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This Week in the War on Women
Last Sunday was Mother's Day, a Hallmark holiday as fraught with ambivalence as any. As I read friends' tributes to their living or dead mothers on Facebook, I wondered why I never really cared ...
ramara 05/16/2015 81 58 1 -
This Week in the War on Women
This week's categories may seem a bit strange and lopsided. There is lots of interesting stuff about reproductive choice, including the choice more women are making not to have children at all. ...
ramara 04/25/2015 20 22 - -
D'var Torah: Passover
I have posted things before that I wrote for writing classes held at my synagogue by my friend Lynn. They have usually been related to the High Holidays, but this year the class is less focused, and ...
ramara 04/10/2015 6 17 - -
This Week in the War on Women
This week was not so much a week of new battles as a week of old battles rethought. And re-fought. Perhaps nowhere was this more evident than in the reemergence of Monica Lewinsky. She gave a TED ...
ramara 03/28/2015 69 19 - -
D'var Torah: Vayikra and Shabbat Hachodesh
Seven years ago this week-end I had asked to do the d'var Torah at my synagogue. My birthday was on Shabbat, and it was my first birthday after having cancer, my 60th. I was still recovering and weak,
ramara 03/19/2015 15 12 - -
D'var Torah: Purim
Purim begins today at sundown. It is customary to dress in costume; we read the Megillah (the Book of Esther) and whenever Haman's name is mentioned we make as much noise as possible to drown it out.
ramara 03/04/2015 49 28 - -
This Week In the War on Women
Today, February 14th, is Valentine's Day, the Hallmark holiday that is supposed to celebrate romantic love, but which has become a day when we compare our own lives to some romantic ideal and ...
ramara 02/14/2015 19 25 - -
D'var Torah: Beshalach
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars But in ourselves that we are underlings. There are many things this parsha brings to mind for me and I thought about writing each of them so long that I ...
ramara 01/30/2015 30 6 - -
This Week in the War on Women
This past Thursday, January 22, marked the anniversary of the decision in Roe v. Wade, which made abortion legal. While House Speaker John Boehner wanted to coordinate with the annual March for ...
ramara 01/24/2015 23 20 - -
January 7, 1955: Marian Anderson Sings At the Met
On January 7, 1955, sixty years ago today, American contralto Marian Anderson sang the role of Ulrica in Verdi's Un Ballo in Maschera at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. She was the first African-...
ramara 01/07/2015 21 17 - -
Haiku for Those Who Stay Home on New Year's Eve
Time for a new year we've used up the old one, and are ready to move. New Year's Eve - champagne, fireworks, crowds in Times Square wait til the ball drops.
ramara 12/31/2014 24 21 1 -
Twenty Years Ago Today: The Brookline Clinic Shootings
This was originally published to the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona blog . BROOKLINE, MASS., DEC. 30 — A gunman dressed in black opened fire with a rifle at two abortion clinics here ...
ramara 12/30/2014 9 18 - -
Moving Towards the Light
In the Northern Hemisphere much of winter is lived in the dark. I remember when I lived in New England, I would wake up and leave for work in the dark and it would be dark again when I left to go ...
ramara 12/25/2014 27 57 - -
D'var Torah: Mikketz
Last week, we left Joseph in prison, forgotten. Two years later he is remembered - the cupbearer remembers him when none of Pharaoh's wise men can interpret two dreams that Pharaoh had, the dreams ...
ramara 12/19/2014 5 9 - -
This Week in the War on Women
I want to focus this week on brave women, women of valor. For many women, along with many men, demonstrations of courage grow out of pain; their greatness is thrust upon them by the necessities ...
ramara 12/13/2014 24 21 - -
Just a Quick Question About the Torture Victims
Does the release of the Senate committee summary mean that the government and individuals are no longer exempt from civil cases by torture victims under the Official Secrets Act? Clearly it is no ...
ramara 12/09/2014 13 - - -
D'var Torah: Toledot
I'm sorry this is late - medical issues have been consuming a lot of time and energy this week. This week's Torah reading is the story of Jacob and Esau, whose fighting began in their mother's womb ...
