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The Century Ago Game
Cross posted from my new blog . So here’s a fun game to play and an interesting way to relate to historical events. In the next couple of weeks, and for the next few years, we’re going to ...
rcbowman 07/28/2014 18 24 1 -
Census Report: Ten Million in Poverty because of Medical Costs
The Bureau of the Census just released its new way of calculating poverty, which adjusts for a lot of things the old "official" poverty level calculators did not. This Supplemental Poverty Measure (...
rcbowman 11/17/2012 50 62 4 -
Listen To Your Doctor
This will be a short diary. I just want to take the time to suggest the title of the diary as a slogan (ideally one of many) for the new wave of pressure we have to put on Congress right now to get ...
rcbowman 09/15/2009 4 4 - 19
When the media drops the ball, people die.
I'm well aware that could be a nyceve diary title; it's true in many ways, in all too many places. But this diary is about Zimbabwe. Many here read DHinMI'...
rcbowman 04/29/2008 6 4 - 1
Into the abyss.
On Thursday, Archbishop Desmond Tutu warned Zimbabwe is staring into the abyss. Violence is growing and the people are ...
rcbowman 04/26/2008 3 15 1 178
Yes, we can stop a bloodbath in Zimbabwe.
The opening scene of the movie Lord of War is a quick life-history of an AK-47 bullet, from the bullet's point of view, taking us from the machine ...
rcbowman 04/22/2008 13 11 - 171
Help to prevent a civil war, or massacre, in Zimbabwe
Right now, there is a ship loaded with small arms trying to deliver to Zimbabwe, to the tyrannical regime of Robert Mugabe. It is likely he's ready to put down the opposition with violence, after ...
rcbowman 04/20/2008 37 10 - 168
Consciousness raising: Weapons on their way to Zimbabwe.
Edited by request to put the important stuff first. Right now there's a ship with a cargo of armaments , trying to deliver them ...
rcbowman 04/18/2008 39 24 1 60
Gore's on his way... to Oslo? or just Belgrade?
My first diary here: I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and am on Barbara Boxer's e-mailing list. She just sent out an announcement regretting that Al Gore wouldn't be coming to a concert they've ...
rcbowman 10/10/2007 23 13 - 4
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