 50
Single-Payer Can Help Win Inclusive Public Option
If I hear one more pundit comment on the "death of the public option" I just might scream. Luckily, rumors of the PO's death have been greatly exaggerated. In fact, the PO gets more popular every day.
political junquie 09/15/2009 17 15 - 28
Defining UNsurance
What should we call a business where people pay for something called "health insurance premiums" only to learn that when they need it they are not covered by insurance? What exactly were they ...
political junquie 09/13/2009 14 3 - 32
People Powered Activism
Most of us on this site are passionate about health care reform. We differ on goals and even on tactics, but we share a conviction that the status quo is not fair or just, and will lead to economic ...
political junquie 09/02/2009 3 2 - 1
Action: Long Island Townhall this Thursday
My Congressman, Rep. Tim Bishop, is holding a townhall this Thursday. I'm both very glad, and very ...
political junquie 08/22/2009 9 8 - 1
Rep. Peter King (R-NY) Seriously Doesn't Understand
Here's a representative from one of the nation's wealthiest counties, considering a run for U.S. Senate in 2010, who seriously doesn't understand the plight of ordinary Americans.
political junquie 08/04/2009 22 2 - 14
Is Single-Payer Un-American?
You'd think that when the country is in economic crisis, and when there's a national consensus that the health care crisis threatens the nation's fiscal survival, there'd be very little room for ...
political junquie 08/02/2009 60 13 2 27
How to Celebrate Medicare's Birthday
Thursday, July 30 is the 44th anniversary of Medicare. As LBJ said that day as he signed the bill into law,
political junquie 07/28/2009 10 4 - 46
Fun with SICKO.
Health care summer is upon us. At the end of the month, on July 30, there will be a massive Single Payer Rally in DC . ...
political junquie 07/13/2009 29 12 - 197
Women Take the Lede
This has been a fascinating week to think about the role of women in public life, here in the U.S., and around the world. If behaving like an executive is a criterion for running the state South ...
political junquie 06/27/2009 10 2 - 10
Two Months of Health Reform Activism/Updated
I can't quite escape the sinking feeling that we've lost some ground in recent weeks, even with the Democrats that we helped elect, with our dollars, hard work and progressive ideas, controlling the ...
political junquie 06/22/2009 6 7 - 3
Progressive Talking Points on 'Health Reform'
Yesterday, I heard that Health Care for America is hosting a rally in DC for health reform next Thursday, June 25 . Rallies can be an effective way to create a ...
political junquie 06/19/2009 10 11 - 11
One in Three Americans Enjoys Public Health Insurance
Item Number Fourteen in the most recent Harper's Index (July 2009) is a pithy and tantalizing little factoid: Minimum number ...
political junquie 06/17/2009 16 35 - 204
Ethical Business Practices: Oxymoron?
Today's NYT Op-Ed piece by Paul Krugman warns that serious health reform will not, can not , take place without a ...
political junquie 06/05/2009 10 2 - 6
President Obama Unveils High Speed Rail Initiative
There was some very positive news from the president yesterday about his new high speed rail initiative. Watch the announcement here (if you can't see it, you can also view it ...
political junquie 04/17/2009 13 19 1 21
"Laying the Foundation": Liveblogging Obama’s Education Speech
President Obama is now talking about education reform at the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I'm watching it now on . I'll post a transcript and video ...
political junquie 03/10/2009 52 11 - 2
Bring on the Nurses.
Yesterday, nyceve posted an uplifting diary with the wonderful ...
political junquie 03/05/2009 9 11 - -
Getting Past the "Phantom Filibuster"
Momentum seems to be building among Congress-watchers to push Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid into taking on the GOP's filibuster threat. ...
political junquie 03/02/2009 21 11 - -
Universal Health Coverage:  Are All Options on the Table?
Today's New York Times reports that the health insurance industry is actively involved in discussions about the ...
political junquie 02/20/2009 16 8 1 2
Biden as Working Families' Czar
Just a quick diary to post some very good news announced by the Obama transition team this morning:
political junquie 12/21/2008 5 5 - 4
Dr. Steven Chu and the Nuclear Energy Future
In today's issue of Counterpunch , columnist Karl Grossman raises some critical issues about Obama's incoming energy secretary, Dr. ...
political junquie 12/16/2008 219 13 - 33
December 10, 1948
Sixty years ago tomorrow , on December 10, 1948, the newly-formed United Nations passed the ...
political junquie 12/09/2008 26 21 - 27
Ban Ki Moon calls for Green New Deal
Writing in today's San Francisco Chronicle , U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon puts out a call for an ...
political junquie 11/26/2008 3 12 - 6
Goolsbee on the Obama Stimulus Plan
President-Elect Barack Obama introduced his economic team yesterday, another stage in a fairly concerted effort over the last few days to push a new economic plan in a time of severe downturn. ...
political junquie 11/25/2008 63 18 1 19
Why the GOP fears Tom Daschle
Conservative and GOP fretting about Obama's choice of Tom Daschle as Secretary of Health and Human Services reveals a whole new level of cynicism. It shows that they *know quite well* that the ...
political junquie 11/22/2008 488 887 44 45
Hard Times
Today's Washington Post features more bad news on the economic downturn.
political junquie 11/20/2008 5 5 - -
ACORN Warned US About Housing Crisis
"An increasingly desperate Republican attack machine has recently identified the community organizing group ACORN as Public Enemy Number One," say The Nation's Peter Dreier and John Atlas in ...
political junquie 10/26/2008 9 10 1 -
What We Can Do For ACORN w/UPDATE
The New York Times' lead editorial today offers strong support for the grassroots organization, ACORN, currently under siege in the right wing blogosphere. Based on the information ...
political junquie 10/17/2008 19 24 1 20
NY-04:  Carolyn McCarthy needs a Boost
Those of us who were on Long Island back in 1993 have a special empathy for Rep. Carolyn McCarthy who is running for re-election to Congress against a well-funded NRA-supported opponent. Probably ...
political junquie 10/06/2008 12 8 - 1
Do we really know John McCain?
