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“Death Duties” in Downton Abbey and What does Mary Own? (No spoilers after Season 4, Episode 2)
As a lawyer more interested in the theoretical side of the law, I have been strangely fascinated with the legal questions raised by Downton Abbey. There are a few good sites I have found that ...
potaroo 01/30/2014 13 13 1 -
What its all about: Impeachment!
Yes, the GOP is attempting a coup, exploiting in extortion and all the things pointed out in many diaries. But the real question is why? The actions are harming their electoral chances, hurting ...
potaroo 10/07/2013 38 14 - -
Why Social Security? Why now?
In all the excellent commentary on the threatened cuts to social security, one issue hasn't been clearly addressed: why the obsession with social security as important to balancing the budget and ...
potaroo 04/12/2013 7 5 1 -
The fiscal cliff endgame has begun - we need President Obama and Senator Reid to hold strong
It is now clear what the Republican strategy is - and I am afraid they will win. The news is all about how the House is not in session and nothing is being done. But this is part of a strategy to ...
potaroo 12/27/2012 5 6 - -
House Just Passed their "bill to cut spending"
According to the live feed from, at 6:40:12 P.M. the House passed H.R. 6684 (On passage Passed by the Yeas and Nays: (Roll no. 644)). The roll call is not available yet. This is part of ...
potaroo 12/20/2012 3 1 - -
It's not evil (or aspergers) - It's called schizophrenia
Note: I realize this is speculation and that it is highly inappropriate to diagnose a mental illness based on media reports. But since many are doing this already and they are causing harm with poor ...
potaroo 12/15/2012 35 3 - -
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