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Public Pressure on NY Times works - After ACORN folds
Well the New York times has finally corrected the record on ACORN. This is both a testament to the power of public pressure on the side of rightiousness, to force a large newspaper ...
puffmeister 03/23/2010 7 20 - 116
FLA Senate race: Marco Rubio's BACKWAX & other Bona Fide "Electioneering" Expenses
Writing this not as a fan of Crist but as a good laugh at an incredibly conservative and arrogant young Republican whom I believe has his eye on the White House. News reports have been listing ...
puffmeister 03/15/2010 13 2 - 66
Obama and Judicial Appointments: US wants a President who can do More than One Thing At A Time
I remember clearly the day that candidate Obama made the brilliant statement that I paraphrase in my title: America wants a President who can Do More than One Thing At A Time . He ...
puffmeister 02/19/2010 12 5 - 28
Open Government under Obama vs Redacted Mine Spill Reports...
I was particularly cheered to hear our President elect speak of the new openness in government that would arise under his stewardship. This is not a diary about the newest claim of State Secrets in ...
puffmeister 11/01/2009 8 19 - 353
NJ - more Bush-style pay-to-play dirt by Christie emerges
When Chris Christie was appointed by Bush II, the legal community was disgusted that someone with this utter lack of law enforcement experience would be appointed. It was an insult to the ...
puffmeister 10/25/2009 9 16 - 46
Snowe's Conference Seat (!) + Unregulated Ins Exchanges=Disaster
Three stories - one new story with bad news at Wash Post and two others at TNR, are the topic of this diary. the new story is what Snowe got for her vote. Ezra Klein over at WaPo ...
puffmeister 10/14/2009 25 3 - 19
Reps Harman,Sanchez on Their Break with Blue Dogs over Public Option
Missed in all the hoopla today was an interesting Blog entry over at the Hill. Co-authoried by Representatives Loretta Sanchez and Jane Harman - big time Members of the House Blue Dog caucus, these ...
puffmeister 10/13/2009 31 28 1 38
Please vote in WashPost "poll" on Obama Nobel
This will be short, folks. The same MSM that would not leave our President alone since LAST September - pushing Obama to make appointments early, to ...
puffmeister 10/09/2009 56 10 - 101
Jerrold Nadler: Spec Prosecutor's Ambit is Too Narrow
Congressman Jerrold Nadler was just interviewed on the Ed Show, and gave an outstanding and concise explanation of the broad parameters the the Special Prosecutor should have in investigating torture.
puffmeister 08/25/2009 9 13 - 18
Who's Who in CA: a primer on CASH vs IOUs
Last week, diarist Eugene wrote a great diary on "arnoldbucks"; I wish I could say that arnold and the state legislature were as ...
puffmeister 07/13/2009 7 8 - 104
Obama’s Hyped Ratings Agency Reform Falls Through The Cracks
Well, finally even the Wall Street Journal has noticed it - Obama has caved to one of Wall Street lobbyists' most ardent wet dreams. Headlined A Triple-A Punt - Treasury's reform plan ...
puffmeister 06/22/2009 21 9 1 20
Internal War in Admin on Bank Regulation- diary #3
ON June 8 and again on June 9, I diaried here regarding what was clearly [to me, based on my research] turning into an internal war within the Obama administration on regulatory governance. These to ...
puffmeister 06/14/2009 16 15 - 26
Geithner's 'Worst Case Scenario' for Stress Test FAILS US -it's Warren & Bair versus Geithner now
Yesterday I posted a diary that very few folks read - noting that Secr Tim Geithner ...
puffmeister 06/09/2009 47 16 1 40
Geithner's regulatory merger - the risk of lax regulation
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner– having succeeded in forcing Paul Volker to the sidelines of Obama's ‘team of rivals’ and empowering himself and Larry Summers as the go-to guys on ...
puffmeister 06/08/2009 12 7 - 76
Obama's Science Appointees-More pressure needed
With kudos to both climate science watch and Tax ...
puffmeister 03/04/2009 6 5 - 14
My cowardly Senator won't admit to hold on Climate Change Experts
My Senator, Senator Menendez, is a coward. There, I've said it. I know this because I have worked in Congress. When a "spokesman" tells those inquiring about his leaked anonymous hold - via Email ...
puffmeister 03/03/2009 15 12 - 45
Please boycott/telephone Hersheys over Move to Mexico-UPDATED
Unsettling news yesterday, that Hersheys of Reading PA is the latest to preserve profits at the expense of struggling workers by closing a US plant and moving production to Mexico. Please forgive ...
puffmeister 02/21/2009 129 25 - 20
Breathtaking indicator of how lucky we are in President-Elect Obama
For those interested in the environmental and other tragedies foisted upon us over the last eight years, and that the current occupant is hurrying to entrench in his final days - know that hope lies ...
puffmeister 11/09/2008 9 25 - 22
Far from a swing state? Help stop smears on ACORN & Obama
I live too far from a swing state to feel effective. But if you - as I do with the state of Missouri - have any past association with any of the swing states including, in addition to Missouri, ...
puffmeister 10/13/2008 21 11 2 3
McCain's "45 nuclear plants" vs reality: DOE loses Nuclear Waste lawsuit
Not only has at least one commentator pointed out the blatant lack of economic forethought ...
puffmeister 09/17/2008 12 6 - 5
McCain Q&A on TV -that says it all [VIDEO link]
A local TV reporter in Portland Maine who would neither give up nor get side-tracked when interviewing John McCain has done more than most national TV journalists have ever managed in such ...
puffmeister 09/13/2008 11 10 1 6
The Palin interview & Gibson’s "middle class"= $200k/year
Just a reminder to those watching ABC’s Gibson interview of Palin, that Gibson was almost laughed off the stage at the ABC Facebook debate among Democrats for announcing that middleclass ...
puffmeister 09/08/2008 8 4 1 3
Palin's 2006 views on earmarks: Change methods to get dollars "Alaska Deserves"
The following link - to a 2006 set of remarks on transportation dollars given by Governor Palin - was listed in the Anchorage Daily News [viewed in pdf format on the “newseum” – a ...
puffmeister 09/05/2008 5 3 - 9
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