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Congressional Sellout of Unions
Came across an interesting article in my favorite financial blog Naked Capitalism In short, the Congress slipped a new law into the Budget Resolution (which has never happened before), allowing ...
railsplitter 01/03/2015 7 10 2 -
George HW Bush Resigns from the NRA
Letter of Resignation Sent By Bush to the National Rifle Association. After the April '95 Oklahoma City Bombing, the NRA sent its usual fundraising screed blaming the Government for the event & ...
railsplitter 12/29/2012 3 4 2 -
Dec. 7th, 1941
This might be one of several things you'll see today on Pearl Harbor. If you're looking for a syrupy retrospective, stop reading now. My Dad fought in the Marine Corps during WWII, winning ...
railsplitter 12/07/2012 101 51 1 -
Financial Sector Behind Oil Prices?
Found this via one of my favorite economic blogs Naked Capitalism . I cannot find the words to describe the disdain I feel for the Financial Sector. Always had a suspicion that speculators were ...
railsplitter 09/28/2012 8 4 1 83
The Gentleperson's Guide to Forum Spies
What follows is a lengthy dissertation on how to subvert/co-opt Internet discussion groups. A veritable how-to manual for Forum Trolls and Hijackers. It is supposedly derived from an Government ...
railsplitter 07/21/2012 59 47 15 565
The Reality of Pearl Harbor
Note: I first posted this on 12/7/07. Several folks emailed me to re-post today. This is one of several diaries you'll find today on Pearl Harbor. If you're looking for a syrupy retrospective, ...
railsplitter 12/07/2011 13 11 - 100
A Pattern of Violence: The UC Davis Chancellor
Linda Katehi, UC Davis Chancellor responsible for the crackdown of university Students last week, is behind another erosion of free speech rights earlier this year. In 1973, University students in ...
railsplitter 11/24/2011 13 11 - 97
Strip-Mining the American Economy
After hearing Obama's press secretary slam the radical left, I felt compelled to post my thoughts to one of ...
railsplitter 08/10/2010 11 13 1 42
The Dumbest Budget Cut...
Just read this in the Washington Post. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides some of the most vital Public Health services in our Nation. I was shocked to learn today that:
railsplitter 07/24/2010 8 11 - 41
The Reality of Pearl Harbor
Note: I originally posted this on 12/7/07. Several folks have emailed me to re-post today. This is one of several diaries today on Pearl Harbor. If you're looking for a syrupy retrospective, ...
railsplitter 12/08/2009 11 10 1 231
Labor Arbitrage & IBM
I've been in the IT business for over 25 years. When I started in the business, the buzzword was how the "Knowledge Economy" was going to replace our industrial workforce here in the US. What no ...
railsplitter 03/30/2009 9 5 - 2
The Reality of Pearl Harbor (updated)
Note: I originally posted this on 12/7/07. Several folks have emailed me to re-post today. Minor updates are included ================= This is one of several diaries today on Pearl Harbor. If ...
railsplitter 12/07/2008 11 17 1 36
10% of the $700B US Bailout in Bonuses to Instigators
I'm still nauseated from reading this. In Saturday's 10/18 edition of the Guardian, the following article appeared.
railsplitter 10/20/2008 10 6 1 -
Who Weeps for the Manufacturing Economy?
I grew up in the Rust belt. My earliest memories were of everyone's dad working at the Chrysler, Westinghouse or International Harvester plant. The middle class was open to everyone. Even the ...
railsplitter 10/02/2008 25 17 - 1
Somali Pirates Suffer Possible Radiation Poisoning
Pirate activity in the Gulf of Aden is reaching historic levels. Gangs of pirates off the Somali coast have made numerous attacks of commercial vessels entering/exiting the Suez canal. Everything ...
railsplitter 09/28/2008 63 22 - 19
White House Briefed on Mars Discovery
Breaking news from Universe Today about a special briefing ...
railsplitter 08/02/2008 60 15 - 19
Theatre of the Absurd
Five years on, we're now being told that the Mission Accomplished airshow stunt didn't mean that the Iraq mission was over. All they were trying to say is that the Carrier Abraham Lincoln was ...
railsplitter 05/01/2008 6 5 - 1
Unexpected Stop for the Straightalk Express
Candidate McCain has spent a fair amount of time lecturing the country on "Free" (unregulated) Market solutions to our Economic and Health care crises. Big talk for a guy who spent his entire ...
railsplitter 04/22/2008 20 12 1 -
Hey Obama - Throw a Punch
Mr. Obama; In the Prize fight of a Presidential Campaign, you have to do more than take a Punch. You also have to throw a Punch (& land them) on your competitors. More after the fold.
railsplitter 03/05/2008 6 - - -
Privatized Profits, Socialized Losses
It's been a great news cycle this week, eh? St. John the Irish Temper rails against the MSM, the Democratic Primary Horse Race continues to entertain, and Bush pounds his cup on his high-chair and ...
railsplitter 02/23/2008 7 12 - 1
Confusion on DKos
I'm at a loss for words. After posting a diary + a comment on the quality of diaries here at Kos, I now find my TU status is revoked. Best as I can tell, both the Diary and the comment were well ...
railsplitter 01/27/2008 31 1 - 4
Can We Split Daily Kos?
A simple request. Could we split the listings in DKos into to sections - one for Issue/News diaries and one for (Partisan) Candidate diaries? The signal/noise ration is really starting to bottom ...
railsplitter 01/26/2008 15 7 - 3
Where Should Edwards Supporters Go?
