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AFL-CIO: Text 1 word and help 3 million people
Let's show another example of Kossacks coming together and helping when there is an urgent need. Send a test message to the AFL-CIO to sign the unemployment benefits extensions petition, or sign ...
proud2Bliberal 11/13/2010 7 14 2 63
Don't sweep unemployment benefits extensions under the rug
Don't allow the premature release of the deficit commission report create a diversion away from the urgent problem of unemployment benefits extensions. The diary below contains a link to the AFL-...
proud2Bliberal 11/12/2010 9 16 1 172
A Referendum on Globalization?
Today in the New York Times, Bill Clinton wrote an article about Middle East peace. Embedded in the article was a sentence stating that we are in an age of globalization. He wrote this as if this ...
proud2Bliberal 11/04/2010 12 1 1 37
Give Organized Labor Credit for the Victories
The victories in California, Oregon, Connecticut and Delaware, and the pending voctory in Washington State, could not have happened without the dedicated support of our labor unions, and ...
proud2Bliberal 11/03/2010 16 12 1 85
Give the American People a Break
In his New York Times column, Nicholas Kristof asked readers to “Give Obama a Break.” What about giving the American people a break? When the 99ers’ unemployment benefits are ...
proud2Bliberal 10/31/2010 5 - 1 48
Patty Murray issues pledge to defend Social Security
The Washington State Labor Council has issued letters from Sens. Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell containing their pledges to protect Social Security. With the ballots going out to voters in the ...
proud2Bliberal 10/12/2010 17 11 1 42
WA State: Tonight is the most crucial for canvassing
Dear Friends in Washington State, This evening is the most crucial day when you can get out and canvas for Senator Murray.
proud2Bliberal 10/11/2010 10 14 - 69
Social Security Protection Resolution Text now Posted
Last week 11 senators posted the text of the Social Security Protection Resolution. Let's call the remaining Senators and ask them to join this. Sen. Sanders is the sponsor and Sen. Stabenow, who ...
proud2Bliberal 10/06/2010 7 15 1 92
Educational Goals and the Rutgers Suicide
The tormenting of Tyler Celmenti that led to his suicide was a hate crime against gays and, technically, the production and dissemination of pornography. But the hatred perpetrated against a gay ...
proud2Bliberal 09/30/2010 21 3 - 74
Taliban kills 10 aid workers
From the New York Times By ROD NORDLAND and SHARIFULLAH SAHAK Published: August 7, 2010 Ten members of a foreign medical team — including six Americans and three women, all doctors and ...
proud2Bliberal 08/07/2010 36 - 1 71
Some 1099s can get jobless benefits
During the past few days there have been several diaries on the subject of unemployment benefits. Some individuals have contributed comments stating that they were never able to obtain any benefits ...
proud2Bliberal 07/13/2010 6 9 2 99
Emergency need California unemployment compensation advice
I followed all of the rules. I qualify for benefits. I received a notice that I qualified for an extension. California has suddenly thrown me off the rolls and isn't explaining anything. ...
proud2Bliberal 06/30/2010 33 1 - 30
NY State Senate passes sham anti-bullying measure
On the surface it seems to be a reason to celebrate. But the bill passed by the New York State Senate on the subjuct of workplace bullying is a hoax engineered by a well organized lobby. What ...
proud2Bliberal 05/15/2010 7 3 1 95
Bipartisan Deficit Commission live on now
The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform has started its first meeting. As reported yesterday, the executive director is the former DLC CEO. The representation of Republicans on ...
proud2Bliberal 04/27/2010 97 13 2 15
Bipartisan Deficit Commission, chaired by DLC CEO, has first meeting tomorrow
It's surprising that there has been little publicity about the fact the first meeting of the bipartisan deficit reduction commission is scheduled for tomorrow, April 27, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. ET. The ...
proud2Bliberal 04/26/2010 44 8 2 13
Employer-based junk insurance. Time to start public option activism again.
OK friends, the vacation is over. It's time to get back to public option activism. A recent brush with employer-based junk insurance provided yet another argument for a public option that has open ...
proud2Bliberal 04/19/2010 14 13 1 29
Sociologist Paul Starr's war on the poor
It was bad enough a few months ago when Princeton sociology professor Paul Starr wrote in a New York Times op-ed that the advocacy for a public option was "ideological." Of course, he did not ...
proud2Bliberal 03/03/2010 11 3 1 25
Obama, with Colin Powell, proposes anti-dropout plan to Chamber of Commerce
The New York Times reported that today President Obama joined Colin Powell to announce to the Chamber of Commerce a plan to combat droupout rates. His plan seems to fall in line with the Republican ...
proud2Bliberal 03/01/2010 48 4 1 24
Discuss New DNC Pres. Primary rules
At a local meeting I heard some news about recent DNC changes in the Presidential primary process. I would like to hear from others who can corrorborate or correct what I heard, and any discussion ...
proud2Bliberal 02/18/2010 27 4 - 15
House Jobs Bill - Summary and review
Analysis of the Jobs for Main Street bill (the jobs bill passed by the House) I will first summarize the contents of the bill. It will be seen clearly that the bill will create jobs for certain ...
