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Do You Want an Echo Chamber at Daily Kos? Just Admit It.
It appears that a certain segment of this site, from top to bottom, want to redefine the mission of this site for such a purpose. It's pretty clear that a lot of people here share a genuine hatred ...
priceman 11/01/2013 1125 303 7 -
Go Ahead, Celebrate — You're Celebrating Failure
Well it seems this continuing debacle every 3 months has ceased , for now. However, I really can't get over this pathetic celebration over the really low bar involved with regard to avoiding what I ...
priceman 10/17/2013 348 66 3 -
President Obama Gave Speaker Boehner the Debt Ceiling to Play With in 2010
And here we are again! It started in 2010. The Bush tax cuts were about to expire. There was leverage to negotiate a debt ceiling raise or to just let them expire. How do I know there was leverage? ...
priceman 10/10/2013 63 32 - -
What We Really Should be Yellin About When it Comes to Who Runs the Fed
Effective regulation , and on that note, it is a positive thing that the Summers of our discontent can finally be laid to rest. After all the damage Larry Summers has caused in being one of the ...
priceman 09/20/2013 35 34 - -
Historian Rick Perlstein Uses the Nation to Whine About My Tweet
I have to admit, I was surprised to be notified that Historian Rick Perlstein of Nixonland fame, devoted an entire column in the Nation to two tweets replying to him; one from myself and one from ...
priceman 06/20/2013 46 34 - -
When You Support George W. Bush's Policies, like Obama, I Get to Call You a Republican
Worse than a Republican; I get to call you a fawning sellout with even less principles than the Republican security soccer moms of 2004 that we all remember before. They really believed back then, ...
priceman 06/12/2013 186 54 2 -
John T. Harvey: Austerity Leads To... Austerity!
In the real world and the reality based community, there is talk about austerity from people who understand the nuances of it and macroeconomic accounting identities. They point out the undeniable ...
priceman 05/22/2013 15 35 2 -
To Those Celebrating Their Proud Ignorance of the President's Austerity
Oh your temerity has turned into outright hilarity, so I can no longer give this kind nonsense any charity. You see, these are issues I go to great lengths to cover for the Daily Kos community. Most ...
priceman 05/17/2013 203 54 2 -
Denying the Data Today Won't Make President Obama's Austerity Go Away
That's right. Remember my last diary where I did prove without a shadow of a doubt that the austerity that this administration has put forth right now, and in effect right now, does not make this ...
priceman 05/08/2013 530 130 4 -
President Obama's Austerity Does Not Make Him a Keynesian
It's really sad it has come to this. There are many people that have jumped to branding President Obama as the second coming of famed economist John Maynard Keynes in what has become a rather sad ...
priceman 05/03/2013 295 93 5 -
The Reinhart and Rogoff Errors Discredit the Obama Administration and Austerity
Yes they do. I have heard a statement that bugs me a lot lately and that statement is that this was the go to analysis for the Republicans as if Democrats have never referred to it in any way. I'm ...
priceman 04/24/2013 395 240 17 -
Boston: The Unraveling and a Plea for the Healing of Our Society
I find it hard to write about anything after this happened. Boston is a great city I had the pleasure to visit on a field trip in 2006 while I was in school. There was so much life in that city and ...
priceman 04/17/2013 43 52 1 -
Hell No! Chained CPI is a Cut. You Either Care About People or You Don't.
And when one makes excuses for chained CPI without doing any research because they'll blindly follow whatever a politician proposes regardless of the consequences, that is a choice of action taken. ...
priceman 04/09/2013 64 135 4 -
Protecting Social Security from Inaccurate Accounting with an Agenda
I have referenced this before, but there hasn't really been enough of a movement on the this issue, and it's an important one. It's specifically important right now when Washington DC is completely ...
priceman 03/27/2013 44 70 3 -
The Sequester: Lies, Damned Lies, and Libel Against Critics on the Left
Lately there have been some rumors about me that I feel need to addressed. Because I have more class than some people spreading nonsense about me and others, I am not going to name names or link to ...
priceman 03/08/2013 520 138 4 -
Yes, the Sequester is President Obama's Fault. These are facts.
