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A final warning before I leave DK
This is my final diary here at Daily Kos. I leave Democrats with these words of warning. I hope they find fertile soil although I have my doubts. But if you don’t try, you can’t succeed, so ...
pollchecker 05/06/2014 116 6 - -
Mr. President, will you act like a hero or a slave?
Dear Mr. President: Two weeks ago, after the state of the Union address, where you stated that you would “Do wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for ...
pollchecker 02/16/2014 76 1 - -
Mr. President will you do what's right?
Dear Mr. President, Last Sunday (02/02/14), I wrote you about mistakes you had made in recent comments about removing marijuana from the Controlled Substance list. If you need to review what I ...
pollchecker 02/09/2014 1 3 1 -
Mr. President, are you a man of your word?
Dear Mr. President: At the State of the Union, on January 28, 2014, you said: So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that'...
pollchecker 02/02/2014 2 4 - -
Wow, Big Brother is here to stay
I just read this in the Washington Post. Don’t be surprised if your TV soon seems to know everything about your politics All I could think about was George Orwell's 1984 and think to myself WOW,
pollchecker 01/29/2014 17 9 - -
I grieve for the children and blame those who do nothing
This weekend there was another shooting. This time it was at a mall. A couple of weeks ago, there was a senseless shooting at a movie theatre. I shake my head at this news and grieve for the ...
pollchecker 01/27/2014 5 7 - -
Where’s the Beef, Mr. President?
Over the past weekend, POTUS Obama said in an interview that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. If he really believes that to be true, then he is either a hypocrite, a bad lawyer, or a poor ...
pollchecker 01/21/2014 30 3 - -
How to win Red States in 2014
Dear Mr. Robert Reich, I have always respected your opinion, so when I read your recent blog post on Huffington Post entitled “Fear Is Why Workers in Red States Vote Against Their Economic Self-...
pollchecker 01/17/2014 21 18 - -
Extend the deadline and let's move on
I am so sick and tired of hearing about the failure of healthcare,gov. You can't listen to the news on any station without hearing lengthy conversations about it. Personally I'm sick of ...
pollchecker 10/26/2013 11 1 - -
What can be done to entitlements without negative consequences
Now that the government is back up and running, the GOP is already working on their next set of demands to take to the Budget conference committees. And of course the issue of entitlements once ...
pollchecker 10/24/2013 73 8 - -
Ted Cruz – A nobody enabled by crazies
Every time I turn on the news, I have to see and listen to Ted Cruz. I’m sick of it. Ted Cruz is a nobody who got elected to Senate by a handful of crazies and enabled by conservative pundits ...
pollchecker 10/21/2013 33 20 - -
I was one of the Dems who was FURIOUS at POTUS Obama for not having a public option and making health care mandatory. But today I am one of few who has been on, created an account, ...
pollchecker 10/18/2013 38 23 - -
Political Wrapup - Shutdown Fallout
Well, it played out as predicted. It would have been more interesting if the pundits hadn’t been crying “the sky is falling” every 5 minutes for 16 days. In the beginning, the only real ...
pollchecker 10/17/2013 4 2 - -
No Income Verification
As someone who has gotten through the glitches and the bugs on I have a message to the Senate who is hopefully negotiating a bill to be passed today. NO INCOME VERIFICATION! Keep ...
pollchecker 10/16/2013 25 5 - -
The new shutdown mantra
We want a vote!!!! That should be the Democratic manta starting now until an up and down vote on a clean CR and debt limit increase is taken in the House of Representatives.
pollchecker 10/07/2013 4 - - -
The standoff solution drama
It was more than predictable. The GOP has been saying ever since they capitulated on the taxes. They have been planning to shut down the government and threaten to default on the country’s bills ...
pollchecker 10/03/2013 2 1 - -
The next GOP Presidential candidate is……..!
The Republican that saves the Republican party from itself by preventing a government shutdown and a fiscal crisis.
pollchecker 09/23/2013 20 2 - -
Come on Joe, get real!
