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Happy Birthday, President Barack Hussein Obama
As a fellow Leo, Mr. President, I know that you are doing your best under circumstances unseen in our history. I'll be attending a house party tonight for your birthday. I look forward to getting ...
princss6 08/03/2011 360 195 1 1131
Introduction of Group - Slavery in the United States
Increasingly I'm seeing Slavery in the US discussed more and more. In order to combat the memes that serve to ignore and obfuscate the true nature of the horror and brutality of slavery, I've ...
princss6 07/17/2011 53 34 3 211
Will I be White-washed from History, too? July 4th, meh.
Frederick Douglass wrote : ” What, to the American slave, is your 4th of July? I answer; a day that reveals to him, more ...
princss6 07/02/2011 261 202 6 890
Erasing Hate: A TRUE Story of Redemption
Erasing Hate is a true story of redemption. This original MSNBC documentary chronicles the grueling journey of Bryon Widner, a skinhead "enforcer" who—with the help of the Southern Poverty Law ...
princss6 06/23/2011 61 36 2 206
Fireside Chat with Trump, Chair of teh blacks on Black out the Bigotry!
So this week our on-scene reporter has caught up with Trump to get his insight on his new post as Chair Emeritus of the blacks. As many of you know, his post has been quite controversial. There ...
princss6 06/06/2011 39 28 - 172
When a Black Woman is Fed-up!
I love the emails I receive from the What Tami Said blogger. I usually get daily updates and they are ...
princss6 05/25/2011 690 184 7 1657
In Which I Explain Why I feel President Obama should be Primaried
Oh, he should totally face a primary challenger. There will be nothing like win after win after trouncing after convincing trouncing, week after week, month after month to give him good visuals. ...
princss6 05/23/2011 285 38 - 648
Updated: Donald Trump accepts appointment of Chair Emeritus of the Blacks
Breaking – This just in. Donald Trump has accepted an appointment as the Chair Emeritus of the blacks. That’s right! We’ve just recently learned that one becomes an expert on the blacks by ...
princss6 05/12/2011 117 56 1 410
On Privilege, Paternalism, and using the lack of privilege as a shield or weapon.
This diary is prompted by all of the events of the past several days in regards to incivility, civility, etc and this wonderful blog entry by former ...
princss6 04/20/2011 404 198 8 1301
Prince vs. MJ Battle Royale! Music Inside!
Okay, so I admit that I've been a life long fan of both Michael Jackson and Prince for varying reasons. I will also admit that I was a little overboard in my love for both growing up...really ...
princss6 03/09/2011 126 17 2 172
In Memoriam: The Fire That Changed the Nation
Today is the 20 year anniversary of a horrific fire that claimed the life of three firefighters, injured 12 other firefighters and left a Philadelphia high-rise apartment building gutted for years.
princss6 02/23/2011 24 29 - 165
Moving from Equality to Justice
As I've been proselytizing here and everywhere about Jonathan Kozol's book, Savage Inequalities, I will rely on the text from the book to support my arguments. As was pointed out, the book was ...
princss6 02/22/2011 26 24 - 108
Sunday Morning Musings - Philly
Lots of things swirling through my head this morning. I've been reading "Savage Inequalities" and I'm not sure I've read a book as heart-breaking as this book. I'm half-way finished and I keep ...
princss6 02/13/2011 96 36 - 366
Yo, MB, cut the crap!
In today's pundit round-up posted by Meteor Blades, the first article posted is "What Ails the Black Body Politic?" In the article, the authors poses the question, why are Black Democratic voters ...
princss6 01/28/2011 1723 305 3 227
Fix Racism: The 10 Point Guide...
So I received this email in my Inbox on Facebook and thought this 10 Point Guide, called "I Can Fix It" could start a discussion here on DKOS. I will give a top line of the 10 points, 5 for whites ...
princss6 12/10/2010 112 20 3 56
Poverty is the issue?...yeah, right!
I've long argued that poverty is not the sole issue as far as poor and minority children's achievement. I've also argued that fixating on poverty as a reason is another form of racism, insted of ...
princss6 11/09/2010 57 19 - 67
Housing Policy is School Policy?
I received an email from One Pennsylvania/First Suburbs Project of SEPA. Having spent the majority of my life in an inner city or a “First Suburb,” I understand the aim of this group ...
princss6 10/27/2010 30 2 - 58
It starts with you: Literacy Project - Click to find out how you can help!
