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Yippee!!! I'm moving to Florida!!!
There is some snark in this diary title! Unfortunately, that would be the yippee part, not the moving to Florida part. Yes, after 12 wonderful years as resident of Hawaii, right on the edge of ...
reflectionsv37 04/24/2015 15 21 - -
Anyone Home?
The lights are on. I hear something on the television. Car is in the driveway. I hear the dogs barking. Where is everyone?
reflectionsv37 04/11/2015 29 7 - -
A Little Humor Before Election Day
This arrived in my email this morning and it gave me a good laugh so I thought I'd pass it on for a little light hearted humor before everyone goes to vote in the morning. Somehow it seems ...
reflectionsv37 11/03/2014 7 7 - -
Another Must Read, Jim Wright Stonekettle, A$$ Backward Into The Unknown
I've been keeping an eye on our friend Jim Wright over at Stonekettle Station. He has produced some incredible pieces of writing lately and todays post is another! He pretty much rips the ...
reflectionsv37 08/27/2014 13 24 1 -
Good News!! Christie Says He Has 'Complete Faith And Confidence' In Scott Walker
According to Talking Points Memo “I have complete faith and confidence in Scott,” Christie said, according to The Bergen Record, adding: “I believe he has great integrity.” Christie made ...
reflectionsv37 06/21/2014 42 35 1 -
When You've Lost the Cockfighters...
your days are coming to an end! I'll bet Mitch McConnel never saw this one coming! From TPM comes this little piece, Cockfighting Fans Swear Revenge Against Mitch McConnell. Can Mitch McConnel ...
reflectionsv37 02/19/2014 37 16 - -
Bridgegate... Is the Next Shoe About to Drop? Huge Update!!
While reading the diary Port Authority Chief Samson Says He Might Resign in Wake of Bridgegate by ericlewis0, I noticed a very unusual paragraph in the associated New York Times Article. In fact, Mr.
reflectionsv37 01/15/2014 180 337 5 -
You Need to See This! Updated With the Players Names and Positions
If there is any email in the Bridgefest pile that is more damaging than Bridget's one liner, this exchange has to be the one! I've seen snippets of this posted here, but reading the entire exchange ...
reflectionsv37 01/10/2014 147 207 4 -
Touch Screen Voting Systems and Our Current Election
This diary was originally published after the election in November of 2006 with the title Electronic Voting and the Myth of the Voter Verified Paper Trail . With the election season currently in ...
reflectionsv37 10/23/2012 13 13 3 -
Remember the Shooting Yesterday at the Empire State Building?
Wait until you see today's headline at NBC News... NYPD confirms: All bystanders in Empire State attack hit by police bullets. First paragraph: All nine people wounded during a dramatic ...
reflectionsv37 08/25/2012 33 19 - 325
I've Already Cast my Vote in the November 2012 Election! Have You? Can You?
There's nothing misleading about that headline! Yes! Last Friday, I cast my vote for the President of the United States, Senator for Hawaii and Representative for my district in Hawaii. And that's ...
reflectionsv37 07/01/2012 51 52 - 497
Cruising Adventures - Daily Reports
Just a little late night diversion for those that so enthusiastically enjoyed our first cruising and sailing diary the other night, Cruising Adventures - The Island of Tanna, Vanuatu and Mt. Yasur ...
reflectionsv37 06/18/2012 4 7 - 68
Cruising Adventures - The Island of Tanna, Vanuatu and Mt. Yasur Volcano
As some of you know, Mrs. R and I are currently sailing around the Pacific in our little 37 foot sailboat, Reflections. I thought it was about time I started sharing some of our adventures with my ...
reflectionsv37 06/15/2012 62 45 - 316
Marijuana Legalization - The Last Word
I posted a diary yesterday ...
reflectionsv37 10/19/2011 9 21 1 120
Support for Legalizing Marijuana Reaches All-Time High
According to a new Gallup Poll 50% of Americans now support legalizing Marijuana, up from 46% ...
reflectionsv37 10/17/2011 29 36 - 175
Bank of America - You Cannot Be a Protestor and a Customer!