This week's Weekly Standard recommends that the McCain campaign attack Obama Ford-style, by raising the questions they raised against Carter in '76. (Carter won, but that's somehow irrelevant). ...
political junquie 10/05/2008 11 4 - 20
McCain/Palin are fine with Gwen Ifill
Today we keep hearing that Drudge and Fox News, and perhaps others, are raising questions about Gwen Ifill's objectivity in tomorrow night's debate. (Forgive me if I don't provide the links) This ...
political junquie 10/01/2008 33 8 1 -
Michelle Obama and Jill Biden take economic message to VA
On Wednesday, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden headlined a "Women for Change" rally at UVA's Charlottesville campus. Local blogger Jen ...
political junquie 09/19/2008 17 20 - 1
Oil *is* Policy for McCain/Palin
Yesterday, glimpses of the McCain/Palin platform emerged at their town-hall meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Oil as Foreign Policy The fun began with a soft-ball question ...
political junquie 09/18/2008 3 - - 8
Biden's Good Fight for Women's Rights
The New Republic has a fascinating in-depth analysis today of Joe Biden's role in writing, and fighting ...
political junquie 09/17/2008 8 8 - 12
The Joe Biden Chronicles, Attack Dog Edition UPDATED
On Saturday, to counter the near-total media blackout of Joe Biden's presence on the campaign trail, I decided to write a ...
political junquie 09/15/2008 21 49 2 49
The Joe Biden Chronicles w/UPDATE, revised
While the white-hot glare of the media spotlight remains trained on Sarah Palin, Joe Biden has been cheerfully stumping the battleground states, calling local newspapers for interviews, answering ...
political junquie 09/13/2008 45 34 - 54
What Barack Said About Education Today w/UPDATE
Today, Obama spoke in Dayton about education in the twenty-first century. He started close to home, and ended with America's place in the global economy. Yesterday was a special day ...
political junquie 09/09/2008 19 13 1 -
Lest we forget what it's about
Hat tip to TomP for his excellent diary , reminding us of four powerful Obama speeches. Since it's slipped off the "...
political junquie 09/07/2008 8 4 - -
John McCain's Executive Experience
The GOP theory that Palin, as a former small town mayor and half-term governor, has more "executive experience" than Obama, is really a two-pronged attack. The obvious goal is to belittle Obama's ...
political junquie 09/04/2008 8 3 - 14
"Jobs that Americans will not do"
Yesterday, there was a terrific post called "John McCain: Friend of Labor" that exposed a particularly tone deaf ...
political junquie 08/29/2008 4 2 - -
Dear Senator Clinton,
Everybody is speculating about what you will do tonight, and whether you'll do what's necessary to bring the party together. But I'm not worried. You've been in the public eye for a long time, and ...
political junquie 08/26/2008 24 10 - 5
Why I Like "Hands"
Much as I am enjoying Senator McCain's housing dilemma, and the creativity and humor it has unleashed here and elsewhere, I don't want the underlying point--that McCain just doesn't understand how ...
political junquie 08/22/2008 4 1 - 1
The Kansas Ticket
A short, speculative diary. Today's New York Times is running a lengthy, mostly positive, profile on ...
political junquie 08/20/2008 16 6 - 1
Two Cheers for Long Island State?
I’ve been out of the loop for weeks, enjoying the peace that comes with a lack of daily confrontation, but with the conventions drawing near and election day beckoning am once again feeling ...
political junquie 08/06/2008 53 1 - 2
Zunes Tells 'Why Obama Won'
Stephanie Zunes gives the most clear headed synthesis of the primary dynamics that I've seen yet. Barack Obama has ...
political junquie 06/06/2008 17 9 - -
Reconciliation or defeat
Now that the primary season is over, let’s join forces to win the election this fall. We’ve all been -terrified- -griping- concerned about the tenor of the contest, the occasional ...
political junquie 06/04/2008 3 1 - -
A Woman for President:  A Feminist Dilemma?
As a feminist who supports Barack Obama, I’m constantly confronted with an uncomfortable situation: tense conversations or, worse, heavy silence from feminist friends who feel I’ve ...
political junquie 05/17/2008 154 20 2 36
Gas Tax Holiday From Reality
Clinton and McCain must think we’re all really, really dumb. Most experts say that the Clinton-McCain gas tax holiday is a mistake at best and shameless pandering at worst. We’d all ...
political junquie 05/04/2008 9 1 - -
Health Buzz w/poll
Health care seems like such a dull subject, until you get laid off, or graduate from college, when suddenly it becomes vitally important. At the risk of stating the obvious, there has to be a way ...
political junquie 04/30/2008 19 9 1 1
Obama in Appalachia
Like most Democrats, I'm disappointed by the downward spiralling tone of this primary season. But it's not really accurate to blame all of Obama's problems on the Clinton campaign. He does seem ...
political junquie 04/23/2008 20 - 1 2
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