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Discharge petition a-comin'
This one will be short. From the beginning, I've seen this approach as the only way to take Boehner out of the equation: From Roll Call: House Democrats are moving ahead with a plan to discharge ...
porktacos 10/04/2013 6 5 - -
Here's how bad Rasmussen sucks
It was infuriating: day after day, time after time during the run-up to the election--things would look great for team Obama, and then...ka-boom: another Rasmussen poll. A dagger in the heart. Yes,
porktacos 11/28/2012 42 31 - -
Hold on a second. Please. This is serious.
This diary is not directed toward people who, like me, are disgusted with what has happened to the "health-care" bill. Similarly, it is not directed toward those who are furious, outraged, and ...
porktacos 12/17/2009 71 25 - 131
Polls and their significance: let's get our facts straight
There are a number of comments that appear repeatedly (indeed, nearly every time) the topic of a given poll--or recent spate of polls--arises, whether as a dedicated diary or as a comment within a ...
porktacos 09/14/2008 62 18 - 26
What can we do? (Nuts and bolts edition.)
Fellow Kossaks: My wife and I are hosting an "Obama party" in two weeks, with the primary goal of getting out as much of the pro-Obama vote as possible. Since we live in Kentucky, a non-swing-state (
porktacos 09/08/2008 3 - - -
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