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Yes, you read that correctly.

There is at least one Republican in the Heart of Dixie who is not afraid to come out and say that President Obama actually has a proposal that should be seriously considered.

The proposal is Obama's call for universal community college access for high school graduates. The Alabama Republican is Mary Scott Hunter, a member of the Alabama Board of Education from Huntsville.

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Now that the election is over and Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley finds himself safely re-elected, it was time today to deliver a dose of reality to state legislators about the dismal state of the state's budget.

In fact, after years of Republican misrule things are looking so poorly here in the Heart of Dixie that Gov. Bentley said that he might just do what he once said would lead Alabama into an "abyss of debt" -- accept Medicaid expansion.

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It is good to remember, especially at this time of year, that there are many, many fine and dedicated police officers who strive to serve and protect their communities.

One such officer is William Stacy in Tarrant, Alabama, which is just north of Birmingham.

Stacy was recently called out on a shoplifting complaint.

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If you are going to make a speech at a banquet to honor the champions of the recently concluded NASCAR season, it would probably be a good idea to have at least some basic knowledge of just what the hell NASCAR is.

Otherwise, you are going to make yourself look like a total dumbass, which, of course, is exactly what Donald Trump did last Monday.

The season ended last Sunday for NASCAR's three national touring series at Homestead-Miami Speedway. And as usual, the awards banquet for the two minor-league series -- Nationwide and the Camping World Trucks -- was held the next day in south Florida. Specifically, it was at the Trump National Doral resort, which is probably why The Donald thought it would be a good idea to show up and schmooze with a sports crowd that definitely skews Republican.

Turns out that was a bad idea.

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Mark Fuller is a federal district judge in Montgomery, Alabama, sitting on the bench in the Middle District of Alabama since he was appointed by President Bush back in 2002.

He is best known for presiding over the criminal corruption case of former Democratic Gov. Don Siegelman and businessman Richard Schrushy, a case in which he sent both to prison for lengthy terms. In fact, Fuller is known for delivering harsh sentences to defendants who face him.

Today the tables were turned. It was Fuller standing as a criminal defendant before a judge on charges of domestic violence against his wife.

Did Fate see to it that Fuller got what he deserved? Of course not.


What will happen to Judge Fuller?

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6%38 votes
0%1 votes
87%491 votes
4%28 votes

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The Columbia Daily Tribune in Missouri is catching hell, and rightly so, for its racist editorial cartoon that accompanies a column by conservative writer Rich Lowry.

The cartoon shows a protester holding a sign that says, "No 60 Inch Plasma TV, No Peace." Another protester is carrying a television and another has a sign that says "Steal to Honor Michael."

The cartoon accompanies a Lowry column with the headline "Overly Aggressive Police Are Being Provoked."


Should the Columbia newspaper have run this cartoon?

23%22 votes
8%8 votes
65%60 votes
2%2 votes

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Mon Oct 21, 2013 at 11:55 AM PDT

It's not a game

by quaoar

There are days when it is quite difficult to watch MSNBC during the day.

Today is such a day -- a day in which the coverage of the Affordable Care Act is nearly 100 percent about the horse race that the Beltway media thinks America is engrossed with.

Today's coverage is all about whether the Obama Administration will get glitches in the website fixed before Republicans are able to score points and win ... something.

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Apparently Starbucks doesn't really appreciate all those Starbucks Appreciation Days that gun owners have been holding.

NEW YORK (AP) — Starbucks says guns are no longer welcome in its cafes, though it is stopping short of an outright ban on firearms.

The fine line that the retailer is walking to address the concerns of both gun rights and gun control advocates reflects how heated the issue has become, particularly in light of recent mass shootings.

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Republicans in northeast Colorado, northern California and now western Maryland are incensed that they should have to endure living in blue states with such horrors as health care.

So they want to break away and set up separate states --sort of the way West Virginia separated from Virginia during the Civil War.

Of course, that cuts both ways, doesn't it?

What about the folks who live on the eastern bank of the Mississippi River who must endure living under Republican rule in Mississippi?

Follow below the orange squiggle to learn about the 54th state -- West Mississippi.

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Times are tough for multi-billionaire media moguls who are fending off British prosecutors and wives filing for divorce.

So bad, apparently, that Rupert Murdoch has to put his yacht up for sale.

Less than three months after filing for divorce from his wife of 14 years, Wendi Deng, Murdoch has listed the family's 184-foot sailing yacht, called Rosehearty. The asking price: $29.7 million.
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Nazis in North Dakota?
Sounds like the plot for a bad B-grade movie, doesn't it?
Except that it is true.

It seems that a particularly loathsome white supremacist/neo-Nazi by the name of Craig Paul Cobb had bought up some land in the tiny North Dakota town of Leith (population 19) with the grandiose idea of setting up his own little Third Reich.

Cobb himself lives in a small house in Leith and residents knew he was buying up other lots last year. It wasn't until the past few days that they learned of his scheme to turn Leith into a white nationalists' community, where people could fly Nazi flags and other racial banners, take over the city through elections and write their own laws.
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10. He knows the words to "Oh Canada." Real Americans can barely recognize the music.
9. His favorite Star Trek actor is William Shatner (Canadian) rather than Leonard Nimoy (Vulcan-American)
8. Has anyone actually checked his mother's alleged American birth certificate? Of course not!
7. While attending college, Cruz was once overheard telling a friend that if he was ever drafted he would just "go home."
6. He has several maple trees in his yard.

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