ramara 11/21/2014 8 6 - -
This Week in the War on Women
This week the news from the war on women seemed to focus on the state's role in women's fertility and childbearing. The New York Times ran an editorial on what can ...
ramara 11/15/2014 35 40 - -
What We Saw In This Election
I'm reading all sorts of post mortem analysis of yesterday's disastrous election. One thing I have not seen anyone say, and it seems to me the most obvious point. This was the first election to ...
ramara 11/05/2014 1 9 - -
Arizona CD 01 Volunteers Meet Candidates, and a Few Words About the Corporation Commission
I've been phone banking in Oro Valley Arizona, calling people in the southern part of Ann Kirkpatrick's district, which stretches from the Tucson northern suburbs to the northern border. This ...
ramara 11/01/2014 6 11 - -
Center for Arizona Policy: A Witches’ Brew of Spine-Tingling Politics and Legislation
This article was also published at the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona blog . The Center for Arizona Policy is a far-right Christian organization that was founded in 1995. According to its ...
ramara 10/31/2014 2 11 - -
D'var Torah: Lech Lecha, The Prequel
This parsha begins the story of the Jewish people. Until now we have had a history of the world up until Abraham. Last week we learned about his father's family, which was from Ur, in Mesopotamia. ...
ramara 10/31/2014 6 7 - -
Submit a Comment About Hobby Lobby
The Obama administration is asking for comments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid about regulations on reproductive healthcare after the Hobby Lobby decision. Tomorrow is the deadline to ...
ramara 10/20/2014 4 8 1 -
D'var Torah: Sukkot
I originally published the body of this diary a year or two ago, when I had signed up to write a d'var Torah for Sukkot and was late doing it. This year I haven't seen another one, and though I will ...
ramara 10/12/2014 7 11 - -
International Day of the Girl Child: Empowering Adolescent Girls, Breaking the Cycle of Violence
This article was first published on the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona blog. Trigger Warning : This diary discusses violence and sexual assault against girls. October 11, 2014 will be the ...
ramara 10/10/2014 9 15 - -
I Just Looked At the Arizona Ballot Propositions
This is a very short diary. I spent part of the morning looking through the Propositions that will be on November's ballot in Arizona. The first thing that struck me is that there are only three of ...
ramara 09/23/2014 6 8 - -
Repost: Sounds of the High Holidays
I have posted this diary other years as well. These sounds are worth hearing again and again. There are many sounds we associate with the High Holidays. Perhaps the best known is the blowing of ...
ramara 09/19/2014 6 7 - -
D'var Torah: Nitzavim-Vayelech
We have reached the part of the religious year when we prepare for the High Holidays and the cycle of festivals that lead to the end of the liturgical year and the beginning of the next on Simchat ...
ramara 09/18/2014 9 26 - -
A Telephone Bill
This month I got my first regular phone bill since I dropped internet service - last month's included refunds for the net for the part of the month it was turned off, and was only $3 or so. I get a ...
ramara 09/11/2014 26 11 - -
A Traffic Stop
Last Saturday when I was taking my son and a dog he had found and sheltered for the night to the Humane Society, I was pulled over. The officer, a young white man, asked if I knew where he had been ...
ramara 09/05/2014 18 23 - -
Life Is Complicated
I have had little access to the net, since I no longer have service at home. Now it seems my computer is gasping its last breaths. Yesterday I could not get into it at home for games or kindle. This ...
ramara 08/15/2014 11 13 - -
D'var Torah: Va-etchanan
Imagine this: You are a young king of a small country. Your northern neighbor, which worshiped the same god as you, has been conquered by a powerful empire, and its people dispersed. Your country ...
ramara 08/08/2014 14 16 - -
This Week in the War on Women: Last Minute Edition: Women and War
This week, no one signed up for our series. Tara is away and I have only limited internet access, so I can’t do the research I normally would for one of these diaries. But I did not want a week ...
ramara 08/02/2014 8 19 1 -
This Week in the War on Women: Reflections from Netroots Nation
This Week in the War on Women is a series that appears on Saturdays at 5 PM Pacific time. Last week I attended Netroots Nation in Detroit, and today I want to share some thoughts about it. If ...
