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Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 2/25/2015
Kitchen ...
rb137 02/25/2015 75 38 - -
The DR Congo Climate Factor, and the Road to 2016.
All photos in this post are by Prince Balume and Achilles Balume, and are posted here with permission. In 2006, DR Congo passed a new constitution, which is similar ...
rb137 02/08/2015 42 36 1 -
One more thing anti-vaccers don't get...
I wasn't going to jump into this conversation, but I want to add another dimension to the discussion of the benefits vs. dangers of vaccinating. I feel qualified by the fact that my first-born child ...
rb137 02/02/2015 83 80 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 01/15/15: Thank you, DK. You helped. A lot!
It's nice to see you all again -- meatworld has been chewing into my blogging time lately, so I don't get out as often as I'd like. I wanted to drop in and tell you about something wonderful, though.
rb137 01/15/2015 44 38 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: 9.25 Mount Dickerman
Greetings, all... I've not been around much for the past several months -- I've been up to more good than no good, though. Well, most of the time, anyway. And I do enjoy hanging out at KTK when I ...
rb137 09/25/2014 68 41 - -
Beyond the Summit: Gorillas, Guerillas, Grit, and Green Energy
Dr. Emmanuel de Merode is Chief Warden of Virunga National Park in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. He has dedicated the past fifteen years of his career to protecting the National Parks ...
rb137 09/23/2014 28 37 - -
People's Climate March Blogathon – Blog Team Thanks Meteor Blades
Our UN Climate Blogathon starts tomorrow -- and we have a great panel of guests, as well as some Daily Kos writers planning to post. This summit is a big deal. The US has been blocking international ...
rb137 09/18/2014 39 67 2 -
March on UN Climate Summit -- September 21
Do sign up and march if you can. It will make a difference. The US has been a primary source for the quicksand prior climate talks have encountered. They are slow realize their effect on the ...
rb137 08/23/2014 9 19 - -
150 Years in Yosemite: Those Who Kill
As we celebrate 150 years of protecting Yosemite National Park, we have to look closer at how it became ours in the first place. The name itself -- Yosemite -- is a slur. It is a Miwok word that ...
rb137 07/08/2014 40 61 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing, 06/25/14: Mountain Flowers
I'll let the flowers speak for themselves. The photos were taken ...
rb137 06/25/2014 61 36 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 6/21/14, America in the World
Happy Solstice, everyone. At my house we celebrate this day with the mantra, "May you walk in peace and love." I work in non-profit. In short, I ...
rb137 06/21/2014 75 34 - -
6th grade graduation speech...
This is a speech written for a 6th grade commencement -- by a 12 year old who wishes to remain anonymous. He or she has given me permission to post it here, and it is unabridged. When we were ...
rb137 06/15/2014 8 18 - -
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging, Vol. 10.17
Maybe I could call this Gardening in the Dark. With Helpers. It's a long transition to perfectly blissful gardening with puppies. I want the yard to be compatible with our helpful garden buddies, ...
rb137 06/14/2014 280 68 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing 06/12/14: Have a safe hike.
View from the summit of Mailbox Peak, near North Bend, Washington. Last weekend, Mr. rb137 ...
rb137 06/12/2014 105 37 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Twin Lakes Trail
If you look in Washington State trail books, this trail is to Twin ...
rb137 05/29/2014 52 40 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Bridal Veil Falls and Lake Serene
May. Fair weather hiking season is underway in a lot of places. We had a lot of precipitation this year in the Puget Sound area, so it will be a while before we can get to the high places. There ...
rb137 05/16/2014 38 36 - -
Oil exploration in Virunga National Park
Crossposted from here...
rb137 05/11/2014 34 56 2 -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: "We will hold hands and succeed together."
Last March, folks here at KTK helped to support this fundraiser , by reccing, sharing, reposting, learning, or donating. A group of teenage, ...
rb137 05/02/2014 63 43 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: Hinkin' thinkin' ... and spring.
Oh, spring. I'm still in a flurry of pulling weeds, and I'm way behind on yard stuff. My garden is getting to be a big slug buffet. The rainy season isn't quite over, and the sunny season is ...
rb137 04/30/2014 55 39 - -
Kitchen Table Kibitzing: “I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of Him.”