proud2Bliberal 01/21/2010 28 11 1 14
Protest Uganda's proposed homosexual death law
Today the New York Times reported that the government of Uganda is considering imposing the death penalty for homosexuality. This is a short diary because the article can be found at, ...
proud2Bliberal 01/05/2010 2 5 - 7
HCR quandry: People who can't afford the premiums
We may have wanted the puree of a single payer system or a strong public option, but we will probably end up with the potpourri of policy ingredients in the House or Senate bills. People who would ...
proud2Bliberal 12/28/2009 270 26 - 53
HCR premium/subsidy calculations - initial estimates
A health care annual premium and subsidy calculator for the House and Senate health care bills has been posted on the Internet. The URL for this calculator is:
proud2Bliberal 12/26/2009 78 7 - 74
How do public health clinics operate in your state?
Senator Sanders is trying to obtain more funding of public health clinics in order to make the health care bill more acceptable. While this is an admirable goal, it will not resolve the ...
proud2Bliberal 12/17/2009 7 - - 19
Guess what slid by in the House today? Estate Tax "relief"
The following bill passed the House today: Permanent Estate Tax Relief For Families, Farmers, and Small Businesses Act of 2009 (H.R. 4154). It froze the exemption from estate tax at the current ...
proud2Bliberal 12/03/2009 132 27 2 130
Jobs summit live streaming now - Biden speaking
The jobs summit is currently being broadcast live on Hilda Solis gave a brief introduction and showed a film about a bakery and an energy company in Allentown, PA. There is also a ...
proud2Bliberal 12/03/2009 21 5 - 67
Student Loan deferments expiring for the unemployed
I have a student loan which has been under deferment for the last year because of unemployment. The problem is that the student loan office is claiming that an unemployment deferment is valid for ...
proud2Bliberal 11/29/2009 35 10 - 131
Catholic Church holds homeless aid hostage
The following link was sent out by It reports on threats by the Catholic Church to curb aid to the homeless unless the local measure legalizing gay marriage is defeated.
proud2Bliberal 11/15/2009 30 2 - 105 & economic stimulus data
Information on the disbursement of stimulus funds is located at On that page there is a pie chart entitled Award Programs The statistics are: 21881 Not ...
proud2Bliberal 11/11/2009 6 1 - 44
Seattle Loses Boeing 787 Assembly Plant Bid to SC: An Open Letter to Michael Moore
Michael Moore's film came out a couple of months too early. The progression from capitalism to third world exploitation was advanced by today's decision of Boeing to bust the union and choose South ...
proud2Bliberal 10/28/2009 91 21 - 112
Why Job Stimulus Alone Won't Work
In the New York Times, Bob Herbert and Paul Krugman have proposed ideas for economic stimulus measures aimed at reducing unemployment. While these measures are better to doing nothing, they will ...
proud2Bliberal 10/10/2009 13 2 1 7
Public Option: Bring the hammer down on the New York Times
Today the headlined story on is "Public Option Fades From Debate about Health Care." Throughout the summer the New York Times reporting on the health care issue has been biased towards ...
proud2Bliberal 09/13/2009 12 19 - 28
Why Obama's weakened public option would ruin my life
This isn't just about health care. It's about jobs. Employers do not want to hire workers ages 50-64 because they are afraid our health care costs will drive up their group health insurance ...
proud2Bliberal 09/10/2009 48 8 1 1
RIGHT NOW Ask NY Times managing editor about their HC coverage
At this moment on, the managing editor is taking readers' questions via email. They have a link to click on. This is the time to ask why their articles on health care always predict ...
proud2Bliberal 09/08/2009 4 - 1 1
Biden, don't make Israel a scapegoat
In response to VP Biden's remarks quoted in today's New York Times: "WASHINGTON — Plunging squarely into one of the most sensitive issues in the Middle East, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.
proud2Bliberal 07/05/2009 133 7 - 73
Write to the DSCC about public option & single payer now
The DSCC has sent out email asking for contributions by tomorrow at midnight. While some Senators, such as Menendez at the DSCC, have strongly supported the public health care option plan, there ...
proud2Bliberal 06/29/2009 9 10 - 1
Unemployment compensation saga & Bush admin rules
I am experienceing a terrible saga concerning unemployment benefits. During 2008 I had wages in three states and lived in two states. When my job ended in December 2008 I filed for and received ...
proud2Bliberal 06/03/2009 3 3 - 6
Oppose anti-worker Workplace Bullying Laws; Labor Union alert!
