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The Lurching, Fascist Mammon
Dear Friends: It has been some time since I have posted here due to life but in my heart of hearts I know this community is fighting the good fight, holding a golden standard for human decency and ...
relikx 01/15/2015 3 6 - -
Turkey Carbomb, NATO Articles 4&5
The Saturday bombing in a crowded area in the Turkish town of Reyhanli ostensibly targeted Syrian rebels specifically and Sunni Syrian refuges generally. That the powerful twin bombings killed at ...
relikx 05/11/2013 7 4 - -
Patriot's Day
Patriots' Day is a civic holiday commemorating the anniversary of the Battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775. These were the first battles of the American Revolutionary War. It is ...
relikx 04/15/2013 1 2 - -
Las Vegas Review-Journal violating FEC laws?
Media Matters is looking into allegations that its rights holder, Righthaven LLC, has been filing suits alleging copyright infringement. ...
relikx 07/23/2010 3 2 - 34
News Corp. hypocricy on immigration
As too many of us know, there are 2 things that motivate News Corp. (in this order) - making money and propagandizing the conservative message. While the vast majority of the time these objectives ...
relikx 05/06/2010 5 - - 14
Drug Cartel escalation in Arizona and thoughts on immigration
Let me start by offering a couple of things about myself. My father immigrated illegally in the 70's. He was caught near the TX border and INS turned him over to a farmer/rancher into essentially ...
relikx 05/03/2010 9 5 - 95
2nd Factor of 5 - BP Oil Spill Now Est. 25,000 BARRELS/Day
Apologies for the short nature of this diary, but new reports are that coming out that 9,000,000 gallons may be in the gulf waters - the entire Valdez disaster was around 11,000,000, with much, much ...
relikx 04/30/2010 17 10 1 108
God and W. Ordained Torture - the GWOT
So, you want to go further down the rabbit hole? With the recent GQ revelations about Rummy's weird militant Christian memos I want to put ...
relikx 05/17/2009 10 8 - 1
"Abort Obama, not the unborn"
Chip Harrison was pulled over in Oklahoma City for a sign that,
relikx 02/19/2009 43 14 - 43
Rep. Broun warns of Obama Gestapo
Cooked in the twisted minds of right-wing goons is the insatiable urge to put on their Tom Clancy hat, come up with an outlandish premise, and stretch words to make a reality of that nightmare in ...
relikx 11/10/2008 99 16 - 24
Karma's a mother. Or, irony abounds.
What goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. I think you get the point. When I saw a collection of different news stories, they didn't have much in common except the fact that actions have ...
relikx 11/08/2008 3 5 - 82
The Era of Change
With respect to the views of our non-Christian and atheist/agnostic friends, what has happened before our eyes has greatly affirmed my view that Fate worked demonstrably with the election of Barack ...
relikx 11/06/2008 3 - - 1
Obama TV special to segue into World Series
Rain continues to fall in Philadelphia Tuesday, forcing Major League baseball to tentatively schedule the resumption of Game 5 for Wednesday night at 8:37 PM ET. Also scheduled that night is ...
relikx 10/28/2008 69 12 1 1
Report: Bush to restore ties with Iran after election
Haaretz reports that diplomatic relations with Iran will be declared by President Bush after the election, restoring formal talks with the two countries for the first time since 1979. The wait until ...
relikx 10/25/2008 7 13 1 -
The Cult of the GOP
There may not be a more ugly yet brutally honest metaphor to the self-destruction of the Grand Old Party before our very eyes than in the delusional followers of a cult. In truth, John McCain has ...
relikx 10/22/2008 3 2 - 1
W's "Ann Coulter" actress beaten in home attack
Little Rock TV anchorwoman Anne Pressly, who plays Ann Coulter in Oliver Stone's new movie W., was left in critical condition after beaten in her home sometime late Sunday.
relikx 10/20/2008 255 423 4 231
Judges deliver blow to new Ohio voter registrations
The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, with a majority of Republican-appointed members, ruled Tuesday that Democratic Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner must set up a system by ...
relikx 10/14/2008 40 44 1 41
Joe McCain calls Northern Virginia "Communist Country"
John McCain's brother apparently has the same mavericky sense of humor that shows the McCain family is a walking gaffe machine. It remains to be seen what impact this could have on swing voters in ...
relikx 10/05/2008 4 4 1 8
American Christians in the 1990’s elevated the simple abbreviation WWJD to a sort of daily reminder of where their moral compass should be. “What Would Jesus Do?” said so much to ...
relikx 07/06/2008 4 2 - -
US Contractors train torture in Mexico
An appalling discovery of US private contractors training the Mexican army in torture has received little attention in the United States despite the underlying issue about the influence of companies ...
relikx 07/05/2008 3 12 - -
John Cornyn loses key 43,000-strong endorsement
The Texas Medical Association, which represents 43,000 doctors and medical students in the state, has withdrawn support for John Cornyn after the Senator helped block legislation that would delay a ...
relikx 06/27/2008 21 25 - 23
Inhofe is on to "Hollywood special interests"
Jim "I hate polar bears" Inhofe knows we'd love nothing more than to dethrone the Great Denier. With a week left in June, Inhofe is sending out emails stating that he is about $20,000 away from ...
relikx 06/24/2008 9 2 - 3
GOP: Obama like any other politician
John McCain and the GOP are running scared. The first candidate on the Democratic ticket with a spine in a generation has so far refused to lie down and take it from the so-called "Republican attack ...
relikx 06/21/2008 18 - - 24
God & W. Ordain Torture: The GWOT
General William G. Boykin (ret.), implementer of US torture policies in Iraq under Donald Rumsfeld: Here's the way I want to enter the gates of Heaven. I want to come skidding in ...
relikx 06/18/2008 4 2 1 5
A Tortured Argument: Victory in Iraq
I'd like to offer an intellectual excercise and possibly challenge some of your preconceived notions regarding Iraq. Now that it is clear the time is ready for us to start leaving, I want to take a ...
relikx 06/17/2008 7 2 - -
The Federal Reserve's secret illegal meeting with banks
Inner City Press/Community on the Move filed an administrative complaint against the Federal Reserve Sunday demanding information about a closed-door meeting held earlier this month with the ...
relikx 06/15/2008 44 83 8 49
Republicans and reverse racism
In attempt to throw jabs to see which one can stick and not become overtly racist in the process, an often-used line lately is that African Americans don't actually know Obama's policies or ...
relikx 06/14/2008 25 5 1 -
Stop, Obama Time
In light of Tim Russert's untimely death and all the negativity towards Obama by the fearmongers I thought now was as good a time as ever to take a step back and smile. These aren't exactly new ...
relikx 06/13/2008 7 4 - 1
John McCain and the attack on Liberty
41 years ago a tragedy occurred. During Israeli's Six-Day War, the USS Liberty was attacked and 32 U.S. sailors were killed. Did Israel know it was a U.S. ship before they attacked? Did John McCain ...
relikx 06/07/2008 4 - - 7
Mexican-American Petróleo and the GOP Machine
There is a topic of great importance that raises many issues but is not widely discussed. In the next 2 years, the implications of national sovereignty, foreign policy, bilateral trade, gas prices ...
relikx 06/05/2008 6 19 1 177
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