I read this this morning in the Wall Street Journal..... "Confident Biden Team Sows Seeds For 2016." It goes on to say.... "Political allies of Vice President Joe Biden have concluded that he can ...
pollchecker 08/19/2013 60 - - -
Stupid is as stupid does The first listing for this saying is this: It means that an intelligent person who does stupid things is still stupid.
pollchecker 05/07/2013 14 - - -
Gun reform will be all talk, little substantive action
Ever since Sandy Hook, gun reform talk comes up in every political conversation and since we are at the beginning of a legislative cycle, every politician across the board is pledging to do ...
pollchecker 01/10/2013 7 2 1 -
what they are not telling us
So they did the deal; a deal we couldn't afford. And for the past few days they have been talking about all the good things in the deal. But there's a lot in this bill that they aren't telling us ...
pollchecker 01/04/2013 13 3 - -
I trillion dollars Entitlement cuts or 1 trillion dollars in legalized marijuana
I heard Senator Corker talk today on the morning TV shows. He wants to extend the debt limit by 1 trillion dollars by cutting Medicare and Social Security by 1 trillion dollars. Another Republican ...
pollchecker 01/03/2013 42 11 - -
Thanks and congratulations
Today, I'm exhausted from the holidays and all this fiasco called fiscal cliff. So I'm going to make this short and sweet. Although I was an advocate for going over the fiscal cliff, I have to give ...
pollchecker 01/02/2013 7 1 - -
When did it become ok?
When I was a child, I was taught not to run out into the street because I could get hit by a car or truck. Twenty years later, I taught my son not to run out into the street because he could get ...
pollchecker 12/22/2012 83 65 - -
Paul Krugman understands the show
Since POTUS is revamping his cabinet positions, it's time to replace an incompetent Tim Geitner with a nobel prize winning economists whose interests are apolitical. Paul Krugman op ed in todays ...
pollchecker 12/21/2012 9 19 - -
A better fiscal plan
POTUS Obama has said that he is open to other options to avoid the fiscal cliff. Personally, I don't believe that going off the cliff is going to be as bad as main stream media makes it sound. Also,
pollchecker 12/19/2012 4 - - -
Adios Dems
I just read the latest offer to avoid the fiscal Cliff by our POTUS. Once again he goes against the will of the people and if his party goes along with it, all I can say is Adios Dems in 2014. ...
pollchecker 12/18/2012 17 9 1 -
I understand the violence, but don’t believe people really want to know
I understand the violence. I can explain it to you. But I have serious reservations about doing so. I don’t believe it will make a difference. I don’t believe you will understand. More ...
pollchecker 12/17/2012 15 11 - -
Not the greatest country anymore
You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. As long as Americans walk around like puffed up peacocks boasting how America is the greatest nation in the world, we cannot fix the problems that ...
pollchecker 12/11/2012 34 8 2 -
The economic solution that nobody wants to talk about
With all this discussion of economics, I find it difficult to take either side seriously. The reason is because there is an EASY SOLUTION to our economic problem. Unfortunately, no politician has ...
pollchecker 12/10/2012 24 7 1 -
Witnessing the death of the Republican Party
You would think that they have learned. But 3 weeks after I left on holiday, I come back to exactly where we were when I left. But we are in good news, bad news situation. The Good News is that ...
pollchecker 12/06/2012 63 9 - -
Chris Christie helluva nice guy
This is a followup to my diary of 16NOV where I attempted to warn Democrats. Not surprised it didn't get a lot of likes. Nobody likes bad news. But it needed to be said if for no reason than to ...
pollchecker 11/18/2012 28 12 - -
Politicians On notice
Now that POTUS Obama has been re-elected, he has nothing to lose. He can stand his ground without worrying about getting re-elected. However, in order to accomplish his goals, he has to work with ...