Greetings, all, and thanks to remembrance for inviting me here. This is my first time hosting KTK. I had something prepared that was full of sweetness and light, when I learned ...
rb137 04/18/2014 138 53 - -
Today is the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda
Well, the start of the genocide, anyway. It lasted 100 days and took roughly 800,000 lives. What most of us in the west do not realize is that this was a particular instance of extreme violence that ...
rb137 04/07/2014 30 40 2 -
Update -- Goal Met! Community Fundraisers: The Big Lie. And please help Tonya.
If you think 15% of people are unemployed, you're thinking that the glass is half empty. 85% of people are employed. With odds like that, you must be a real loser to not be on your way to living the ...
rb137 03/20/2014 13 38 - -
Big Bang -- Gravity Wave Detection is Spectacular Evidence for Inflation
This is huge. See New York Times article, which (I think) wasn't yet published in time for any of the other diaries: Detection of Waves in Space Buttresses Landmark Theory of Big Bang. A ground-...
rb137 03/17/2014 18 25 - -
Done! Brilliant Grassroots Project by Women In Congo FUNDED!
I understand ATM fatigue -- and if you have it, I am sympathetic. I am circulating this story just in case you don't. This great project needs just $314 before 4:00p PDT today, or all of the funding ...
rb137 03/13/2014 38 28 - -
Abortion, really? Boycotting projects on pro-choice websites.
I recently started telling people about a fundraiser here and at Motley Moose. The diaries I posted are Women in Congo Succeeding Together and Women in Congo Paying It Forward Need Your Help. ...
rb137 03/11/2014 7 20 - -
Women in Congo Paying It Forward Need Your Help
There is a community-based movement taking place in Democratic Republic of the Congo, supported by a program called Succeeding Together . It is structured to help women help each other by ...
rb137 03/09/2014 12 34 - -
Are you kidding me Sean? You're not that stupid.
I just read Laura Clawson's Sean Hannity proposes adopt a woman birth control program, about one of Hannity's latest attempts to manufacture outrage among conservatives. How stupid does he think his ...
rb137 01/29/2014 8 25 - -
Are you kidding me, Rand? Teasplain for me, please.
We're comparing the GOP's systematic dismantling of women's control over their reproductive lives to Bill Clinton's consensual affair with Monica Lewinsky. "Someone who takes advantage of a young ...
rb137 01/27/2014 20 27 - -
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging, Vol. 9.43
Oh, winter. One of the reasons I like vegetable gardening is for the food. It isn't just that it's homegrown, or inexpensive, or that I can choose what to have and how much -- it's the genuine ...
rb137 12/14/2013 307 67 4 -
Butterfly Woman: Food-like products are making us sick.
A century ago, there was a genuine and serious shortage of food in the United States. Agricultural science went to work to create more efficient ways of producing and storing food with the hope that ...
rb137 10/24/2013 116 166 4 -
Hummingbirds: The Yosemite Rim Fire
Grocery store parking lot, 50 miles north of the fire. There is always something burning. Fires are part of the natural order of things, in fact, they play an important role in Sierra Nevada ecology.
rb137 09/10/2013 38 102 - -
Hummingbirds: It is so dry in the gentle wilderness.
I've been a regular visitor to the Sierras in California for twenty years. It's hard to express what that means to me, but I'm drawn there and I feel like I belong. The Sierra lets me co-exist. I ...
rb137 09/10/2013 52 78 - -
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Vol. 9.26
Good morning, gardeners. How is the weather treating you? My yard is a slug buffet. It's a freak show, seriously. We had a little rain this week in the Pacific Northwest. That made me happy, ...
rb137 08/17/2013 285 64 - -
Gothic Basin near Glacier Peak (photos)
The following pictures are from Gothic Basin yesterday. It's a rough hike, in fact, a lot of it isn't what most people would even call trail. It's more like a rock garden. It's steep and there are ...
rb137 08/11/2013 21 39 - -
Community Fundraiser: We reached our goal! And the single parent's double bind
Update: Tonya sends her thanks. :) It takes a village. In the United States, we have a habit of lying to ourselves about our independence. Our story is about individual freedoms and personal ...