ramara 07/26/2014 7 31 - -
Hobby Lobby: Birth Control and the Law
In 1964, when I was a 16-year-old college freshman, my Bronx pediatrician asked if I was sexually active, and offered to prescribe birth control whenever I started having sex. In 1964 his doing so ...
ramara 07/02/2014 62 109 3 -
Corporations and Fetuses
We the corporations and fetuses of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union - Oops - they really didn't mean union, did they? We can't have them forming unions! I have long felt ...
ramara 07/01/2014 4 5 - -
Jewish and Gay Reading List
This is not really a diary, since I don't have time to write one and haven't read the books on this list. But I really thought this community would appreciate it, and be able to add to it and ...
ramara 06/27/2014 4 5 - -
Movie Review: Obvious Child
I sometimes write for the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona blog, and as a PPAA volunteer was invited to a screening last night of the movie Obvious Child. I enjoyed it, and want to share some ...
ramara 06/25/2014 7 7 - -
Netroots Nation Interfaith Service: Contributions Wanted
This is a repost of a diary from earlier in the week, which got very little response . This year loggersbrat and I are in charge of the Netroots Nation interfaith service again, and this year the ...
ramara 06/14/2014 13 7 - -
Eric Cantor, the Last Jewish Republican in Congress?
Eric Cantor is the highest ranking Jewish member of Congress in history. He is also the last non-Christian Republican in Congress. He became the only Jewish Republican in either House when Arlen ...
ramara 06/11/2014 63 20 - -
Netroots Nation Interfaith Service: Contributions Wanted
This year loggersbrat and I are in charge of the Netroots Nation interfaith service again, and this year the theme is politics, faith, hope and despair. We are all activists, which means we have a ...
ramara 06/09/2014 5 10 - -
D'var Torah: Bechelatecha
I'm feeling completely uninspired this week; perhaps fitting since the parsha is about inspiration - the naming of Bezalel to make God's plans for the Tabernacle a reality. God cannot simply have ...
ramara 06/06/2014 30 8 - -
Quickie: A Question for Men Who Think Women are Exaggerating
What is the correct way to hold your car keys in when you are in a parking lot? Women all know the answer, and we know why we know the answer. If your first response is "huh?" then thank whatever ...
ramara 06/02/2014 65 41 - -
This Week in the War on Women
This week the big news in this country was the San Jose shooting, and the big news in the war on women was in the responses to it. Perhaps most notable was the start of #yesallwomen, which became a ...
ramara 05/31/2014 31 33 - -
One of My Pet Peeves at Daily Kos: Please Use Your Intro as an Introduction, Not Your Diary
I just went to look something up in a diary I wrote Saturday for This Week in the War on Women - I wanted to share a link in a comment. Now it isn't really very long between Saturday and Wednesday; ...
ramara 05/28/2014 81 37 1 -
This Week in the War on Women
This week I want to concentrate on some controversies from within various movements that focus on women and women's issues. And on issues within the coalition known as the women's movement. To do ...
ramara 05/24/2014 18 21 - -
This Week's D'var Torah
We may be blessed with two commentaries this week. Our new Kossack, dssayani, signed up to do this week, but when he hadn't posted it by this afternoon, NVT asked whether we could publish ...
ramara 05/23/2014 1 4 - -
A Note From Tom Wheeler
Like many of you, I have been signing petitions and making phone calls to the White House and the FCC for weeks urging Chairman Tom Wheeler to preserve the internet as we know it and not to approve ...
ramara 05/12/2014 11 4 - -
They Have Names
The story of the Nigerian girls kidnapped by Boko Haram has been painful, not just because of what has happened or may yet happen to them, but because there has been so little interest in them, and ...
ramara 05/09/2014 5 16 - -
D'var Torah: Emor - Counting the Omer
I'll be honest: I was not planning to write about the parsha this week, which contains instructions for the priests, deeming the disabled as unfit to approach the Sanctuary, the "eye for an eye" law,
ramara 05/01/2014 23 9 - -
April 17, 1965: Aging 60's Folks Discuss Demonstrations
A friend from college days posted a flyer for the April 17 1965 March on Washington to end the war in Vietnam. What follows is the discussion that followed. Don't laugh too hard. Just try and ...