pollchecker 11/16/2012 4 - - -
State Educational Ranking vs Electoral College map
Last week, I compared the State Educational Ranking in Science and Math with how the Electoral College Map was shaping up. Many people dismissed the statistics. Perhaps it is time to revisit how ...
pollchecker 11/07/2012 7 9 - -
State Educational Ranking vs Electoral College map
Here is something to ponder...... If you compare the current electoral map with state education rankings in math and science here is what you find:
pollchecker 10/24/2012 21 2 - -
Rants from a mad dem
I haven't blogged in months because I am so mad at the Dems that I just can't take it anymore. For years, I blogged and worked hard to get the Dems back into power and what do they do? Blow it! ...
pollchecker 03/08/2011 2 - - 41
Spread the news -- the MSM surely won't
I'm posting this because I highly doubt anyone in the Main Stream Media will every report on it. After all, it's Texas, right?
pollchecker 10/20/2010 22 16 - 89
Still applicable today - Explains a lot!
Major Contributiors of GW Bush I stumbled across this list of major Business and other contributors to GW Bush's campaign. I found it very ...
pollchecker 10/15/2010 4 5 2 45
Missing the point -- it's not about race
The story from last week regarding Shirley Sherrod, has totally missed the point again as usual. The edited story started out about race. And for the most part, on Sunday's MSM, it seemed to ...
pollchecker 07/26/2010 115 16 - 48
They can't have it both ways
I'm going to make this short and sweet. I just turned away from the MSM pundit news shows before I threw my shoe at Michael Steele on ABC or John Cornyn on NBC because THEY CAN'T HAVE IT ...
pollchecker 05/23/2010 28 12 - 27
The problem with Arizona immigration law
I live in a border state and I have lived in Mexico. I have no prejudices against Hispanic Americans. I have no prejudice against Mexicans although if I here the word "manana" again, I may slap ...
pollchecker 05/22/2010 55 6 - 51
Rand Paul, the gift that keeps on giving
WH criticism of BP sounds 'un-American' You would think after inserting his foot into his mouth less than 2 days after ...
pollchecker 05/21/2010 318 315 3 211
Is it me or is the GOP shooting themselves in the foot?
This morning I read several different headlines. 1)Rand Paul Says Businesses Should Have Right To Discriminate 2)FOX News Anchor Tells Michael Steele: 'Everybody Hates You' 3)Philandering ...
pollchecker 05/20/2010 36 12 1 20
Someone please explain!
With the nomination of Elena Kagan for the Supreme court, there seems to be some controversy about her sexuality.
pollchecker 05/13/2010 30 4 - 21
Is this just a weird coincidence
On Thursday, May 6, 2010, Wall Street went nuts and dropped like a 4 story concrete building in a matter of minutes. Many attribute it to an electronic glitch. Now here is an interesting ...
pollchecker 05/10/2010 22 4 - 32
Don't use Texas as an example of HCR
Just now Senator McCain used Texas as an example of HCR. Bad example John.
pollchecker 02/25/2010 45 20 1 29
Obama's version of health care reform SUCKS
POTUS Obama's version of health care reform legislation was revealed yesterday. It won't win him any points as it leaves out a public option or Medicare for all.
pollchecker 02/22/2010 199 18 - 102
Momentum gaining for health care reform & public option
The HHS report is out and it's predicting a MAJOR increase in Health Insurance Premiums. This is at the time when Health Insurers in 4 major states have raised premiums by upwards of 40%. Add to ...
pollchecker 02/18/2010 4 12 - 15
Hump Day Rant from a PO'd Dem
Today's Headlines on HP says "Majority Don't Think President Deserves Second Term". That is because Dems are just as PO'd at POTUS Obama as the rest of America. And Obama and his administration ...
pollchecker 02/17/2010 6 1 - 24
This is Bipartisanship? SCREW Bipartisanship!
