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US Postal Service scores big
With me at least. So I had a package I needed to get to someone located about 150 miles away. Happened to be near a Fedex dropoff and stopped in. $45 for overnight, $26 for second day. Hm, ouch.
poliwrangler 07/15/2014 361 617 4 -
Wisconsin at the top of the Rec List
This is a short diary, really no more than a comment. And I see that the kosmunity is already on top of it but it bears gravitas that we all need to be tipping and rec'ing any and all WI diaries at ...
poliwrangler 05/30/2012 8 10 1 76
Hubble - wow
Just saw Hubble at the Omnimax within the Science Museum in St. Paul, MN. Very cool. It made so crystal clear how fragile life is on this planet and how much we don't know. It's like we're still ...
poliwrangler 02/14/2011 13 15 - 142
Letters to the Editor Campaign - Go Offense!
Think globally act locally, best defense is a good offense, and all that. I personally am a bit tired of viewing the latest outrage of anything right-wing. It's overwhelming to the point of being ...
poliwrangler 08/28/2010 15 7 4 231
WH no PO, it's a good thing
So here's my logic. The WH needs to appear bipartisan since the country in some ways wants that. Yes, I know that's in an ideal world but will probably never happen - still, the prez is implicitly ...
poliwrangler 02/24/2010 30 3 - 17
We need to focus, we need a point person,
we need to take all this energy that is going this way and that and harness it. Make it productive. There is hand-wringing, anger, enthusiasm, brilliant thoughts and comments by so many here on ...
poliwrangler 01/21/2010 10 2 - 10
Okay, you've been burned before
and you don't want this to turn into another "Lucy pulls the football away just before Charlie Brown kicks it" moment. But here's the thing. We elected people to represent us. I'm fortunate that ...
poliwrangler 12/25/2009 45 5 - 43
OFA wants me to send a card for Sens. Klobuchar and Franken...
This is what I received just today from OFA: This year, when you're writing holiday cards to your friends and loved ones, there are two more people who need to hear from you: Senator Al ...
poliwrangler 12/10/2009 30 7 - 121
Redstate censors speech
So I was browsing through redstate and thinking I could easily enter into conversation with the locals there. I read a number of articles and found one that was trying to use facts to make a claim.
poliwrangler 10/15/2009 45 1 - 80
Health Care - make it a contest
So I've been probing into the den of the other (free market)side regarding health care, health insurance, how to pay for it, etc. And an interesting thought came up. One I hadn't heard proposed or ...
poliwrangler 10/10/2009 4 1 - 11
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