ramara 04/17/2014 17 12 - -
Sometimes More Democrats Beats the Alternative
I live in AZ-01, that monster district that covers an area larger than many states. We are represented by Ann Kirkpatrick, a conservative Democrat. I worked to get her elected once Bonally-...
ramara 04/04/2014 17 20 1 -
Fundraising Diary - My Car Needs a Clutch
I haven't done this in a while because happily I have been getting by. But I need a new clutch - I went to pick up a few prescriptions today, which is about ten miles away, and the ride home was ...
ramara 04/02/2014 22 9 - -
Just Gotta Get It Off My Chest: Organizing for Action Rant
Remember the lovely red, white and blue "O" of the Obama campaigns? His Obama for America theme? The innovative use of the internet, and the database of supporters? It was kind of neat, wasn't it? ...
ramara 03/28/2014 8 9 - -
D'var Torah: Shemini
I asked for this week because the 22nd is my birthday, without knowing what the parsha was, or at least not paying attention. The last time my birthday came on a Saturday was six years ago, and I ...
ramara 03/20/2014 17 21 1 -
This Week in the War on Women
This week Jews celebrated Purim, the holiday where we read the Book of Esther. Esther's story, whether based on facts or not, always makes me think about the place of women in strongly patriarchal ...
ramara 03/15/2014 14 20 - -
Just In: Senate Passes Military Safety Act 97-0
I turned on C-Span to listen to the climate all-nighter, and got the final vote on Senator McCaskell's Military Safety Act. When I tuned in, the vote stood at 96-0. Then Senator Harry Reid voted Yea,
ramara 03/10/2014 9 16 - -
D'var Torah Note
Shabbat Shalom. If you came looking for a d'var Torah this week, you were disappointed - I certainly was. But nobody signed up for the week, and NavyVetTerp, instead of filling in as he usually ...
ramara 03/08/2014 3 7 - -
This Week in the War on Women
This week ended with Valentine's Day, the Hallmark holiday to end all Hallmark holidays. It has become a day when those of us not in relationships feel inadequate, and those who are can compare ...
ramara 02/15/2014 14 19 - -
D'var Torah: Rosh Hodesh and Women of the Wall
Today is Rosh Hodesh, the celebration of the new moon. As long ago as the fourth century, the rabbis declared that this is a women's holiday. From the Jewish Virtual Library : Rosh Chodesh has long ...
ramara 01/31/2014 24 6 - -
More Cuts to Food Stamps? My Story
First, my boilerplate on the subject - The best way to cut food stamp expenditures is a living wage. I got another email to send to my Congresswoman, Ann Kirkpatrick. After a little thought, I sent ...
ramara 01/28/2014 13 41 1 -
This Week in the War on Women
The big thing this week was the 41st anniversary of the Roe v Wade decision. Some of us remember life before Roe - most women my age either needed or knew someone who needed, an illegal abortion. I ...
ramara 01/25/2014 20 26 - -
New Year's Eve Haiku
I'm a stay-at-home not much for parties, or for new year's eve driving New Year's Eve haiku has become a tradition for me at DKos Champagne, Johann Strauss music, heady sopranos sing about ...
ramara 12/31/2013 24 8 - -
My Secret Santa Story
I looked in at one of the Secret Santa diaries, and decided to throw a wish out to the universe. Without even checking to see if they were available, I asked for a pair of Wings earrings I had ...
ramara 12/24/2013 8 14 - -
D'var Torah: Shemot Exodus 1:1 - 6:1
There is a story: When God decided to redeem the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, he knew he would need a leader who was Israelite but who was never a slave. He thought about it, and decided he ...
ramara 12/20/2013 34 12 - -
This Week in the War on Women: 11/23/13
This week's news from the front includes some battles won as well as battles that we are still fighting.
ramara 11/23/2013 5 13 - -
November 22, 1963
This was originally published at Yahoo Voices , and I have also posted it here before. But I was remembering again this week... It was a gray and chilly day in New York City. I was a senior at the ...
ramara 11/22/2013 7 5 - -
How the D'var Torah Series Has Survived
Periodically, I review the history of this series, rather like looking at an old picture album. (And yes, I am of an age when I still think of physical albums.) I look at where we have been and ...
ramara 11/05/2013 19 15 - -
This Week in the War on Women
This week's entries are largely about ongoing stories. They include two protests, in Nairobi and in Saudi Arabia, against two very different forms of injustice. So let's get on with it.
ramara 11/02/2013 8 17 - -
Have You Gotten This?