Todays' Political Headline on Huffington Post begins with..... "THIS IS BIPARTISANSHIP! Weak Jobs Bill Shortchanges Job Creation. Yesterday, I wrote about the very same crap! Interesting, though ...
pollchecker 02/11/2010 39 5 - 12
Why America is turning against the Dem Congress
I have been saying for months that the Dems in Congress better get it together or face losing big time due to lack of constructive legislation on major issues like health care. So it came as no ...
pollchecker 02/10/2010 50 10 - 88
Dump Lieberman
This is going to be short and sweet.
pollchecker 01/25/2010 7 1 - 14
Dear POTUS Obama and the Dems in Congress -- As a small business person who supported you in 2008, I have spent the past year working to get a decent health care bill ...
pollchecker 12/21/2009 126 12 - 115
Someone PLEASE explain to me.
Today I read this garbage! New Senate Public Option Plan To Be Unveiled Carper has been working on ...
pollchecker 12/02/2009 26 4 - 185
GOP: We'll Oppose Health Care Bill Even If You Meet All Our Demands
They say the truth will set you free. Let's see if we can get some work done for true health care reform in America, now that the cat is out of the bag for everyone to see.
pollchecker 10/01/2009 10 15 - 53
Democrats in Republicans clothing
Senate Finance Committee Panel votes to restore abstinence education money A Senate committee ...
pollchecker 09/30/2009 21 6 - 29
Help my idea for health care reform be heard
I understand that there are a lot of people in our country who oppose a public option because they are afraid it will lead to government controlled health care. I do not happen to agree with them ...
pollchecker 09/29/2009 18 4 1 2
Idea to demonstrate the need for health care reform
As one of the uninsured, I have an idea I would like to share with you. I think it would work and be a helluva lot more effective than those stupid tea parties.
pollchecker 04/24/2009 10 8 - 6
Even more applicable today than EVER!
Below is a parody I wrote of a very famous speech. I would be amazed if you didn't know the original author. I think it is applicable considering what is going on in America today and with an ...
pollchecker 11/15/2007 - 2 - -
On the same side -- part 2
Please see the original proposal that I sent to every single member of the GOP running for reelection in 2008. They have apparently taken ...
pollchecker 09/29/2007 - - - -
All I want in health care
Speaking as one of the 47+ MILLION people without health care, I have an intimate understanding of the problem.
pollchecker 09/17/2007 4 5 - -
On the same side
It has become very clear that GW Bush and Al Qaeda are on the same side. They both want us to remain in Iraq. It's the perfect irony. While the leaders of Al Qaeda that state their mission is to ...
pollchecker 09/14/2007 - - - -
Do the Dems want to win or be right?
Recently I was informed of the following: As a Democrat, I fully believe in using the power of government and taxation to guide the capitalist system toward benefiting the country."
pollchecker 08/17/2007 132 1 - -
A different type of Democrat
I am tired of being called a Republican. It takes all kinds to make a party. And especially takes all kinds for a party to win..........
pollchecker 08/16/2007 36 2 - -
It's time to bring our jobs home to the good old USA
Mattell says it lost control of its quality control in China. Our US gov't cannot inspect all toys coming into the country So let's start making toys, toothpaste, other words ...
pollchecker 08/15/2007 73 7 - 5
GOP says for Democracy to work we must have rule of Law
While many of you were attending the annual KOS convention, I happened to stumble across the GOP debate. I normally can't sit for any length of time through this discussion, but they were talking ...
pollchecker 08/09/2007 5 3 1 6
We can make a difference
Two years ago, the vast majority of the population had no idea that dairies regularly gave their cows artificial female hormones to increase their milk production. Over the weekend, Kroger ...
pollchecker 08/06/2007 - 2 - -
What kind of message is this?
I keep reading the following headlines: "White House Aide Won’t Answer Questions of a Senate Panel". What kind of wierd psycho world are we living in? Since when did the President of the ...
pollchecker 08/03/2007 12 7 1 -
Does this mean I'm a criminal?
