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One Nation Under Tyranny: SWAT Team Raids Raw Food Co-Op
Seriously, what is going on in this country?!? This could be a story straight out of Soviet Russia, but no, this is happening in America, and right now. And sadly, it'...
posse comitatus 08/05/2011 81 19 1 298
Vaccine Producer Sent Live Avian Flu With Vaccines
Considering the amount of time spent on disaster scenarios involving a global bird flu pandemic , you would think that this story would at least get a ...
posse comitatus 03/06/2009 23 32 2 29
Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld, Cheney: No Pentagon Evacuation on 9/11
April Gallop, a career Army officer who was working inside the Pentagon on 9/11 has brought a civil ...
posse comitatus 12/18/2008 37 8 - 33
Joe Biden's Georgia Trip: Another Look
Biden's trip this past week to Georgia at the request of the very unstable Georgian President Saakashvili, who apparently eats ...
posse comitatus 08/23/2008 19 4 - 2
U.S. Attorneys Challenged: "The Prosecution of GWB for Murder"
As you may(or may not) be aware, Former Deputy District Attorney and author Vincent Bugliosi's latest ...
posse comitatus 08/04/2008 26 27 - 21
9/11 'Conspiracy' Goes Front Page on DailyKos
I have to say that I am a bit surprised to see the recent discussion here on 9/11 and even more surprised to see a level of tolerance that until now had previously been unknown. After all, zero ...
posse comitatus 04/03/2008 278 16 - 7
Microsoft Developing Big Brother Software to Monitor Workers
I had to check the calendar with this story, just to make sure we weren't quickly approaching April, but the UK's Daily Mail is carrying a story today about Microsoft developing an integrated worker ...
posse comitatus 01/16/2008 33 17 - 16
Can Someone Explain Londonderry NH Results?
Looking through at the vote totals for townships across New Hampshire, Londonderry stands out. Why? Because "Other" received 11% of the vote. And "...
posse comitatus 01/10/2008 70 1 - 3
Change? Let's Be Honest Here
The 'change exchange' in last night's Democratic debate was certainly not very convincing for any one side, so why is that? It was heated, and ammo was firing so why did it feel like an empty and ...
posse comitatus 01/06/2008 19 7 - -
Pakistan's Youth Doubt Existence of Osama Bin Laden
This morning on ABC's Good Morning America, there was a short segment interviewing Pakistani Youth where they question the ...
posse comitatus 12/03/2007 67 9 - 1
THE POLICE STATE ROUND-UP: Attack of the Flying Tasers
This week in Police State News: Attack of the Flying ...
posse comitatus 12/02/2007 19 16 2 11
Trust Zogby? Major Poll Sees Bias and Spin
A recent Zogby poll presented to 1,009 likely voters has been spun and twisted to misrepresent the real story here. What's the real ...
posse comitatus 11/20/2007 9 4 - 29
State's Attorney Admits No Law Requiring Vaccines
In Prince George's County Maryland parents of over 2,000 students are being told they must bring their children to court this Saturday to receive the vaccination shots or else face jail time or ...
posse comitatus 11/15/2007 90 8 1 11
September 15 Protest: What Happened Yesterday + Photos
I participated in the march on the Capitol yesterday and would like to share some of my experiences along with some photos. First, the speakers in Lafayette Park were inspiring and represented a ...
posse comitatus 09/16/2007 47 39 2 42
FBI Recruits Thousands of Secret Informants
In a move that is reminiscent of cold war-era East German Stasi , the FBI is recruiting an estimated 15,000 ...
posse comitatus 07/26/2007 27 24 1 14
Cognitive Dissonance on Daily Kos: The 9/11 ‘Policy’ and Michael Moore
What happens when one of the champions of the progressive movement, who has led the fight against government corruption, corporatism and ...
posse comitatus 06/21/2007 226 14 1 59
Giuliani is Given Summer Reading List
In response to Rudy Giuliani's moronic statement made in last weeks GOP debates that U.S. Foreign policy has nothing to do with the ...
posse comitatus 05/24/2007 9 8 - 2
Did Giuliani Read The 9/11 Commission Report? And Why is Fox News Scared of Ron Paul?
Fox News continues it's long standing tradition of spin ...
posse comitatus 05/17/2007 24 4 1 1
FOIA Documents Reveal North American Union Plans
Judicial Watch has released documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that covers a September 2006 meeting in Banff, Canada of ...
posse comitatus 02/01/2007 32 14 2 23
Protesters 'Allowed' to Spray Paint Capitol While 9 Arrested for Throwing Roses!
Apparently several sources are revealing that a small group of people were allowed by U.S. Capitol Police to rush the Capitol building during Saturday's Rally and even allowed to pose for photos ...
posse comitatus 01/29/2007 33 6 - 7
DC Rally Was Inspiring! + Yes, More Photos - Updated
Standing on the corner of Constitution and First it became obvious there was indeed a very large turnout:
posse comitatus 01/28/2007 17 26 1 11
Jan 27 DC Rally - List of Confirmed Speakers
From the United for Peace & Justice website, there is an impressive list of confirmed speakers for tomorrow's rally in DC. See ...
posse comitatus 01/26/2007 16 10 - -
We Will NOT Shut Up - DKos Impeachment Diary #476 and Counting...
Yesterday we had a diary calling for impeachment and last night a ...
posse comitatus 01/14/2007 67 12 - 3
Democrats Advance Police State in First 100 Hours
Here we go. The Democrats waste no time pushing through Bush Administration recommendations that further the police state in America. How gullible are we folks? Are will really that naive that we ...
posse comitatus 01/10/2007 83 22 - 13
I Call 'Bullshit'
posse comitatus 11/13/2006 67 7 - 6
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