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Examining the White Vote pt. 1, North Carolina
There's a lot of talk about how Democrats garnered record support among racial and ethnic minorities in the 2012 Presidential election, but not as much about how strongly white voters supported ...
psychicpanda 12/30/2013 102 65 4 -
A Fair Redistricted America, Part 1/4: Alabama to Massachusetts
I've been reading a lot of diaries lately about the damage the Republican gerrymanders of 2010 have done to Democrats' chance of winning the House of Representatives - including this good one today,
psychicpanda 12/11/2012 28 4 - -
SC-Gov: Nikki Haley's problems
South Carolina politics has not been covered much thanks to wall to wall reporting of the presidential election and other 2012 races, but there have been some very interesting things happening ...
psychicpanda 11/25/2012 44 51 - -
Which county had the biggest shift towards Obama from 2008 to 2012? The answer might surprise you.
Along the 500 mile highway from Fairbanks, across the arctic circle, to Alaska's northern shore at Deadhorse in the North Slope Borough. Maybe the loneliest road in the America. The largest ...
psychicpanda 11/19/2012 123 194 3 -
218 is within reach (Seriously)
NOTE: Sorry about the blotchy pictures. I haven't posted a diary in awhile and forgot what kind of file to save the pictures as in Paint... I think the consensus this cycle has been, if Obama ...
psychicpanda 10/17/2012 37 27 1 -
Florida Democratic Gerrymander using FRA
This is how a Florida map might look if Democrats were able to draw it, using the fair redistricting amendment. In a way, this map is actually perfectly fair for Florida. It creates 14 likely ...
psychicpanda 12/11/2011 26 - - 172
North Carolina 10D-3R Gerrymander
North Carolina Republicans have released a map that makes 10 Republican Districts and 3 Democratic Districts. This is a reverse of that, a fantasy map of course, which forms 10 Democratic Districts ...
psychicpanda 11/12/2011 30 5 - 193
9-5 Georgia Dem Map (VRA Compliant)
This is probably the best gerrymander Georgia Democrats could hypothetically get. It doesn't overrepresent minorities like the early 2000s map did. It's a possible 9-3 map, but not ...
psychicpanda 09/05/2011 9 6 - 100
Virginia 9-2 GOP Map
Unlike North Carolina, in which Democrats are very much favored on the congressional level - it's almost impossible to draw a map which really favors Democrats in Virginia. Almost every Republican ...
psychicpanda 08/18/2011 16 4 - 149
North Carolina 9-4 D (5 liberal democrats)
With this map, North Carolina would likely gain one liberal democrat and one center-left democrat, bringing the delegation to 9 Democrats and only 4 Republicans. All racial data VAP.
psychicpanda 07/25/2011 19 6 - 162
Florida VRA Districts?
I was wondering about minority districts in Florida and what the rules are - There are two African American majority districts, both in Miami. One, near downtown Miami is doable, but the other ...
psychicpanda 07/01/2011 2 - - 39
Tennessee w/ 4 Obama Districts
This, of course, is a fantasy map - since Republicans control every level of Tennessee's government right now. I probably could've made a map that elects 5 or 6 Democrats but there would be a lot ...
psychicpanda 06/30/2011 8 - - 76
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