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Koscadia meetup photo diary
The Saturday Koscadia meetup took place at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne. Apologies to anyone who didn't get the location change update and who showed up at Creston Park instead. It was a lively ...
quill 04/15/2013 71 52 - -
Noon Saturday PDX meetup location change
Hi folks, it's looking like the weather won't cooperate with us for a potluck picnic tomorrow. I think that we could deal with a little rain (tarp/awning), but it will be 50 degrees and 10-15 MPH ...
quill 04/12/2013 11 6 - -
Koscadia Portland meetup
Hey everybody! It's been a while since the last meetup, so what do you say we all get together this Saturday? Horace suggested a potluck in Creston Park , so let's go with that. In case the ...
quill 04/09/2013 17 10 - -
A note on dissension
There's been a lot of angst, meta and finger pointing today about the current "tone" of DKos. I gather some people think that there has been too much criticism here of Obama and the Democrats, who ...
quill 01/06/2013 42 27 - -
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