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Romney Internals spell DOOM (for Romney)
An internal poll for Mitt Romney shows that the vulture capitalist is heading toward a significant victory tomorrow. Why is this great news for us? Link:
psycho liberal 11/05/2012 24 9 - -
Do I have swine flu?
Ok this is a stupid diary from someone who hasn't posted recently and I can delete once I get some answers. But if you have had swine flu or are an expert, I want your opinion. This is important ...
psycho liberal 11/18/2009 36 1 - 119
He was lynched and tagged like a deer
More on the lynching of Bill Sparkman. Finally authorities are admitting it was a murder, and that 'fed' was written on the census worker's chest. Mr. Sparkman died in one of the most hideous ...
psycho liberal 09/25/2009 593 351 3 76
Breaking: Harry Reid: Ted Kennedy in Remission (!?)
Breaking from Sen. Edward Kennedy’s brain cancer is in remission and the Massachusetts Democrat is expected back in the Senate after the Memorial Day recess, ...
psycho liberal 05/19/2009 16 16 - 20
MN-Sen Recount: Franken is gaining!!!
So, we have some news from Minnesota, where the senate recount has begun, and it seems like fairly good news for Al Franken so far. follow results here:
psycho liberal 11/19/2008 73 20 1 15
Her father was a slave. She voted for Obama.
I suppose what makes me happiest about this election, and the amazing nomination and (hopefully) election of Barack Obama, are those who still remember the bad old days of segregation and, through ...
psycho liberal 10/28/2008 116 256 11 55
AMAZING!! Student Voter Turnout in Indiana
So I hopped on my bicycle after teaching my class yesterday, and stopped by the early voting location on the Indiana University campus. It was the second of 3 early voting days on campus. I thought ...
psycho liberal 10/16/2008 276 578 15 72
Memories of a dear friend: Gerald the Lizard Boy
My late friend Gordon was one of the few people with the guts to change his entire life mid-stream. I met him in a small Midwestern town where he was studying for his PhD in Psychology. But before ...
psycho liberal 07/01/2008 6 6 - 6
CO-Sen: Udall widens lead (Rasmussen)
Not much in the way of presidential polls so far today. On the frontpage, Kos discusses the latest Rasmussen FL poll. Better news from Rasmussen is in the Colorado Senate race. Mark Udall (D) ...
psycho liberal 06/19/2008 10 6 - -
Obamalanche of Polls! Recap and Open Thread UPDATE: New Polls
There were a LOT of polls on the Presidential race today and yesterday. I think it would be a handy feature to have it all in one place. Especially for the folks who can't check the intertubes ...
psycho liberal 06/18/2008 35 24 1 16
What can Obama supporters do between now and Denver?
Let me begin with an analogy. Remember Joe Lieberman? haha. Of course. But do you remember how some people - including some on this very site -said "no way he will run as an ...
psycho liberal 05/28/2008 24 6 - -
Generic anti-Obama Troll Diary #4,276
All of you people are a bunch of {Obama-loving trolls; petulant little spoiled brats; woman hating mysogonists - and that includes you,
psycho liberal 02/23/2008 41 25 1 4
Could Romney be dropping out?
Just listening to MSNBC - as I'm sure many of you are - their Romney guy just said tomorrow will be a day of "frank discussions" with their camp. Norah O'Donnell (sp?) is talking about it now. ...
psycho liberal 02/05/2008 20 3 - -
Super Bowl, Chili, and other football food -- Open Thread
For some of us Sunday marks the most wonderful day of the year!* Super Bowl Sunday! Sadly, I don’t have a dog in this fight as a certain team that ...
psycho liberal 02/02/2008 57 2 - 8
CA Supreme Court: You can be fired for taking your prescription!
I haven’t seen this issue come up yet so I just wanted to give folks a heads up as certainly there are some supports of medical marijuana here. By a 5-2 ruling the California Supreme ...
psycho liberal 01/24/2008 19 17 - 81
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