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Let’s see the Obama Marriage Certificate
My guess about the opening moments of tonight’s debate: Jim Lehrer: “Let me start off by congratulating the President and his wife, Michelle, on their twentieth wedding anniversary.” Mitt ...
quique 10/03/2012 3 1 - 80
If you can't trust PriceWaterhouseCoopers...
Maybe the insurance industry should have hired a firm that didn't have to pay out "one of the largest recoveries from an outside auditor in the history of securities class action litigation" a mere ...
quique 10/12/2009 5 2 - 23
Why Georgia might end up giving Obama the Presidency [updated]
Last Tuesday’s kos post noted that the early voting in Georgia had a high proportion of African American voters (37%), even ...
quique 10/19/2008 40 15 - 1
I'm cancelling my proctologist appt Friday
I'm afraid I must cancel my appointment with my proctologist on Friday unless there's a deal reached by then for the economic bailout. Oh, and my daughter has told her teacher that she can't take ...
quique 09/24/2008 45 20 1 -
The Gustav Conspiracy (w/Poll)
How long before someone from Fox News notices where Gustav originated: off the coast of Africa!? Certainly this is no coincidence. Consider the following: 1. Africa is where Obama's father was born.
quique 08/29/2008 3 3 - 3
McCain's Cranky TIME Interview
Time uses the word "Prickly" , and there's certainly some underlying meaning to that as well. But ...
quique 08/28/2008 22 11 - -
O'Reilly Prompts Threats over Sex Panel
A panel of the renowned "Conference on World Affairs" in Boulder was held at a local high school. The panel concerned "STDs: Sex, Teens and Drugs," and severals panelists advocated a less-than-...
quique 05/31/2007 43 7 - 23
A Republican Coulter Strategy?
I am guessing that Coulter’s comment, which was clearly a prepared remark, was part of a Rovian strategy. The candidates in attendance will surely distance themselves from it, but they were ...
quique 03/02/2007 7 5 - -
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