This won't be FP material everywhere, but it's the truth. That is, unless one just hasn't paid attention to the events and Congressional deals facilitated by this administration in response to said ...
priceman 03/06/2013 904 260 13 -
The Sequester: Bipartisan Craponomics at Its Worst
Yes, because no one listened to those that warned(including myself) this would happen in 2010 with the Bush tax cut sellout leading to the debt ceiling debacle in 2011 to now, it looks like the ...
priceman 02/27/2013 58 54 2 -
Another Bailout Since Dodd Frank Debunks the Lies
Yes, unlike what was sold to us about Dodd Frank , there are in effect already backdoor bailouts before our very eyes if we care to look. This one involves the most important regulator of our entire ...
priceman 02/20/2013 22 29 - -
The Real SOTU: The White House Subverting the Rule of Law
Subverting the rule of law? How dare I? Well the 4th amendment, due process, kill lists, and the NDAA also speak to my title. Yes, they speak to it despite those that decided politicians were more ...
priceman 02/13/2013 36 57 - -
John T. Harvey: "The Coming Recession: How Fiscal Responsibility is Economic Suicide"
As you might have heard the economy is contracting while unemployment remains high inching higher especially in real terms again while Washington is too stupid or corrupt across the board to notice. ...
priceman 02/06/2013 49 89 5 -
Grover Norquist is Winning Thanks to a Debt Ceiling Crisis Every Few Months
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and the Stars Hollow Gazette That's right. I don't know in what world some people are living in, but they should pay attention. Yes they should ...
priceman 01/30/2013 44 21 1 -
FAIL! There Will Be Austerity Kabuki Every 3 Months
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and the Stars Hollow Gazette There seems to be a lot of celebrating without actually understanding much of what has happened as of late. One reason is that it ...
priceman 01/23/2013 146 53 1 -
The White House Rejects Solutions to the Mess it Made. We Will Pay for it With Austerity
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and the Stars Hollow Gazette That’s ...
priceman 01/16/2013 220 39 2 -
Mr. President, Mint that Coin and Keep that Option. Don't Sell Us Out
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and the Stars Hollow Gazette We know by now that fake tough talk from the President on letting the Bush tax cuts above those making $250,000 expire being an ...
priceman 01/09/2013 51 32 2 -
It's Not 11th Dimensional Chess. The President Wants Working People to Clean Up His Mess
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Once we realize there is no fiscal cliff and the whole premise is a myth, you think about why it was created. It was created so we ...
priceman 01/02/2013 342 161 6 -
Chained CPI is a Cut. You Either Care About People or You Don't.
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette And when one make excuses for chained CPI without doing any research because they'll blindly follow whatever a politician proposes ...
priceman 12/19/2012 365 187 9 -
Obama and Boehner’s Grand Betrayal: Gullible Democrats Buy Into Good Cop, Bad Cop Theatre
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Yes, we know what is ...
priceman 12/12/2012 425 41 2 -
No, This Fiscal Scam Won't Be Different Than 2011. Stop Deluding Yourselves
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Of course that can be easy to do with corporate media hacks parading around as "journalists" basically working to preserve the ...
priceman 12/05/2012 59 38 1 -
WH Advisor David Plouffe and Goldman Sachs CEO Agree That Medicare and Medicaid Must be Cut
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Yes, it's true. If the White House would like to disavow David Plouffe's words now is the ...
priceman 11/28/2012 614 361 7 -
Laboring Under This Administration's Anti-Labor Ties
And no, I'm not talking about the past anti-labor ties like former COS Rahm Emanuel who called labor unions "f-ing retarded" and condescendingly opined about "where are they going to go?" if they ...
priceman 11/21/2012 28 26 1 -
Warning: Swallowing the President's Bitter Pills May Cause Harsh Austerity
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow ...
priceman 11/15/2012 246 73 2 -
Dear Mr. President, Social Security and Medicare are Not Grand Bargaining Chips
Cross Posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Yes, the grand ...
priceman 11/09/2012 32 41 1 -
The Election is Essentially Over and Spoiler Alert: Wall Street Won
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette I know it. You know it, so who are we kidding? I suppose anything can happen, but essentially the election is over and our ...
priceman 10/25/2012 101 38 1 -
An Issue Ignored: I'm Asking For Your Vote to Help Get $ Out of Politics
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Like other issues, the issue of money in politics is what will speak to what is or is not done in the next Congress more than the ...
priceman 10/18/2012 25 18 - -
The Missing Debate Within the Debate
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and the Stars Hollow Gazette Our fate , for one, but I know that is really depressing(why ...
priceman 10/11/2012 16 18 - 1
The President Agreed With Mitt Romney on Social Security in the Debate
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette And it's not just people like me that support the Democratic Party Platform over any politician that noticed this. It was one of ...
priceman 10/04/2012 264 80 2 583
Ignorance Won't Fly. Stop the Lies. No War With Iran. Period.
