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Maybe was a bit on the optimistic side when they predicted 359 electoral votes for Mitt Romney. But was it really their fault? They'd like you to help them find out!
proudhon 11/17/2012 14 5 - -
Texas Cheerleader Who Refuses to Cheer for Man Who Raped Her Must Compensate School For Legal Fees!
You read that right - an 18-year-old cheerleader at Silsbee HS in Texas was raped at a house party. One of the men involved pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of assault and was allowed to continue ...
proudhon 05/04/2011 515 384 5 2916
What if They Made a Movie of Atlas Shrugged and Nobody Came?
Wonder of wonders, that's no longer a hypothetical question. They did make a movie of Atlas Shrugged - it opened on April 15. And even more wonderfully, no one is showing up.
proudhon 04/25/2011 51 26 - 371
Capuano Undecided on HCR!
Congressman Capuano is now undecided about how he'll vote on the Senate Bill. Please help get him off the fence!
proudhon 03/11/2010 32 15 - 24
Will Fed bailout pay for St. Paul police brutality?
Instead of paying for insurance with its own funds, St. Paul insisted that the RNC pay for liability insurance covering police misconduct during the Republican Convention, in effect giving the ...
proudhon 09/20/2008 - 4 - -
Cleveland Indians will play at "Progressive Field"
So what if it's named after an insurance company? There's no Conservative Field yet, at least not in the major leagues.
proudhon 01/11/2008 20 3 1 1
Supreme Court turns back GOP redistricting in CO
proudhon 06/07/2004 12 - - 1
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