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princss6's groups.

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Abolish the Death Penalty
Committed to Abolition of the Death Penalty in the United States and Around the World.
Barriers and Bridges
Created to facilitate conversations about race and racism. We invite people to share their personal experiences and perspectives. We will also be providing links to interesting articles and teaching tools. We plan to republish relevant posts from other groups and writers at Daily Kos.
Black Kos community
Black Kos community group. This group publishes diaries that cover a broad range of topics including black history, the arts, politics, and the culture of peoples of African descent worldwide.
Education Alternatives
To best serve the development of all our young people, we need to move away from our one-size-fits-all education system (based on the 19th Century industrial model) to a new approach that encourages and facilitates many profoundly different educational paths, including learning within and outside of schools.
Election Central
This group will highlight election based posts; focusing on campaigns, candidates, get out the vote efforts, outside groups that influence elections, election law, advertising and what have you.
Haiti Book Diary
Haiti Book Diary
Today is Haiti diary book day : Current book is Travesty in Haiti Chapter 4: You can see our book list is here.
HIV/AIDS is a global pandemic that cuts across lines of class, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and age. This group will cover issues of activism, treatment, transmission, research, education and funding. The AIDS pandemic is not going away. Infections are increasing world wide. Join us in the fight!
Moose On The Loose
Moose On The Loose is a Group formed to share both diaries and recommendations by Moose and Friends of the Moose. A place to display and share diaries on dKos. Sort of like Mom's refrigerator for Moose and Friends. The views presented will be as varied as the members of the group and no single view should be attributed to the group as a whole.
Muslims at Daily Kos
Group for muslims on Daily Kos (but not limited to muslims - anyone is welcome to join or follow) for discussion of Islam and other muslim issues
Nuclear Free DK
Nuclear Free DK is a group dedicated to promoting activism, education, conversation, and information about the world's reliance on nuclear power. ~Remember, if you're a group member, to also click the "follow" heart or else you may not have Nuclear Free DK diaries (including your own) show up in your stream.
Philly Kos
This group will be the home base for Daily Kos members in and around Philadelphia. This group will primarily be used to organize and report on events and meet-ups that we hold (similar to the New York City group), but it can also be used as a platform for other items in and around Philadelphia (news, politics, recreation, arts & entertainment, etc.).
Pink Clubhouse
A jotterville community where all are welcome. Offering friendship and support where discussions are light on politics and meta. A place to share ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes, images of popular culture and history.
Progressive Hippie
Progressives who believe that the hippies got it right back in the day and today. We have a Facebook presence. Here's the URL to our Facebook group: And here's the URL to our Facebook community page:
Slavery in the United States - History
This purpose of this group is to review the historical record without revisionism about the inhumane institution of Slavery in the United States.
White Privilege Working Group
A group for anti-racist activists interested in discussing and producing learning materials about white privilege.

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