Received as a Kos Message: Hello, My name is miss Ngone Hadiza, I like your profile in this network and I think you are a nice person i want us to be friends i don't know how you ...
ramara 10/22/2013 14 6 - -
This Week in the War on Women
This week I want to begin with some reflections about the 1950's inspired by some of the reading I've done for this diary. Some of us are old enough to have been influenced by popular culture of ...
ramara 10/05/2013 22 17 - -
This Week in the War on Women
This is a lopsided week in the war on women, with most entries grouped into one or two categories, several reflective articles, and quite a bit of good news for a change. So here's the good, the bad,
ramara 09/28/2013 13 23 - -
D'var Torah: Bereshit
This season in the Jewish calendar is all about beginnings. First we have Rosh Hashana, the "birthday of the world," when we are called to attention by the shofar. In the shofar service, we read of ...
ramara 09/27/2013 13 9 - -
This Week in the War on Women
Here's this week's installment of updates from the War on Women. I may not be around when it posts, but will check in later. I don't have an action heading this week. All the actions coming my way ...
ramara 09/07/2013 14 21 - -
D'var Torah: Rosh Hashana
For perhaps four or five years, starting in 2005, my friend Lynn led a writing class before the high holidays. Our writings were then made into a booklet, and we read many of them during the holiday ...
ramara 09/03/2013 18 18 - -
First Monday of September: Labor Day History
This is my latest iteration of my Labor Day history, which I have posted here on several Labor Days, and also on Yahoo Voices . In these days when Labor Day is generally marked by barbeques and ...
ramara 09/02/2013 4 2 - -
Hurricane James Inhofe?
I got this in my email today, and thought it worth sharing. The premise is simple. Why do we name devastating storms for people who never did anything to hurt anyone? Instead, imagine if we named ...
ramara 08/26/2013 12 19 1 -
Just A Link - Caution, Censored Material
Maybe someone else has already linked to these, but they are a must-see. This link takes you to the six censored Doonesbury cartoons. They are all about an attempt to get an abortion in Texas, and ...
ramara 08/18/2013 15 21 - -
How To Avoid Another Steubenville, West Virginia Style
There's a new program for high school athletes in Wheeling, West Virginia. United States Attorney William Ihlenfeld II began an outreach program last year called Project Future, that taught high ...
ramara 08/12/2013 20 8 - -
D'var Torah: Shofetim
Deuteronomy 16:18 through 21:9 Haftarah Isaiah 51:12 through 52:12 (Fourth Haftarah of Consolation) Shofetim sets out a legal system of magistrates and judges, of civil and religious and civil law, ...
ramara 08/09/2013 66 27 - -
The Case For Progressive Taxation
I first published this in May 2009 at Yahoo Voices . Sadly it's still relevant. The original title was Why We Pay Taxes.
ramara 08/03/2013 5 5 - -
This Week in the War on Women
I give up. This diary is late because I have lost several drafts during the linking process. So I will stop attempting to include links in the text. What follows is a sampling of stories from the ...
ramara 07/27/2013 4 10 - -
This Week in the War on Women - Apology
I know it's late, and I am very sorry. I lost the draft of my diary, and can't get it back. I am working on it, and will continue to work on it today, and will get something up as soon as I am able.
ramara 07/27/2013 4 4 - -
The President's Comments About Trayvon Martin - Some Thoughts
I was deeply moved by President Obama's comments about the verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman. But a little voice in the back of my head whispered some disturbing things, and as a little time ...
ramara 07/22/2013 3 3 - -
Don't Worry, I Won't Discuss My Feelings About the Verdict
I have read so many things today about the Zimmerman trial: legal analysis of Stand Your Ground laws, a policeman's take on George Zimmerman , poems, music, discussion of how guns keep killing ...
ramara 07/14/2013 6 7 1 -
Missing "This Week In The War On Women"
At Netroots Nation this year I went to a panel that featured Kaili Joy Grey, aka Angry Mouse, lately missing from the front page. She looked wonderful, so life after Daily Kos must be agreeing with ...
ramara 07/06/2013 21 20 - -
Updated: Hey Guys - Are You Up for the March on Washington?