rb137 07/28/2013 80 75 1 -
Saturday Morning Garden Blogging Vol 9.21: Coming Up Roses
Thanks for having me here today. I read Saturday Morning Garden Blogging often -- but I live on the west coast, so I usually read it late compared to when it posts. I am a great fan of this series,
rb137 07/13/2013 427 73 1 -
Kos Katalogue: Our Choices Matter
I am a consumer. As much as I hate the fact -- I still depend on consumer goods to survive. The overwhelming majority of what I buy is for comfort, though. I rarely ask myself if passing up a ...
rb137 07/11/2013 54 67 1 -
Forward on Climate: The Problem with Novel Technologies
This week, we've had an impressive crop of diaries about the Keystone XL project -- an pipeline that hooks us more deeply into one of the more damaging fossil fuel extractions we've ever seen. ...
rb137 02/14/2013 19 40 - -
SCOTUS to decide on DNA collection in rape case.
From RAINN: The US Supreme Court this month announced that it will decide whether it is legally permissible for police to take DNA samples from suspects arrested for violent crimes. The case is an ...
rb137 11/28/2012 89 24 - -
War to break in DRC over military labor dispute. You can do something to help.
Earlier this week, a rebel militia [M23] captured Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo. The streets are calm (for now), but there are more than 1 million people without power or potable water. The ...
rb137 11/25/2012 12 35 - -
BROKEN: New epoch for the war in Congo
As many of you know, a new conflict has been brewing in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo for about a month. In short, the M23 rebel group marched into Goma yesterday, and now has control of the ...
rb137 11/20/2012 4 26 - -
CCSOS: Climate change just isn't Santa anymore.
Climate denialists are having some trouble with science these days. Well, they've had trouble all along, but the final nails are in that coffin. The simple fact is that all of their attempts at ...
rb137 08/20/2012 47 83 2 535
This is Mitt's brain on Bain.
Now who can argue with this??? Those decisions were made by folks that were running the company differently. So I don't have the details of what decision-making went into it. Oftentimes what ...
rb137 07/16/2012 19 19 - 170
Proof of Big Bang theory wins prestigious award.
Today, the Wilkenson Microwave Anisotropy Probe won the prestigious Gruber Cosmology Prize for "observations and analyses of ancient light have provided the unprecedentedly rigorous measurements of ...
rb137 06/20/2012 231 164 7 918
The Grieving Room: "Tell them not to cry."
rb137 05/21/2012 61 40 2 287
KosAbility: What? Say again???
What did you say? Come again? A lot of us have hearing loss, and it's not clear when it becomes a disability. Profound deafness is clearly disabling. What about those with lesser hearing losses -- ...
rb137 05/20/2012 87 69 1 295
"A woman should never go where she will be raped."
For the past couple of years, I've posted a diary about sexual assault awareness -- mostly to point out that we are none very realistic about what makes us safer than not, and we often have a false ...
rb137 04/22/2012 293 174 - 1439
Forced birthers wanted my baby
My first born daughter is twenty six years old. I was young, and pretty much on my own when I got pregnant. I had no family nearby, and her father didn't hold a lot of promise, either. Much of my ...
rb137 03/18/2012 320 680 6 2919
I'm bored, Rush. Yawn.
For twenty five years, you've been talking your stuff. You've made your living riling angry white men, intellectually impaired misogynists, and anyone who is afraid of an identifable other. You'll ...
rb137 03/04/2012 33 24 - 199
NFTT: It's been a decade.
Ten years is a long time. Way back when, I was told that to serve, I needed to shop. Get out the credit cards. Pump that gas. Debauch and have fun. That was my patriotic duty. Flag-draped coffins ...
rb137 02/23/2012 42 93 - 327
Subscription drive: Because information is power.
From the Daily Kos Community ...
rb137 12/23/2011 18 53 - 299
1 in 6: Is it real food?
Today is World Food Day. It is also Blog Action Day , where bloggers all over the world will be writing about food. ...
rb137 10/16/2011 56 106 3 480
Moving Planet: Fossil Fuels Aren't Cheap
We've heard the arguments. The developing world must burn coal because of the bottom line. Clean energy costs are prohibitive for developing nations. Coal is cheap. Coal is easy. That is, it's ...
rb137 09/24/2011 19 46 1 170
Stop Tar Sands: Climate Denial is a Paper Tiger.
