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Issa and the "little boy"
I am on hold with Issa's committee office. As soon as I started to express my disgust at Issa referrring to Elijah Cummings, storied champion of Civil Rights and amazing Democratic Representative ...
prgsvmama26 07/18/2013 10 11 1 -
Why young people in mental health crisis need ALL of us.
A very good friend of mine gave me permission to share this. This friend works with mentally ill youth. I think the words are beautiful, but also informed. I share it with you now and ask you to ...
prgsvmama26 12/22/2012 6 3 1 -
I voted
My vote probably won't matter, but I voted in my solidly blue not swing state. I stayed in a cold and windy line for over 1.5 hours because I worry that power outages could affect turnout.
prgsvmama26 10/28/2012 4 5 - -
So I am a progressive who also does support the 2nd Amendment. My kids belong to an organization that provides excellent training and competition opportunities in shooting sports. We had a recent ...
prgsvmama26 09/15/2012 4 - - 32
"all you people"
I haven't written a diary in a while so go easy on me here, but I just really lost it when I heard what Ann Romney said about giving "all you people need to know" about their finances. The ...
prgsvmama26 07/19/2012 6 11 - 88
Some days I wish we could talk about the Middle East and not tiptoe around Israeli interests
I am darn tired of Israel influencing the setting of US policy to the detriment of our interests and their lobbyists buying our legislators. America was nearly broken by the two wars we are still ...
prgsvmama26 03/03/2012 232 9 - 1147
Is Barack Obama Making Good Choices Mama?
Out of the mouth of the saying goes. My sweet little six year old has always been more aware of adult things than one would expect of her at her age. She also pops out with some ...
prgsvmama26 02/09/2012 6 2 1 70
Why never a woman?
So I just read that Pres. Obama's second lousy choice of Chief of Staff, is leaving abruptly and being replaced by his budget chief Jack Lew. Now really, I am ever so tired of this parade of men.
prgsvmama26 01/09/2012 30 3 - 158
So I missed Guy Fawkes Day...but better late than never!
I have been livid about the financial industry and the destruction of our nation's middle class by the greedy class. I have lost sleep over it. I have experienced it first hand. My home is not ...
prgsvmama26 12/02/2011 8 6 - 46
The new "caves" meme
President Obama is in trouble. Really, he is in trouble. I am just an ordinary progressive mama. I work, I take care of my kids, I have a lot of Democratic friends. What I now see in most ...
prgsvmama26 09/02/2011 28 11 - 150
Help Daily Kos I am desperate, my husband needs a job!
Lots of folks have networked here and found help. We need help. We have a rather large family and my husband has had two extended unemployment periods (six months each and current one stretching ...
prgsvmama26 06/26/2011 1 - - 13
Markos - Maybe stop the Hate Mail front page polls?
This is probably a too short diary that will bring out the diary police, but this shooting in AZ has really hit me in a big way. I have children around the age of this child. Politically interested ...
prgsvmama26 01/09/2011 102 24 - 62
Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day
October 15th is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I lost a baby five years ago. The same month a friend of mine lost her baby and a student of mine (I teach childbirth and work ...
prgsvmama26 10/15/2010 16 19 1 240
Two weeks ago we had no insurance and a child with a preexisting condition
I have tried to stay away from the healthcare reform shenanigans for the last few weeks. I would call my reps in Congress every couple days and check in with Rachel Maddow, but other than that my ...
prgsvmama26 03/22/2010 8 19 1 33
Why you should help pass the Breastfeeding Promotion Act
Rep. Carolyn Maloney is going to reintroduce the Breastfeeding Promotion Act to Congress in June. With a change in leadership in both Houses and a White House that is attuned to work/life balance ...
prgsvmama26 05/15/2009 118 22 1 19
If it sounds too scary to be true, it just might be true
For weeks now I have watched as Scared Human has been posting about Monsanto intimidation tactics and methods regarding seed cleaners in the midwest. And though his writing style is not the one I ...
prgsvmama26 01/11/2009 37 23 - 22
Democrats begin to live down to their reputation
What on earth is wrong with Congressional Democratic incumbents? Barack Obama is not yet even installed in office and already they are doing exactly what they did the last time a Democratic ...
prgsvmama26 01/08/2009 34 12 - 20
Here is what you won't see happen to Bobby Jindal
You sure do hear a lot of talk about Bobby Jindal. And of course he has already started the obligatory pilgrimages to Iowa. So we can be pretty sure that in 2012 or 2016 he will be a primary ...
prgsvmama26 11/25/2008 68 4 1 23
They don't have game (or class).
I am not worried about Obama/Biden securing victory. I could see it today in my Maryland local office. There was an early morning email and schedule for the next few days GOTV activities as well ...
prgsvmama26 11/02/2008 1 1 - 6
Halloween GOTV -fun!
Halloween is big in my house. Five of my children have been planning and making their costumes for weeks. My husband wants to buy the cheap candy no one will eat for giving out. I argue for the ...
prgsvmama26 10/14/2008 4 1 - 1
Contempt and a senator
I watched the debate twice. And as it struck many others, I was stunned by the inability of John McCain to look at his opponent and his sneering, contemptuous looks while he spoke. And then I ...
prgsvmama26 09/27/2008 3 3 - 2
McCain won't get my son--the draft - w/ poll
I have one son. He is a delightful and bright boy. He is a good big brother to his four living sisters. He was huge comfort to my husband and I when we lost his fifth sister a few years ago. ...
prgsvmama26 08/21/2008 45 17 1 21
The United States is evil!
Provocative title, yes, but completely deserved. Today on HuffPost is an article about the detention and torture of a 16 year old CHILD.
prgsvmama26 07/15/2008 142 8 - 31
Plant a 21st century Victory Garden
My children and I are in our second year of gardening. We have a smaller yard so we used plan. It's a 4H project, but it is also a way of trying to continue to refine ...
prgsvmama26 06/08/2008 20 27 4 18
Michigan party foul
I knew they would try it, but it still amazes me. The Michigan state party is proposing a 69C-59O delegate split.
prgsvmama26 04/29/2008 14 7 1 3
Housing Crisis hits home
I sold a house 1/2 years ago right when the market was starting to soften and look scary. My husband wanted to wait and I forced the issue (yes, Dear, you owe me an apology for all the arguments we ...
prgsvmama26 04/24/2008 11 21 2 28
California home school case: Assumptions are wrong!
The California ruling is a shocking new development. But what amazed me is to see so many people on the internet disingenuously claiming that all sorts of dire consequences from homeschooling are ...
prgsvmama26 03/09/2008 43 17 - 13
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