I know this is not much of a diary, but I'm thinking some of us might want to organize a way to join the 50th anniversary March on Washington. I have no money at the moment, having just got back ...
ramara 07/01/2013 6 5 - -
Netroots Nation Interfaith Service
Netroots Nation 2013 Interfaith Service if we wait for spring to bring renewal we will die if we wait for wars to end we may not end our own if we wait for peace to come we may find no ...
ramara 06/27/2013 21 30 2 -
Meshpuchah at Netroots Nation 2013
This is my fifth year at Netroots Nation, and it really feels like coming home. I'm sure that figuring out how to pack my community quilt in my carry-on luggage has something to do with a feeling of ...
ramara 06/21/2013 7 16 - -
Fundraising Diary: Another Kossack Needs Our Help
I first met Alexandra Lynch at Street Prophets, where she was the resident Wiccan and wrote lovely poetry for the solstices and equinoxes. Some of you may also know her from Kosability, since she ...
ramara 06/09/2013 36 42 2 -
Tucson Kossacks - Movie Date?
This is a short diary. I posted this question on facebook, but realized I'm not friends there with most of you. Jeremy Scahill's movie Dirty Wars will come to the Loft Cinema on June 28, I don't ...
ramara 06/07/2013 6 4 - -
My Question About Monsanto and the Government
Please take a minute to check this link.¬if_t=share_comment
ramara 06/03/2013 26 4 1 -
Yosef Abramowitz Takes the World Solar
CNN ran a story about Yosef Abramowitz on its show Next List, hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. I just heard about the story from Rabbi Barry Leff of Rabbis for Human Rights, who is friends with Yosef and ...
ramara 06/01/2013 8 14 1 -
D'var Torah: Shelach Lecha With Update
This week's Torah reading is Shelach Lecha, Numbers 13 through 15. The haftarah is Joshua 2. Both are stories of scouts being sent into the land of Canaan to bring back word of what the Israelites ...
ramara 05/31/2013 100 18 - -
Five Memorial Day Week-ends Ago
I was thinking about Netroots Nation - I have my tickets - and realized that it was during Memorial Day week-end five years ago that I got my first computer. It was a Dell laptop given to me by the ...
ramara 05/30/2013 6 7 - -
Religion, Belief Systems, Nature, Science: Contributions Wanted for NN 13 Sunday Service
For the past few years, loggersbrat and I have been organizing the Sunday morning interfaith service at Netroots Nation. The service is open to everyone, of all faiths and of no faith. Some of us ...
ramara 05/18/2013 6 4 - -
A Word About the D'var Torah Series
The d'var Torah series began about three years ago at Street Prophets, one of the Daily Kos spin-offs that has since been reabsorbed into this site. While the transistion to DK4 was going on, many ...
ramara 05/07/2013 16 17 - -
Greece, Immigration, Nazis, Austerity
"Into the Fire" is a video that is being crowd-released today. It is available on YouTube; I had it forwarded to me on Facebook. I spent time in Greece many years ago, making music one summer, and ...
ramara 04/22/2013 5 4 - -
KosAbility: My Life As Patient, My Life As Caretaker
Some of you know something about me. I have lived with depression of one sort or another all my life, mostly dysthymia, a constant low-level depression, but have also had several descents into major ...
ramara 04/21/2013 22 22 - -
D'var Torah: Acherei Mot - Kedoshim
When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not wrong him. The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as one of your citizens; you shall love him as yourself, for you were ...
ramara 04/19/2013 7 12 1 -
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