Cross posted in Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollows Gazette Recently, President Obama gave a speech at the U.N with a recurring theme ...
priceman 09/27/2012 230 42 1 646
Looking Beyond Reelection: Can We Now Stop Bombing Women and Children?
Cross posted at Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollows Gazette Yes, anything can happen, but with the latest open disdain for 47% of the people in this country by Mitt Romney, it's looking ...
priceman 09/19/2012 73 38 - 333
Can You Accept Simpson Bowles-Sh!t and Still Call Yourself a Democrat?
Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square and the Stars Hollows Gazette. No, unless you somehow think RW DLC and third way Democrats forever have the right to dictate ...
priceman 09/13/2012 251 36 - 508
People That Excuse Wasting the Crisis in 2008 Don’t Get to Lecture Anyone
Cross posted at out new beta site Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollows Gazette. In lieu ...
priceman 08/30/2012 77 20 - 212
When the Next Crash Comes Remember Which Side You Were On and Learn
Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette Yes, another crash is coming. I can't predict precisely when as that would be a fool's errand, but much closer ...
priceman 08/23/2012 213 33 - 401
Honest Questions All Democrats Must Ask Themselves
Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square and the Stars Hollow Gazette Ever since last weekend, I've been seeing Paul Ryan's mug everywhere and it is all anyone can talk about. I can't ...
priceman 08/16/2012 84 31 - 274
What to Do When Liberal SCOTUS Justices Think Corporations are People Too
Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square and The Stars Hollow Gazette I don't know what to do. This is pretty daunting and I think half of the Democratic electorate still ...
priceman 08/09/2012 83 36 1 305
A 2012 Victory Won't Bring Back the Economy: Only a Private Debt Jubilee
Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square and The Starz Hollowz Gazette Yes, this is true. It's not a popular saying, but I'm not here to make everyone feel good for 2012 ...
priceman 08/02/2012 52 33 1 286
Our Treasury Secretary Was Chosen to Represent Bankers. Not You.
Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square. That’s right, and it was clear to everyone who opposed the pick of Tim Geithner from the start. In his testimony yesterday on the NY Fed’...
priceman 07/26/2012 81 43 - 298
President Obama, Mitt Romney, and Congress: Fiscal Cliffs, Deficit Terrorism, and Homeless Children
Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square As you all know it''s election season, and for that reason I am advised by some Democrats to shut up about the dire issues of the day that all ...
priceman 07/19/2012 15 15 - 123
Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Jobless Masses: They Don’t Want to Talk About You in This Campaign
Cross posted at our new beta site Voices on the Square. That’s right; the tired huddled masses yearning for a living wage need not apply for real representation in 2012. Many do not want to talk ...
priceman 07/12/2012 79 27 - 279
Netroots Nation 2012: Unrest, DK Bonding, and The priceman Experience
Well hello again, Daily Kos. Last week was quite a week given that it was my first Netroots Nation ever. I enjoyed myself quite a bit in Providence, Rode Island staying at the Westin Providence. ...
priceman 06/14/2012 66 85 2 459
The Importance of Dissent in the Netroots, and I'll be Seeing You at Netroots Nation
That's right. Thanks to DFA and your vote I will be going to Netroots Nation next week in Providence, Rhode Island from June 7th-10th. I am what is called an unemployed starving artist(except for my ...
priceman 05/31/2012 107 53 - 442
Politicians, Their "Savvy" Banker Friends, and the Hackery from NYT Andrew Ross Sorkin Never Ends
As far as I know, I'm still allowed to demand honest journalism these next six months so here we go. Apparently it's not enough that Andrew Ross Sorkin is obviously not in it for anyone else besides ...
