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A New Low For Conservatives?
I typically can ignore the hate-fueled tripe peddled by the folks on the right side of the political spectrum, but today A colleague sent a link from that truly sinks to depths of ...
redstatesucks 03/04/2014 12 6 - -
Why are conservatives so hung up on alternative lifestyles?
Ugh! Why is it that conservative-leaning people have such a problem with other people who live in an alternative way? At first I thought the issue was all Biblical, but now I am beginning to wonder ...
redstatesucks 02/24/2013 28 10 - -
Rational Homophobia?!
Deep breath. Blow it out. Better. In my years around the block I have heard of Rational Recovery (an alternative to the 12-step programs like AA) but have never heard of Rational Homophobia. I ...
redstatesucks 02/07/2013 31 7 - -
Redstate or Hatestate?
This is my first diary at Kos: If I do it incorrectly – plz refrain from bringing out the machine guns like they do at Speaking RedState, have you ever visited that hate-filled ...
redstatesucks 06/15/2012 23 7 - 232
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