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If Lightning Strikes: Pennsylvania Redistricting
With Corbett's approval rating in the toilet and a narrow Republican hold on both chambers of the legislature, there is a chance that the Democrats will hold the trifecta after the 2014 elections. I ...
redrelic17 03/18/2013 16 10 - 2
Pennsylvania Voter Registration County/Age Breakdown
Pennsylvania is a mixture of Appalachian, Northeastern Megalopolis, and Midwestern voting patterns. Kerry won it by 2, Obama by 11, and Obama looks like he will win it by 8-12 points this year. It ...
redrelic17 09/23/2012 32 25 2 363
Obama, The Negotiator-in-Chief
It was my last semester at Penn State, when the Democratic presidential primary came to Pennsylvania. I spent most of my free time registering student voters, and imploring them to vote for Obama. ...
redrelic17 07/16/2011 61 8 - 207
Progressive Democratic Women for US Senate
Beating a powerful incumbent is difficult, but for a female candidate during the 20th century it was impossible. It came as a shock to me to find out that the first woman to defeat an incumbent ...
redrelic17 07/14/2011 3 8 - 83
Fulbright-Hays Canceled: Vote Your Livelihood
I am a graduate student in neuroscience at Emory University, so I am not affected by the cancelation of the Fulbright-Hays Grants to support liberal arts dissertation research abroad. Even a science ...
redrelic17 07/10/2011 17 13 - 134
Pro-Union Demonstrators Arrested on Emory Campus
While Republican union busters await their demise in Wisconsin, students in Georgia have taken up the torch of workers' ...
redrelic17 04/26/2011 42 198 7 795
Congressman Wu: A Story of Success and Mental Illness
I first heard of Congressman David Wu when he gave his infamous Klingon speech on the House floor in 2007. A Star Strek fan, Wu compared President Bush to the fact-challenged, ideology-driven ...
redrelic17 04/25/2011 22 8 1 156
How I Got Bank of America to Donate to Bryan Lentz (PA-07)
Is there anything better than getting revenge on the evil banksters while helping a progressive Democrat in the process? There is not. And I assure you, I did not need to take any hostages to ...
redrelic17 10/29/2010 6 6 - 50
Progressive Lentz Throws Republican Machine Into Panic (PA-07)
Machine Republican Pat Meehan does not even belong in the same room as Progressive Democrat Bryan Lentz. Who says so? They very Republican machine that made Pat Meehan: A Delaware County ...
redrelic17 10/18/2010 10 42 - 72
Poll Shock: Progressive Democrat Poised for Upset (PA-07)
This is a race that the national media, the Pennsylvania political establishment, and basically every jaded know-it-all has assumed would be a Republican pick-up in Congress. But a new polls ...
redrelic17 10/07/2010 118 467 2 324
Bryan Lentz: A Progressive Democrat for Pennsylvania (PA-07)
I first heard of Bryan Lentz in 2006 when he announced his intention to challenge perhaps the worst Republican in southeastern Pennsylvania, State Representative Tom Gannon. It was a grueling,
redrelic17 07/28/2010 4 9 - 26
Canvassing at Penn State
I am a long time commenter and a first time diarist. I have loved reading about the canvassing experiences of those savvy Iowans and the hard-working Texans. I am a 21 year-old student, ...
redrelic17 03/19/2008 29 36 1 1
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