John Edwards has always been my favorite for the nomination. I voted for him in '98, and long considered him a hero of the little man in the mold of a modern day Clarence Darrow. After Iowa, I ...
railsplitter 01/20/2008 111 2 - 6
Supreme Court: Corporate Crime OK?
There was a landmark Supreme Court ruling earlier in the week that will profoundly impact Americans. In a 5-3 ruling, the Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that Businesses who knowingly aid ...
railsplitter 01/19/2008 19 15 1 5
John Edward's Mis-step in Michigan?
Did John Edwards miscalculate by not appearing on the Michigan primary ballot? Admittedly, having Obama and Edwards off the ballot allows for mischief skewing the Republican ticket. But Michigan ...
railsplitter 01/13/2008 22 2 - 3
News on the China Trade Gap - Fair & Balanced?
Economists are now (belatedly) forecasting that the US is headed for a Recession. Some call the duration at 6-12 months, others say it could take up to 4 years for the Housing Credit Bubble to work ...
railsplitter 01/11/2008 3 4 - 6
Income Inequality and Population Health
Once in a while you come across an idea that's a "whack on the head". In 2002, Michael Prowse published ...
railsplitter 12/31/2007 8 8 - 2
The Kos I Used to Know
I'll get right to the point. The Daily Kos just isn't that interesting any more. There was a time in the recent past where this was a great site to pick up a diversity of opinion (within the ...
railsplitter 12/30/2007 75 11 - 5
"End of Days" for Republican Ideology
It's becoming almost surreal watching the chest-thumping of Republican Presidential candidates. Like a game of oneupmanship to see who's the toughest guy in the field. Which makes recent ...
railsplitter 12/29/2007 8 10 - -
National Health Insurance & The Laws of Nature
I've often wondered why a single-payer Health insurance plan would be a hard sell to the Republican Party. When I had a company in the 90's, Health insurance was our #3 cost (behind salaries and ...
railsplitter 12/27/2007 13 7 - 2
It's not Illegal Immigration, it's Illegal Employers
Being dominated by beltway insiders, the Washington Post isn't my favorite daily rag. But today they have a ...
railsplitter 12/25/2007 29 11 1 -
Ron Paul Rewrites Civil War History
When someone mentions Abraham Lincoln, I immediately take notice. Yesterday on Meet The Press Ron Paul asserted that Lincoln made a mistake by going to War in 1861. This statement is so totally ...
railsplitter 12/24/2007 103 22 - -
The NYT Blowjob
My apologies for the title. Mama always said profanity under any circumstances is bad manners. But on the other hand Mark Twain said profanity provides a relief denied prayer. Given my frustration,
railsplitter 12/23/2007 24 18 - -
The gift from Bush that keeps on giving...
The present administration will be remembered for many things. I'll leave it to others to retrospect the sum of the last eight years. But what would be the single biggest legacy of this period? ...
railsplitter 12/17/2007 5 4 - -
What Part of the word "Insurance" don't you understand?
My asbestos suit is securely buttoned. Gloves, check. Helmet, check. Ready, set, ignition! Postings on Kos like the one ...
railsplitter 12/15/2007 22 - - -
The Depression of 2008
Living in a part of the country where there was no Housing Boom, it was difficult to understand why folks voted they way they did during the 2004 election cycle. How could the overall economy be ...
railsplitter 12/10/2007 28 11 1 -
The Reality of Pearl Harbor
Note: I posted this on 12/7/07. I think its appropriate to re-post today. ================= This is one of several diaries today on Pearl Harbor. If you're looking for a sugar-coated ...
railsplitter 12/07/2007 27 15 - 18
Bankrupcy = Middle Class Safety Net
Bankruptcy isn't popular. Those who have endured it would rather forget it. It certainly doesn't rate as a cherished memory... But Bankruptcy is a critical safety valve in the marketplace. In ...
railsplitter 11/30/2007 2 13 - 2
Mortgage Loan Hostage-Taking
There's an interesting trend in the Home Loan crisis. Over the last year several states have set up "Borrower Funds" to assist Home buyers from defaulting on balloon mortgages. What's surprising ...
railsplitter 11/23/2007 9 9 - 24
Consumer Spending & Recession Risk
There's and interesting article in the latest Business Week about how the Government calculates Consumer spending. The latest Government figures forecast a drop of 3% in consumer spending. My ...
railsplitter 11/21/2007 10 10 - -
Cassandra on Line 6
I grew up in the Midwest back in the 70's. I saw first hand the progression of "The Rust Belt", and the disruption job loss caused the Families of my school mates. The US had it coming, they told ...
railsplitter 11/20/2007 11 8 - -
The Simple New Theory of Everything
OK, this is gonna be a little weird. There's a 38 year old named Garret Lisi who spends summers living in Hawaii for the surfing. For pocket money he works as a Hiking Guide and lives in a Jungle ...
railsplitter 11/18/2007 62 28 6 10
"Sound Collision Warning"
Remember the scene from the Titanic - the lookouts spot the iceberg, alarms are sounded, and furious preparations swing underway above and below decks.
railsplitter 11/17/2007 13 5 - 4
Empty Logic Behind Immigration
The ideas posted on the Diary boards are great. Hat's off to Kos & Company for such a wonderful web site. As I read comments on the Immigration Issue, there's a lot of passion & humanity expressed ...
railsplitter 11/16/2007 37 2 - -
Democrats, Immigration and the Middle Class
Please, Democratic Candidates - hear my plea! Much is said about Immigration by Democrats. The party traditionally focuses on how to stem the flood of new immigrants, and what to do with the ones ...
railsplitter 11/15/2007 50 - 1 16
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