priceman 05/24/2012 28 53 1 359
Employment Data Can't Be Election Seasonally Adjusted for the President
Michael Linden , the Director of Tax and Budget Policy at the Center for American Progress Action Fund is doing his best to put a positive spin on the awful April jobs report with this graph. It'...
priceman 05/17/2012 158 32 1 445
Let Them Eat Cat Food: Feingold Calls Pelosi Out for Supporting Simpson-Bowles
When the Democrats took over Congress in 2006, Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House. One of her first acts was taking impeachment of the war criminal George W. Bush off the table. It’s 2012 now,
priceman 05/10/2012 105 137 3 764
We need a Job Guarantee Not a New New Deal Denialism
Last week my diary caused quite a stir. So much so that it brought consumer confidence down and stunted economic growth this quarter? Hmm......
priceman 05/03/2012 230 62 5 615
What to Do When Your President No Longer Has the Stomach for You
I know; this is going to be a diary that some of you will not want to hear in an election year. Perhaps you would rather read one not of analysis, but of fear; fear of a Mitt Romney presidency. ...
priceman 04/26/2012 1022 257 11 3484
ObamaCare is Going Down. Premiums Didn’t. We Need Health Care, Not Insurance.
It looks like the ACA is going to be struck down by the SCOTUS. After being condescended to all year as if we, the Professional left, needed to “understand things on one hand and the Republicans ...
priceman 04/05/2012 350 69 3 1110
The President Thinks Making Fraud Legal Creates Jobs
It’s beginning to appear more obvious just how insulated all of Washington D.C is from working people who need real jobs instead of a scheme called a JOBS Act. JOBS Act Passes House, Heads To ...
priceman 03/29/2012 181 39 1 486
Can We Talk About What Actually Matters For Once?
What was Britney, I mean Romney thinking? What did Santorum have for breakfast? Aren’t they ridiculous? Just look at them! They’re crazy! HA! HA! HA! Oh look…..
priceman 03/22/2012 164 127 7 1065
An Underdog's Attempted Journey to Netroots Nation
Well hello there, kossacks. This is a change of pace for me from what I usually write about, but as I mentioned in my last diary, Democracy for America is still holding a scholarship contest, and I ...
priceman 03/15/2012 10 26 - 90
Can a Starving Artist Make it to Netroots Nation?
Maybe not; in fact, it is looking like the hill is too steep to climb, but through the encouragement of some of my great friends I have met here on Daily Kos, I am giving it a go, anyway. And so, I ...
priceman 03/08/2012 76 32 1 231
Did President Obama Save Us From a Second Great Depression? NO
Despite the stimulus, although helpful, but ultimately inadequate to the task(as Baker, Krugman, and others predicted) we also keep hearing on the campaign trail, a tall tale, about how the Obama ...
priceman 03/01/2012 114 17 - 304
The Commercial Real Estate Bust Spells Problems for Foreclosure Fraud Settlement Cheerleaders
It’s basic logic, for starters, that anyone who was skeptical about this foreclosure fraud “settlement” automatically has more credibility than those celebrating this settlement when the full ...
priceman 02/23/2012 50 36 3 232
Musical Moondays Anthology IV: Pixies, Grunge, Hip Hop, Anime, DFH Music, Post Punk, and All That
Hello and welcome to the last Musical Moondays for a good while, while I take a break. I have enjoyed writing this series, and on Mondays I am always a little down. Perhaps I feel I am wired that ...
priceman 02/20/2012 46 14 - 90
How President Obama and the GOP are Intruding on Your Rights and Waging Endless War
That’s right. However, the real question is when did so many Democrats just stop caring? Maybe it’s incorrect to say they have stopped caring, because after all, we see so much effort devoted to ...
priceman 02/16/2012 388 45 2 576
Musical Moondays Anthology Pt III: Those Special Occasions for Music
Hello and welcome to the second to last priceman version of Musical Moondays for awhile. This one is a collection of diaries on those special occasions via holidays or whenever one thinks a special ...
priceman 02/13/2012 12 6 - 56
Let Them Eat Crumbs: What Some Call a "Foreclosure Fraud Settlement" Will Be Finalized Today
This rigged settlement game remains the same for the most part ...