"Do you believe in global warming?" The climate denial propoganda machine wants to make sure that climate change gets perceived as a concept ...
rb137 08/17/2011 39 62 1 253
Kosability: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity
KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday and Wednesday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love ...
rb137 08/07/2011 101 68 1 281
48 for East Africa: Millions and Counting
Famine is almost always manmade. It is a disaster that requires a series of ...
rb137 08/06/2011 74 107 2 431
East Africa Famine: Epic Crisis
James Orbinski, former director of Doctors Without Borders [MSF], ...
rb137 07/29/2011 32 67 2 256
Climate Scientists Face Threats of Violence, Sexual Assault & Attacks of Family Members
Earlier this month, Aaron Ross reported at Mother Jones that Austrailian climate scientists were ...
rb137 06/27/2011 79 203 6 1176
Maisha Soul: "Our music is our gun."
rb137 05/10/2011 34 32 2 231
Let's talk torture, Dick. Myths I
So, Dick Cheney and friends want to claim that torture is responsible for Obama finding bin Laden. Think so? Many argue that when a prisoner gets tortured, he will say anything just to make the ...
rb137 05/02/2011 20 40 1 207
Clean energy loans still at risk.
The Obama administration is pushing for renewables in the face of rising oil prices, and while ...
rb137 04/24/2011 19 25 - 175
Damn that River
Coldness, darkness. I fell on the trail. My friend pulled me to my feet and said, You can't push the river. I pushed the river, anyway. Blind and shivering. I'm back in the mud. My friend laughed ...
rb137 04/04/2011 14 19 - 162
KosAbility: Now I eat like a freak
KosAbility is a community diary series posted at 5 PM ET every Sunday and Wednesday by volunteer diarists. This is a gathering place for people who are living with disabilities, who love someone ...
rb137 04/03/2011 149 93 2 517
Are you safe? April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.
This is a repost of a diary I posted ...
rb137 03/31/2011 40 32 - 188
Deepwater Horizon Post Mortem Blowout
On March 20, the Department of the Interior released the final Deepwater Horizon autopsy report, Forensic Examination of Deepwater Horizon Blowout Preventor . You can view the entire ...
rb137 03/27/2011 62 58 3 339
Japan Nuclear Disaster Mothership #12: Prime Minister Calls Situation 'Dire'
You are in Mothership 12 coverage of the Japan Nuclear Disaster. Please Rec this diary, and this diary, only. Unrec previous diaries in the series. In general, try to ...
rb137 03/25/2011 47 191 2 922
Breaking: Officials fear radiation leaking from core.
Thursday, three radiation workers were exposed to highly contaminated water. Today, TEPCO released the isotope profile from ...
rb137 03/25/2011 260 153 1 1330
"Hostile reaction," threats against climate scientists persist.
We watched the right wing threaten Democrats during the health care debate, and the tactics are not a lot different in the climate reform, particularly now that the EPA might succeed in regulating ...
rb137 01/18/2011 159 245 4 128
For me, Kitsap River has a Diary of the Year.
A few of you close to me know that I've been excessively sick for the past month or so. What most of you don't know is that Kitsap River and her diaries about diabetes and kidney disease are largely ...
rb137 01/12/2011 58 182 2 154
Inhofe v. Starbucks and Nike, oh my!
Early in December, four GOP senators ...
rb137 12/14/2010 42 31 2 122
Westboro Baptist to picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral.
Just when I thought I'd seen the bottom of the barrel, Fred Phelps appears:
rb137 12/11/2010 41 11 - 88
Calling all bloggers! Climate Conference in Cancun.
rb137 11/28/2010 57 30 - 325
Daily Kos GOTV: Jim Hightower, Revitalize our Democracy
rb137 10/30/2010 23 35 - 269
Voting is a climate issue, and the time is now. With pooties.
rb137 10/25/2010 37 38 1 122
Seattle Times and PI endorse DelBene. Let's go red to blue!
rb137 10/13/2010 58 59 - 135
DelBene closing on Reichert. Let's pick up one blue.