So most everyone who has encountered me on this blog knows pretty much that I’m passionate about literacy. I’m a pretty decent political organizer, but organizing projects around ...
princss6 10/25/2010 13 9 - 109
What Labor Day Means To Me: h/t Frederick Douglass
On July 5, 1852, Douglass gave a speech at an event commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence, held at Rochester's Corinthian Hall. It was biting oratory, in which the speaker ...
princss6 09/06/2010 33 12 - 204
Racial Apathy and Education
Education is the Civil Rights Movement of our generation. Many are alarmed to learn that strong and loyal Democrats support School Choice. To be clear, School Choice is a series of reforms who ...
princss6 09/03/2010 48 9 - 101
Markos knocks Tancredo down , down to the ground....
Just watching Ed Schultz and Markos up against Tancredo!!1 Link to video here!
princss6 11/06/2009 71 29 2 62
IOKIYAB - Naturally, this is the problem!
Unbelievable. Discrimination is wrong no matter who is the perpetrator. Imagine how you would feel if you were singled out because of race. More below the fold.
princss6 09/25/2009 19 8 - 33
Update:  And it happens again....with video X2
Video Updated James Winfrey the man (oops) who took the poster andd ripped it up was arrested! Great job, Hillsboro Police.
princss6 08/12/2009 284 615 6 78
Starbucks, Morning Joke and Me
So as I promised in yesterday's diary, David Shuster Will Cover Free Republic's Smears Against Malia Obama on Monday by LaurenMonica,
princss6 07/12/2009 54 4 - 28
Updated: I have to apologize to White Working Class Men Today:  I was racist!
Yes, me, an African American womam cringed today when I encountered you. It brought me to tears in the restaurant today. I sincerely apologize for my racist thinking and my pre-judging you and fear.
princss6 06/12/2009 83 21 - 40
Specter Must Be Primaried! Donate to Sestak!
I get it. You can't win a Republican Primary, Senator Specter, but let's rewind. You were completely fine and agreeable within the Republican Party during the last 8 years. Now that the ...
princss6 04/28/2009 161 13 - 25
Urgent Action Item: Help Save 11 Libraries PLEASE!!
I posted a diary a few weeks back about the dire situation in Philadelphia and the proposed closing of 11 neighborhood ...
princss6 12/21/2008 8 8 - 22
Action Item: Kids Fight to Save Library
We are all being hit by budget shortfalls and the economic crisis. In the City of Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter and his Department heads have decided that among other cuts, closing 11 ...
princss6 12/06/2008 18 14 - 51
I called the "T" tonight and what is JSM smokin'?????
So, I was phonebanking tonight in the "T". Oh, scary! What "T" do I speak of, you ask! Well the "T" in Pennsyltucky. I was on the verge of tears! Yes, the experience was something else. I ...
princss6 10/21/2008 32 31 - 20
Canvassing today in Sunny Southwest Philly (except it was overcast)!
So I went out canvassing this afternoon. Just to give you some context, I was canvassing in Southwest Philly which is one of the most diverse areas in the city. To put it bluntly, "we got everybody.
princss6 09/27/2008 38 27 1 30
Koscausians!!!  I am calling foul and here is why!
I thought we were friends! I thought we had climbed the moutain top and nothing could keep us apart! Oh I was wrong, so wrong! Right now, you are no longer a card-carrying member of Black People ...
princss6 09/22/2008 30 6 1 -
I tried! I really did. I gave up with the images of Cindy!
OK, I have been trying to be measured with my comments but ENOUGH! I was going to stick it out and watch the rest of Rudy and Sarah! But I could not take it. The lies and hypocrisy of the right ...
princss6 09/03/2008 19 6 - 1
Governor Rendell - Shut it!! Just shhhhhhhh! kthxbai (Updated 2X)
Yesterday at a meeting with the media, Governor Rendell of Pennsylvania has this to say: “MSNBC was the official network of the Obama campaign," Rendell said, who called their ...
princss6 08/25/2008 37 8 - 10
Police Brutality
Homeowners Fighting Police Brutality Illegally Arrested, Never Charged Home Closed by Dept. of Licensing & Inspections, Property Seized by PA State Police Press Conference: ...
princss6 06/16/2008 19 11 - 3
KY Food Bomb II
Today is the day that hard-working Obama volunteers and staffers in the Bluegrass State will be hitting the streets and phones to GOTV. Let's show ...
princss6 05/20/2008 128 42 - 15
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