priceman 02/09/2012 239 129 9 725
Musical Moondays Anthology Pt II: Music From Jamaica All the SKA That I've Found
Hello my loyal and small following on the music front. Here is the second Musical Moondays Anthology out of a few more before I take my hiatus. As you know, besides being a punk rocker in my youth, ...
priceman 02/06/2012 18 19 1 81
Stop the Delusional Celebration: Victims of Foreclosure Fraud Have Little to Celebrate
Sometimes, once in a blue moon, there comes a time when important events unfold that I then must trust my own judgment. And in doing so, I also sometimes have to part ways with people I admire. It ...
priceman 02/02/2012 83 66 3 411
Musical Moondays Anthology Pt I: Punk Rock
Hello everyone. I hope you have enjoyed my taste in music over these many Moons or Moon-days(also the few diaries I wrote on Wednesdays at DKOMA as I was invited to do by x who, like the band, is ...
priceman 01/30/2012 34 14 - 98
The Libel of Kossacks Actually Upholding Standards
I’m sure you have heard this point by now and it’s really quite a translucent one. (Just as a general example of what I have seen around here, lately). ”You want this ...
priceman 01/26/2012 167 48 1 539
I've Got Straight Edge Music
Hello Musical Moondays. This week, I'm covering the straight edge punk genre. I have never been straight edge when I was in the scene. ...
priceman 01/23/2012 35 12 - 179
Why Your SCOTUS Threats Won’t Work to GOTV
Lately, we have been hearing a lot of this: “Why vote!? It’s the Supreme Court , stupid!” NO , it WAS ...
priceman 01/19/2012 365 32 - 475
The Fallacy of Obama's RW Corporate "Job Creator" Tax Proposals
That’s right. Yesterday we learned about this from slinkerwink’s great diary ...
priceman 01/18/2012 128 30 - 304
Ron Paul and President Obama Agree! Oh No!
Unfortunately it’s not on civil liberties, the NDAA, ending the war in Afghanistan, ending the drug war, ending our permanent occupation of the Middle East, or anything else along those lines. ...
priceman 01/11/2012 144 21 - 546
My Favorite DFH Music
Now normally I would get into trouble with some admitting my DFH loving ways at punk rock shows, but good music is good music and bands like the Who and the MC5 contributed to punk's rise so it's ...
priceman 01/09/2012 117 30 - 207
There is NO Excuse for the NDAA. To Excuse It is Unacceptable.
That’s right. Is this is OK with you? Is this what you think we stand for as a country?
priceman 01/05/2012 458 155 7 1204
Appreciation for Women, Punk Rock, and Rock 'N Roll
Hello peeps. Welcome to this addition of Musical Moondays that celebrates contributions from the awesome women who wanted to be where the boys are. And also to those who wanted to do it better and ...
priceman 01/02/2012 23 18 1 121
Don't Pretend You Care About These Issues When Defending the President
Part of the reason the Occupy movement exists and are out in the streets is because of the massive failures of this Democratic administration and a Democratic Congress. This can't be denied. However,
priceman 12/29/2011 637 265 7 2218
Stop Telling Me the War in Iraq is Over
It's not. Stop telling me this is a grand campaign promise that was kept by President Obama. It wasn't. This withdrawal was all a result of ...
priceman 12/22/2011 213 37 1 337
Christmas/Holiday Tunes and the Like
Hello, welcome to the holiday version of Musical Moondays. This is involving any Christmas or Holiday songs and the like in order to put you in the mood this week. I'm going to surprise you and ...
priceman 12/19/2011 28 18 - 99
Processing the President's Disdain for Due Process
That’s right. You know what’s going on.
priceman 12/15/2011 1083 372 16 2531
Everyone Lacks Confidence in This Administration's Poor Legal Record
I was not impressed with the President's interview on 60 minutes on Sunday and I'm going to explain why in this diary. I'll briefly address part 1 about Obama talking about income inequality way too ...
priceman 12/13/2011 395 169 9 1021
Cowboy Bebop: The Music
Hello. Tonight's Musical Moondays will follow the theme of last Moonday. This will feature music from my favorite anime of all time, Cowboy Bebop.