All of us are agenist bullying, and bullying in the workplace is a concern deserving legislation, but the "activist" groups promoting bills like A1551 in the New Jersey legislature, are not the ...
proud2Bliberal 04/06/2009 5 5 1 34
Conservative blogs: Pope speaks out against investing in interest
If we had said it, the conservatives would have rejected it.
proud2Bliberal 03/15/2009 8 4 - 10
Homelessness & the Stimulus
How many of you saw last night's Oprah show about increasing homelessness in the US? What has economic reform offered so far for the homeless and near homeless?
proud2Bliberal 02/26/2009 2 5 - - taking comments on HHS now
Do you support Howard Dean for Secretary of HHS?
proud2Bliberal 02/19/2009 1 - - -
Grassley finds the root of all evil: the NSF
How ridiculous can the Republicans get? Grassley is using his testimony time on the stimulus package on the following pressing issue: An employee at the National Science Foundation was caught ...
proud2Bliberal 02/07/2009 29 7 - 15
No on Summers as Treasury Secretary
Please write in on opposing the possible appointment of Lawrence Summers as Treasury Secretary. The NYT reported that he is one of the candidates under consideration. A couple of years ...
proud2Bliberal 11/07/2008 77 3 - -
Palin's "experience": health care in Alaska
Palin made no mention of health care during her entire speech. She wants to be judged based on her experience, so let's look at it. According to the Kaiser health care system's website, ...
proud2Bliberal 09/04/2008 6 2 1 5
How did voter registration go today?
Dear Friends, How did voter registration go today? Where did you go? How many voters did you register? I volunteered for voter registration on the Seattle Eastside. I would like to know who ...
proud2Bliberal 08/30/2008 9 11 1 -
Stranded without health insurance
What options would I have available if I am forced to buy a private health insurance plan? What do you get in a private plan, as opposed to what Canadians get in a national health care system? I ...
proud2Bliberal 06/21/2008 22 9 - -
High down payments threaten home ownership
In response to the mortgage crisis, was the "reform" in the direction of regulating adjustible rate mortages?
proud2Bliberal 06/02/2008 112 3 - 1
False "data" supports U. of Colorado's proposal for a conservative chair
In his haste to publish a challenge to the University of Colorado's proposal to endow a chair in conservative thought, Dr. Stanley Fish perpetuated the false "data" propagandized by conservatives. ...
proud2Bliberal 05/26/2008 5 4 - 1
Can't we concentrate on Myanmar and forget about superdelegates for one day?
The Myanmar junta is delaying delivery of food and supplies to people who on the verge of death. What is the US committed to do morally? By allowing people to wither away and die without medical ...
proud2Bliberal 05/11/2008 57 11 - 18
NATO should go into Burma with food
What is the name for a place where people are allowed to wither away without food and medical care, with no one allowed to help them or save them? It sounds like a concentrate camp to me. The ...
proud2Bliberal 05/10/2008 15 2 - -
Ariz Republicans threaten academic freedom
Want to know what education would look like under McCain? See what his colleagues in the Arizona Republican Party are trying to do to the state universities and community colleges: ban any courses ...
proud2Bliberal 04/24/2008 11 11 2 3
PBS special on health care
Did anyone watch the PBS Frontline special on health care in England, Japan, Taiwan and Germany? Do you have any opinions? I will start with the comment that the Japanese personally maintain a ...
proud2Bliberal 04/16/2008 33 6 1 1
Consider Rush Holt for Vice President
I would like to ask readers to consider Rep. Rush Holt for Vice President. He has great integrity. His education and experience as Ph.D. in physics will attract people in high technology ...
proud2Bliberal 04/09/2008 18 3 - 7
Daily Kos needs a large print option
Would it be possible for the Daily Kos website to provide a means by which the diaries and comments and front page can be read with a much larger font size? It is difficult for an older person or a ...
proud2Bliberal 04/06/2008 71 8 - 11
Don't let the media divert us
Think about how many television commercials are for pharmaceuticals. Of course the mass media wants to divert our attention to the real issues, such as health cdare and executive salaries. Don't ...
proud2Bliberal 03/08/2008 - - - -
"Yes we can," ethnicity and disabilities
"Yes we can" isn't a naive mantra of a wishful "positive thinking" movement. It is a reply to all of the people who, throughout our lives, have told us, "No you can't." Start with the disabled, who,
proud2Bliberal 03/07/2008 2 - - -
Obama should stop dismissing Bill Clinton
Last night in Obama's speech in Texas, he said that former Presidents from Kennedy to Reagan negotiated with enemy foreign leaders. He said that's what great Presidents do. First, Obama should ...
proud2Bliberal 03/05/2008 12 1 - -
Al-Fayed's anti-fundamentalism
With the election going on in the US, a school shooting, and an election in Pakistan, why should we pay attention to a seemingly trivial story, Mohamed Al-Fayed's courtroom performance at the Diana ...
proud2Bliberal 02/19/2008 5 1 - -
Stop the bickering
Today I called the DNC office and asked that Howard Dean, still the main real leader we have, to step in and put a stop to the destructive bickering between Obama and the Clintons. Obama needs to ...
proud2Bliberal 01/24/2008 31 1 - -
Competitive Bidding in the Health Insurance Industry is a Myth
Last fall the University of California notified the insurance companies that it was accepting open competitive bids for insurance companies to offer health plans for its employees. This is a huge ...
proud2Bliberal 01/22/2008 1 1 - -
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