I met Suzan DelBene for the first time some months ago, when we had a converstion about why she chose to run for congress. She impressed me at the time, and I have not been disappointed since. In ...
rb137 10/12/2010 18 48 1 196
Gulf Waters Riddled with BP Carcinogens
rb137 10/03/2010 91 248 4 106
Feeding America Blogathon: Hunger Awareness (introduction)
rb137 09/25/2010 96 89 - 177
Help Obama fight fossil fuel polluters.
rb137 09/15/2010 25 31 2 67
Instability threatens Congo rainforest.
rb137 09/12/2010 14 22 - 400
EcoJustice: The best of grassroots in the Congo.
In December, one of ...
rb137 09/06/2010 23 33 - 143
In defense of whores.
In daily speech, we tend to use epithets freely until they're called out. I want to encourage the Daily Kos community -- a group of people who usually do a pretty good job of not allowing hate ...
rb137 08/15/2010 642 377 1 104
Gulf Recovery: "It's [still] the economy, stupid..."
This week, Obama signed a $26 billion bill that eases state budget crises and saves 300,000 teachers and policemen from imminent layoffs. The trade-off was DOE's renewable energy and transmission ...
rb137 08/13/2010 74 60 2 79
EcoJustice: It's more than BP.
And it's more than the Gulf of ...
rb137 07/27/2010 39 40 - 231
Cleanliness is next to ECSTASY!
I've suffered with varying degrees of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity for twenty years, so I was one of the early devotees to environmentally friendly cleaning products. Given that most American ...
rb137 07/18/2010 45 35 5 67
Dave Reichert's ticking Boehner.
I've started canvassing in redder-voting areas, and while I've hardly gotten statistical sample size, I find that I hear the same stories again and again. People hurt. They are losing their business ...
rb137 07/09/2010 25 22 - 42
EcoJustice: "What I do" and What it Means to be Ruined.
My interest is in conflict resolution, and when I can, I volunteer my skills as an analyst and writer to help bloody circumstances in Democratic Republic of Congo. I've been writing about it a lot ...
rb137 07/05/2010 18 55 - 102
Please help 11th Hour Vote on the New Blood Diamonds.
We are complicit in a brutal civil war taking place in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Many of the metals that are used in technology come from the mining operations that support this war. You ...
rb137 06/23/2010 27 40 3 65
Not jotter's High Impact Diaries, June 19, 2010
Welcome jotterbots, and welcome all to another edition of Notjotter's High Impact Diaries! And a warm welcome to brian123, our newest of 109 new kogs. brian123 occupies uid=248286. Yesterday 119 ...
rb137 06/20/2010 74 28 - 33
Not jotter's High Impact Diaries: June 15, 2010
Welcome jotterbots, and ...
rb137 06/16/2010 144 44 1 221
EcoJustice: Action -- Help create conflict-free green technology.
The Second Congo War, also called Africa's World War, killed 5 million people between 1998 and 2003. It was the largest war in Africa's history; it involved eight African nations and more than ...
rb137 06/14/2010 29 37 1 349
Feeding America: Voice of the homeless in Tent City 4
In 2007, an estimated 1%
rb137 05/30/2010 405 154 2 222
Louisiana fishermen sickened from BP cleanup
Fishermen local to Louisiana are getting sick from working on the spill cleanup effort, although British Petroleum assures them that they don't need respirators or protective clothing.
rb137 05/20/2010 245 371 5 201
Morning Feature: A Starry Messenger
In the wee hours of morning, a ...
rb137 05/12/2010 202 61 1 51
Your cellphone is killing people!
E.C.S.T.A.S.Y. — E nd C onsumption, S ave T he A ir & S ea, ...
rb137 05/09/2010 132 209 13 83
Act now, save some lives.
There is a brutal civil war taking place in The Democratic Republic of Congo. We are complicit in this conflict, in fact, many of the metals that are used in technology come from the corrupt mining ...
rb137 05/04/2010 8 24 - 161
EcoJustice: Silence in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Meet Jeanne Muliri ...
rb137 05/03/2010 36 36 - 398
Earthday: Be safe, leave no trace.
The Eco community at Daily ...
rb137 04/22/2010 55 39 1 92
EcoJustice: Big Energy robs landowners of mineral rights.
Daniel Gilbert , a staff writer for The Bristol Herald Courier of Bristol Va/Tn, wrote a series ...
rb137 04/19/2010 18 33 - 266
ECSTASY: Not Buying It!
In 2004,
rb137 04/18/2010 55 36 1 139
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