priceman 12/12/2011 13 9 - 88
DJ Requiem: RIP Nujabes of Samurai Champloo Fame
Hello, welcome to Musical Moondays. I'm going to switch gears again, because though punk rock, ska, and reggae are among my faves, I like all kinds of music. I'm here to honor a hip hop legend from ...
priceman 12/05/2011 8 9 - 60
Voices from the 99% in Print Thanks to Lenny Flank! Protest Art Celebrating Dissent Against the 1%
This diary is a celebration of the Occupy movement as a whole. Only now do I feel wholly inspired in this wholly corporate owned plutocratic Citizen’s United system without the politicians with ...
priceman 12/01/2011 64 58 2 387
Music: Windspitting Punk: Swingin' Utters
Tonight, since fans of punk rock are generally up late because they generally stay out late, here is one of my favorite Fat Wreck Chords punk bands and really all around punk bands of all time,
priceman 11/30/2011 8 2 - 22
Pixies are Magical and They Make Great Music
Hello everyone. Tonight’s Musical Moondays is going to be on one of my favorite bands of all time. For once it’s not necessarily a punk, ska, or Reggae band though they were influenced a lot by ...
priceman 11/28/2011 40 27 - 158
Who Are You Blogging For? The 99% or the 1%? Get It Straight
Since Bloomberg the XVI decided he was going to take away Occupy Wall Street protesters' constitutional rights to peaceably assemble and to petition their gov't for redresses of grievances against ...
priceman 11/17/2011 183 42 1 311
Actually OWS is an All Inclusive Movement. Guess What Isn't?
Both parties in the legislative branch, particularly the Senate where democrats have done nothing significant to fix the obstruction because it gives them an excuse to not do their jobs while ...
priceman 11/10/2011 81 39 3 274
Music: Operation Ivy: the Ska-Core of it All
Thanks for enjoying my late night post tonight. Operation Ivy is one of those bands that change your life when you first hear their music. They are one of my favorite bands of all time.
priceman 11/09/2011 24 6 - 83
ALL Descendents Night
That's right, tonight, its' all ALL Descendents. Get it? :D But seriously, the Descendents ...
priceman 11/07/2011 2 8 - 67
Don't Lecture OWS on Electoral Politics. It Failed the 99%
Michael Moore is right. Michael Moore Warns: OWS ...
priceman 11/03/2011 613 248 11 1478
Snuff: The Punk Rock Band
Tonight I will be featuring a band that is obviously one of my favorite punk bands especially because of Duncan Redmonds badass voice and drumming at the same time(you don't see that very much as ...
priceman 11/02/2011 4 3 - 43
A Halloween Musical Moonday Today
(Original artwork by ©priceman)
priceman 10/31/2011 20 14 - 47
2 Huge OWS Wins and 1 Huge Obama Sellout
Despite what happened in Occupy Oakland to the hero ...
priceman 10/27/2011 47 56 3 431
Hey Hey Remember That Day in 1976 or Was it 1974?
From popular or somewhat popular demand I am writing a Wednesday music diary for DKOMA. This is a somewhat contentious issue but this diary is about the beginnings of punk rock and what it means.
priceman 10/26/2011 10 7 - 76
It's a Punk Rock Soundtrack
That's right, this week Musical Moondays will be all about punk rock songs you might have heard in films. Since I love films as well as music, especially punk rock music, this should be fun. We don'...
priceman 10/24/2011 25 9 - 120
Remember the 80s: the Good (Punk) Music?
Sorry for my absence last week. I am making this version of Musical Moondays an 80's punk rock version. There are many great bands of this era that are overlooked. I'll start with one of my ...
priceman 10/17/2011 56 26 1 183
A Digital OWS Art Exhibit & Some Thoughts: We’re All Coxey-ians Now
We’re all Coxeyians now because like Jacob Coxey , considered father of what would become unemployment insurance despite some of the failures ...
priceman 10/13/2011 13 18 - 65
Protest Punk Rock Monday
In honor of we the people protesting and #...
priceman 10/03/2011 52 18 - 134
Don't Pretend You Are Against Wall Street Crimes if You Excuse the Dirty Banker Deal
That’s right. Unless you are on NY AG Eric Schneidermans' side here, one can't claim to care about the abuses of Wall Street and the overall fraud behind the subprime mortgage meltdown and the ...
priceman 09/29/2011 136 156 8 764
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