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Stakes for 2012 Election
The untold story of this election cycle, thanks to the apathetic media, is what happens after the elections, since neither Obama has been forthcoming on his vision for a second term nor has Romney ...
politicaljunkie 10/15/2012 1 - - -
Updated - Sotomayor strikes
Abigail Fisher from Sugarland, TX, did not get admitted to University of Texas, Austin despite having a 3.59/4 GPA. She dreamed of bleeding burnt orange since she was a tiny tot, especially since ...
politicaljunkie 10/10/2012 31 51 - 568
Exit Polls Open Thread
Starting up an exit polls open thread. Yes, we need to "ignore" exit polls but it might not be a bad idea to keep track of what's hitting the wires.
politicaljunkie 11/04/2008 115 25 - 27
The Gathering Thunderstorms - Updated
Let there be no mistake - multiple hunderstorms are gathering to converge into a perfect storm aimed at decapitating the Republican Party for the foreseeable future. The storm hits the night of ...
politicaljunkie 10/25/2008 12 12 - -
Esquire endorses Obama and others
Esquire magazine for the first time in 75 years endorsed a presidential candidate - Barack Obama. Typically Esquire doesn't do election endorsements but something got to them 2 years ago when ...
politicaljunkie 10/18/2008 7 6 - 6
Rachel PWNS Frum - Big Time (updated: video)
Wielding a sharp axe but a demure smile, Rachel pawned Frum big time on her show. Apparently Frum does not have an understanding of satire, tounge in cheek and what not but thinks serious discourse ...
politicaljunkie 10/13/2008 745 763 24 74
David Brooks: Obama will win by 9 - Updated with video
Brooks has single handedly frozen hell. The never say die Republican hack has called Sarah Palin ...
politicaljunkie 10/08/2008 108 45 2 28
The Failed President
While, at home, President Bush is recognized as The Worst President Ever, he squeaked from far shores about "appeasing" Democrats and got the ire of the Democrats directed at him. Obama, swiftly and ...
politicaljunkie 05/17/2008 6 7 - 2
Veepstakes: No Hillary, Strickland has support?
Bob Novak (yeah, yeah, I know) is reporting that Obama cannot pick Hillary as VP because Michelle doesn't want her on the ticket after all the unloading she did on him, and if hell hath no fury like ...
politicaljunkie 05/10/2008 69 4 - 28
WYFP: It's milkshake drinkin' time y'all!
All it needs is one negative day of Obama news and Obama's supporters go into sad hour sessions of commiseration and mourning as if all hell has broken lose and there isn't enough alcohol in the ...
politicaljunkie 03/21/2008 64 8 - -
iPod Presidency
There were mp3 players long before Apple made the iPods hip; but it took iTunes to make youngsters really adopt and take on the music industry's entrenched hubris. Why? Because Apple made it easier ...
politicaljunkie 02/16/2008 7 5 - 1
I <3 Huckabee
Mac's being own3d. Ha Ha Ha! Yes, Virginia, ...
politicaljunkie 02/12/2008 14 2 - -
"Dream Team" resurgence?
There have been several diaries about the "Dream Team" and (mostly) expressing why it may not be a reality even though most Democrats would wish they were lucky to have a chance to vote the team. ...
politicaljunkie 02/10/2008 41 3 - -
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