Has anyone seen this? Does this mean I'm a criminal? Bush Outlaws All War Protest In United ...
pollchecker 07/21/2007 16 6 - -
Let's Change the Debate
The Gop say to withdraw is to to lose the war in Iraq. The Dems say its already lost and we should withdraw to save lives. I say, let's change the debate. Our troops have met all goals Bush ...
pollchecker 07/16/2007 7 2 - -
Wag the Dog Part 2 -- Bushie Style
The Bushies are going out of their way to manufacture fear. First they started with Chernov talking about gut feelings but explicitly saying there is no solid intelligence to back it up. Then we ...
pollchecker 07/15/2007 - 1 - -
Catching up with the people of the United States
Finally. The GOP is finally getting it. They are starting to understand that if they continue to stand alongside of Bush regarding Iraq, they won't have a job come 2009. We can't let up. There ...
pollchecker 07/07/2007 2 2 - -
Anatomy of a so-called Red State
There are a couple of facts that I need to establish up front. 1)I don't hate anyone. I may intensely dislike or disagree with people's actions or words but I do not hate or dislike anyone based ...
pollchecker 07/06/2007 22 7 - -
Give Peace a Chance
As I watch an interview with an al Qaeda operative on the nightly news, I am struck by one thing; how little they value the lives of others. But I can't help but noticing and comparing how closely ...
pollchecker 07/04/2007 2 3 1 -
All I want for Christmas is a candidate that can win.
All I want for Christmas is a candidate that can win. That's right. No more Al Gores. No more John Kerrys. We need a winner in 2008.
pollchecker 07/02/2007 49 4 - -
The debate we should be having
There are many people who call themselves good Christians but not all of them are acting on or doing God's word. Part of Matthew 20:16 says "for many are called, but few are chosen." So how do we, ...
pollchecker 07/01/2007 14 2 1 -
It's time to impeach Dick Cheney
Dick Cheney is the biggest threat to the Constitution of the United States in half a century. The list of crimes that he has committed against our Republic is way too long to detail. But the ...
pollchecker 06/29/2007 8 7 - -
The Iraq Memorial Quilt -- A season for peace!
The Iraq Memorial Quilt was designed to speak for me for I truly believe pictures speak louder than words. To see the quilt and all the pictures on the quilt, go to ...
pollchecker 06/27/2007 3 4 - -
No bill is better than a bad bill!
All weekend long, I had to listen to the pundits talk about how the immigration bill failed. They seemed to think that a bad bill is better than no bill. After 7 years of Bushie Bureaucracy, ...
pollchecker 06/11/2007 8 5 - -
Eliminate the BS!
I am so sick and tired of hearing this BS that if we leave Iraq we are losing the war to Al Qaeda. So here is 10 reasons they are full of it!
pollchecker 05/31/2007 6 5 - -
No More Money!
$30 Billion MORE Dollars to fight Aids in Africa. I don't have a problem with that. I applaud private enterprises that raise money to help these people. American Idol recently raised a lot of ...
pollchecker 05/30/2007 1 1 - -
I am not a Liberal Democrat
Every time, I hear a GOP Bushie propagandist refer to people like me who disagree with them as a Liberal Democrat, I just want to jump through the TV and slap them. Every time, I hear a GOP Bushie ...
pollchecker 05/28/2007 278 122 9 26
A message to Bush
I watched and listened today as Bush continued to justify his actions. He reminds me of a school boy who was caught in the act of deception. So, let’s talk about Al Qaeda, 9/11 and Iraq! ...
pollchecker 05/24/2007 2 2 - -
Save Our Troops!
Last week on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher”, GOP Pollster Dr. Frank Luntz talked about the impact words have on our country, our politics and our elections. Although he was on ...
pollchecker 05/23/2007 6 1 - -
the smartest thing Congress could do
My faith teaches me that “By your fruits are ye known." I think it's crystal clear by the fruits of Bush's actions as well as his administration's inactions, what the fruits of their labors ...
pollchecker 05/22/2007 5 1 - -
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