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On Ray Rice, criminal justice, and accountability
With all of this talk about incarcerating Ray Rice, I think we're missing the point on a lot of things: 1. By focusing just on Rice, we're forgetting the even bigger issue of how society fosters ...
pragmatic social dem 09/10/2014 4 3 - -
NY Gov Race - Whither the Working Families Party?
In case you haven’t noticed, the New York Gubernatorial primary is right around the corner (yes, this coming Tuesday, September 9), and it looks to be a very interesting contest, as Zephyr Teachout,
pragmatic social dem 09/06/2014 22 13 2 -
Happy Birthday Joe Strummer – We Really Miss You Right Now
Yesterday, August 21, we celebrated the birthday of a legend. More than just a rock star. A poet, a prophet, the voice of the people. The leader of the Only Band That Mattered – the almighty Clash.
pragmatic social dem 08/22/2014 48 61 - -
The Massacre at Oak Creek: Two Years Later
On the morning of August 5, 2012, the Sikh American community in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek, Wisconsin, headed to gurdawara, their temple, to pray, as they had done so many other Sundays, ...
pragmatic social dem 08/04/2014 5 16 1 -
Supporting Palestinians Must Go Hand-in-Hand with Combating Anti-Semitism
As much as many may try to ignore it, the cause of justice and liberation for the Palestinian people is inextricably intertwined with the fight against anti-Semitism and justice and liberation for ...
pragmatic social dem 08/01/2014 51 6 - -
A Rethinking of the Crisis in Gaza, Israel and Palestine. And Maybe Some Hope.
Recently, Noam Chomsky wrote a very interesting article in The Nation (can I just say, that is the most stereotypical progressive sentence ever written). In one fell swoop, he managed to piss off a ...
pragmatic social dem 07/23/2014 11 5 - -
Time to Indict Gov. Mary Fallin
An open letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, the U.S. Department of Justice, and President Barack Obama: To Whom It May Concern: On the night of Tuesday, April 29, 2014, Clayton Lockett died in ...
pragmatic social dem 05/01/2014 23 23 - -
The Right Doesn't Know Their History
(Posted originally on Facebook) The other day, I, like many other people, learned of the tragic shooting at the Holocaust Museum by self-identified Neo-Nazi James Von Brunn. It was yet another ...
pragmatic social dem 06/13/2009 26 6 - 15
Evidently the New York Bd. of Elections F****d Up
So, as a little background, a school organization I work with conducted a voter registration drive several weeks back, here in Brooklyn. We signed up a ton of new voters - some other law students, ...
pragmatic social dem 11/04/2008 18 10 - 4
Why the "Bradley Effect" Won't Matter Much
There's been a ton of talk recently about the so-called "Bradley Effect," how many white voters will lie and claim to support a black candidate when, in reality, they do not. It's based on LA mayor ...
pragmatic social dem 10/27/2008 20 2 - 6
Evidently a Muslim Extremist Who Will Make Your Kids Gay?
This is what the right seems to want us to believe now: Barack is a Muslim extremist who wants to make your kids gay. He's also some sort of revolutionary black nationalist who hangs out with rich ...
pragmatic social dem 10/23/2008 9 3 - -
John McCain and his Army of Meatheads
I was reading an op-ed by David Brooks today. Yes, that David Brooks. And surprisingly, he made the interesting, relatively cogent point that part of the Republicans' downfall is their unique brand ...
pragmatic social dem 10/10/2008 5 4 - 8
Democracy, and Irrationality as an Opportunity Cost
So, first off, I apologize if this diary is a bit long-winded or esoteric. It's just something I have been thinking about for some time, particulary in light of the recent ugliness in the ...
pragmatic social dem 05/09/2008 2 - - -
Obama and Hillary Supporters and the Bush Administration
In recent months and weeks, I've had a lot of casual conversations with supporters of various candidates, mostly my friends and family, mostly living in the New York area, or with origins there. It'...
pragmatic social dem 04/22/2008 14 4 - -
Please Stop Killing Each Other
As the recent months and weeks have progressed, I have found myself reading DailyKos less and less, commenting less and less, and looking to other media more than ever. The shrill nonsense coming ...
pragmatic social dem 03/05/2008 27 9 1 4
Republican U.S. Attorney Corruption
As a former resident of the Great State of New Jersey, I am familiar with the name Christopher J. Christie, the current U.S. attorney in the state, a Bush appointee. Christie was consistently ...
pragmatic social dem 02/14/2008 10 14 - 14
Powell: The Wild Card
As I was reading the NY Times online today (gasp! -- sorry msm haters), there was a blog entry (including the standard bloodspitting commenters from both sides of the aisle) regarding the ...
pragmatic social dem 02/12/2008 58 3 1 -
Why I Am Supporting Barack Obama (and The Reasons I Don't Care About)
I write this note because it is Super Tuesday, and because of the e-mails, the notes, etc., that I have received regarding Barack Obama's candidacy, what I hope will be his future presidency, and ...
pragmatic social dem 02/05/2008 8 6 - -
We are at a crossroads
We, as a nation are at a crossroads. I think this sentiment is somewhat shared throughout the DailyKos community. However, I think the way this crossroads is seen by people within this community ...
pragmatic social dem 12/17/2007 17 2 1 3
Holy crap, Podhoretz said something interesting...
I'm not a fan of the New York Post. I'm not a fan of John Podhoretz, as I often find him to be one of the most knee-jerk neo-cons out there. I will sometimes read the "other" Post to get a sense ...
pragmatic social dem 07/27/2007 12 1 - -
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