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It's been swell...
...but I remember now why I have been gone for so long. This site touts itself as a home for liberals and progressives but from what I've seen, the majority of you are cowards hiding behind your ...
professor1029 11/13/2013 55 - - -
You may have noticed?
...that it's been quite some time since I've posted here? Why? Because I was so sadly disappointed at the narrow-mindedness of this so-called "liberal site" which Thom Hartmann supports by the way. ...
professor1029 11/09/2013 94 1 - -
An Open Letter to Thom Hartmann
Thom Hartmann has stated repeatedly that he is against "illegal immigrants" being allowed to work in America. This essay is my rebuttal to him.
professor1029 12/25/2010 26 4 - 77
Christmas Came Early This Year
The mendacious and merciless mercenaries of the Republican Party have plenty to be thankful for this joyous season because...
professor1029 12/07/2010 5 2 - 41
Time for the Gloves to Come Off!
I'm sick and tired of all the pussy-footing on the part of Obama and the dems. It's time somebody stood up on their hind legs and got mad as hell and screamed truth to power.
professor1029 11/11/2010 17 4 - 40
I Won't Vote for Obama Again
Tired of all the lies, pretenses, hypocrisy, betrayal, etc. This is my simple checklist of reasons. May be a bit naive but the core is true. Check out the Business Roundtable and its top members and ...
professor1029 11/10/2010 240 10 1 60
The True Terrorists
This is a piece about what I consider the broader, more honest description of terrorism is and some insights into the causes of terrorism.
professor1029 09/11/2010 12 3 - 30
The Law & Order Facade
My attempt to connect our so-called respect for Law & Order to corporate crime and the American Empire.
professor1029 08/21/2010 6 3 - 20
The "American" Principle of Fairness
I watched the CBS television program Sixty Minutes last night, and there was an interview with our new president, Barack Obama. There was a key statement that President Obama made which motivated me ...
professor1029 03/24/2009 7 2 - 2
The Politics of Patriotism
This is a piece that I originally wrote a few years back and recently revised and updated. I wrote it for my son because I was afraid they might reinstitute the Draft but I feel that any young ...
professor1029 12/21/2007 3 - - 2
To All You Ralph Nader Haters
This came to me after watching a PBS special on Ralph Nader....
professor1029 12/18/2007 227 12 - -
The Illusion of Freedom
The gist of this diary was on my mind when I woke up this morning. And since Democracy is suppose to be about "freedom," I thought I'd be my usual stubborn self and post it. Enjoy!
professor1029 08/12/2007 7 2 - 1
"Democratic" Dogmatists
My rebuttal to all those who would silence dissent.
professor1029 08/03/2007 79 3 1 1
An Open Letter to Diarists of The Daily Kos
This is a piece related to Ralph Nader's recent appearance on Democracy Now and the closed minds of some who claim to be 'democratic.'
professor1029 07/11/2007 261 11 3 20
An Open Letter to Liberals & Progressives
This is a piece about the in-fighting between progressives and I offer some ideas as to how we can unite and stop defeating ourselves.
professor1029 06/15/2007 36 7 - -
Knowledge is Power!
This is a piece that touches the core of who I am and what I believe. There are agent provocateurs who would love for the revolution to turn violent so they have an excuse to declare martial law.
professor1029 06/12/2007 7 4 1 42
The Chickens Coming Home to Roost
On the morning of Sept. 11th, 2001 after the initial shock & about 15 minutes later as I was talking to a young co-worker outside, this was my first response to the horrible events "The ...
professor1029 06/11/2007 5 5 - 16
Fascist Fundamentalists?
I first became alarmed about Christian fundamentalists over twenty years ago. I know that the term "fascism," has to some extent been overused but on the other hand, if the shoe fits... I feel the ...
professor1029 06/10/2007 17 4 - 1
Justice, American Style!
Well, I guess I'm not capable of writing without it being labeled a 'rant?' And this troubles me a bit because it seems kind of dismissive or marginalizaing. But on the other hand, it may be ...
professor1029 06/09/2007 3 3 1 -
Human Nature?
This is my rant against the "compassionate conservatives" argument for the elimination of the social welfare "safety net." I am reminded of Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness," when I think of ...
professor1029 06/08/2007 14 7 - 5
Globalization from My Perspective
This is a piece that I wrote recently attempting to connect my experience with the issue of globalization. I fear that "globalization" is basically fascism in disguise. I don't mean to sound ...
professor1029 06/07/2007 5 3 1 7
The Christian Right is Wrong!
I first became concerned about the "Christian Right," back in the 1980s with the fundamentalist attacks on secular humanism. I spent a summer compiling a stack of notes but my inner critic ...
professor1029 06/06/2007 3 6 1 -
Did We Win the Cold War?
This is a piece I wrote a short while back because I get so tired of hearing "conservatives" bragging about America's victory over communism & the superiority/miracle of the "free market."
professor1029 06/05/2007 22 7 1 14
Not Interested in Politics?
I have long been stymied at family, friends, & strangers apathy or indifference to politics & their typical response when I tried to break through to them. The common excuse is "there's nothing ...
professor1029 06/04/2007 8 5 2 13
Reasons Why A Young Person Should Not Join the Military
This is a piece I wrote a few years back to my son. I just poured out every possible reason I could think of to hopefully dissuade him from ever considering joining the military. It was a passionate ...
professor1029 05/30/2007 16 17 5 245
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