Mrs. R stumbled on a video today that needs far more exposure than it has received. Frankly, I'm not sure why this video hasn't gone viral. This isn't current news, this video was recorded a week ago.
reflectionsv37 10/16/2011 25 32 1 254
HI-01 Some Good News From Hawaii
Good news has been hard to come by lately, but we get a little from here in Hawaii today. Ed Case will withdraw his primary bid in ...
reflectionsv37 05/30/2010 28 25 - 70
22 Million Bush Emails Found - Updatedx3
According to the AP The National Security Archive and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in ...
reflectionsv37 12/14/2009 409 545 11 330
Will we ever see the CIA Torture Report?
If you were thinking we might get a chance to see that CIA torture report by the end of this week. I suggest you stop holding ...
reflectionsv37 07/02/2009 12 10 - 18
Grover Norquist Drowns Bush Legacy in Bathtub
Didn't anyone watch newshour tonight? This is just too good!!! Gwen Ifill was interviewing Grover Norquist(Mr. Drown it ...
reflectionsv37 03/03/2009 52 23 - 31
Bush Impeachment Polls (updated)
Thanks to Dennis Kucinich and his submission of 35 Articles of Impeachment against George W. Bush, impeachment talk ...
reflectionsv37 06/13/2008 95 34 3 37
Rasmussen Has Bush at New Low
This is going to be very short, but in light of the Articles of Impeachment submitted last night by Dennis Kucinich, it warrants a mention!
reflectionsv37 06/10/2008 73 10 - 18
Rep. Robert Wexler Has Some Questions
It looks like the revelations put forth in Scotty McClellan's new book, What Happened, have attracted the attention of the pro-impeachment Rep. Robert Wexler. It appears Wexler, a member of the ...
reflectionsv37 05/28/2008 21 24 - 18
Rove's Attorney Responds to Conyer's Subpoena Threat
If you actually thought for even a minute that Karl Rove was going to be appearing before the House Judiciary Committee come July 10th, this ...
reflectionsv37 05/22/2008 56 15 1 20
Rationing of Rice in US begins
Today, MSNBC and the Associated Press is reporting that Sam's Club and Costco began rationing the amount of rice you are allowed to purchase.
reflectionsv37 04/23/2008 64 24 - 20
A Letter to John Conyers...
I've been so troubled by the testimony of Attorney General Michael Mukasey yesterday, that once again it is time to start writing letters, making phone calls, sending emails and demanding that the ...
reflectionsv37 02/08/2008 15 13 - -
And The Official Cover-up Begins! DOJ and CIA Launch Investigation
Breaking news from the Associated Press! The Justice Department and ...
reflectionsv37 12/08/2007 23 13 - 14
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20) A follow-up
Even in these days, it is rare that something so troubles me, that I find myself laying awake at night in outrage. But last weeks appearance ...
reflectionsv37 11/13/2007 20 13 1 12
Kucinich to file Articles of Impeachment on Cheney
From the Washington Post . Kucinich to file articles of impeachment against Cheney! From a letter to ...
reflectionsv37 04/17/2007 70 63 - 18
USA's Firings, Ties to Jack Abramoff?
With so many Republican scandals to keep track of, the latest ones always seem to push the prior ones to the back burner. For the past few days, I've had this uneasy feeling that we may be missing a ...
reflectionsv37 03/20/2007 26 27 1 26
Electronic Voting and the Myth of the Voter Verified Paper Trail
Electronic touch screen voting has generated a great deal of interest and speculation on this site. Most are concerned the machines can be manipulated, hacked, votes changed, and there is plenty of ...
reflectionsv37 11/26/2006 43 32 3 44
Bush Drops Below 40% at Rasmussen
I'm not sure who Rasmussen has been polling since the election. Perhaps they were only polling Bush's "base" to keep him above 40%.
reflectionsv37 11/22/2006 36 15 - 8
Sorry for the troll comments!!!
reflectionsv37 11/02/2006 58 5 1 17
Don't Install Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0
reflectionsv37 07/12/2006 35 27 2 16
That Didn't Take Long...More Beheadings Updated
reflectionsv37 06/10/2006 17 3 - 1
Class Action Suit Seeks $20 Billion from Verizon
reflectionsv37 05/12/2006 5 7 1 -
SBS Dateline Austrailia - Abu Ghraib Video Link
reflectionsv37 02/16/2006 8 9 1 58
Republican Governors and Abramoff Money
reflectionsv37 01/15/2006 7 3 - -
Another Republican Pervert
reflectionsv37 11/01/2005 25 7 - 2
Wondering why MSM doesn't report DSM?
reflectionsv37 06/04/2005 20 22 - 20
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