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(Update: Pure Snark) Nate Silver Shamelessly Skews His Results to Help Republicans
Nate Silver is obviously a Republican operative who is trying to drive down the Democrats enthusiasm for their candidates my releasing results that show Democrats with chances less favorable than ...
renewables 11/07/2012 19 3 - -
ATribute to Nate and (Apparently) His Last (at 4am ET) Election 2012 Post
He's gone back to the computer one more time. I won't post the numbers. They are his numbers anyway and you can look them up. They are smigggen less favorable to Obama -only a point or half a point ...
renewables 11/06/2012 18 24 - -
"When all is said and done, and 24 hours remain until votes are counted in Ohio, Barack Obama leads Mitt Romney 49% to 44%, according to SurveyUSA’s 5th and final pre-election tracking poll, ...
renewables 11/05/2012 43 29 1 -
Update (Better News): Nate Silver Ups His Totals Again for Obama
His revision is out. Now it's: EV 306.9, Margin of Victory 2.3, Likelyhood of Win 85.1% Latest Nate Silver Calculations Obama Electoral College Total: 306.5 Obama margin of Victory: 2.1 ...
renewables 11/03/2012 147 84 1 -
Obama's Disaster Response Probably Helping Him in Florida
To some extent voters "reward" an incumbent for doing something good for them. Many of the auto workers in Ohio and their families might lean Romney but vote for Obama because of the auto bail out. ...
renewables 10/31/2012 8 7 1 -
Has Romney Shifted to a "Wisconsin Plus" Plan?
It does look like Romney's team has realized that Obama's ground game and focus on early voting in Ohio makes Ohio so unlikely to win that they have switched to a "Wisconsin Plus" Plan. Also, the ...
renewables 10/27/2012 58 12 - -
Obama Bring Up That Roe v. Wade Clearly is at Stake in the Election
Not talked about during the campaign to any degree is the strong likelihood that Roe v. Wade will be overturned if Romney is elected. In fact, if Romney is elected we are likely to have a staunchly ...
renewables 10/25/2012 4 7 - -
DNC Should Move Up Obama Speech to 9PM EDT
The traditional way to schedule a nationwide live event is to schedule it very late in the evening on the east coast so that it shows up at a reasonable time on the west coast. Big sporting events-
renewables 09/03/2012 33 13 - 343
Why Republicans Love "Make my day"
Maybe the "Make my day" line has so morphed into American culture that it has no meaning beyond a tough-guy taunt to a punk. A taunt asking the punk to be fool-hearty, so the unnaturally relaxed, ...
renewables 09/02/2012 8 2 - 137
BREAKING: Perry to Continue - Right Choice for Him?
Rick Perry has decided to continue his campaign. This is only a sensible move given the weakness ...
renewables 01/04/2012 44 5 - 214
New Poll: Majority of Republicans Favor Taxing 250K More
So just about every Republican in Congress and certainly every Republican Presidential candidate oppose what members of their own party favor.
renewables 10/11/2011 7 1 - 53
Reason for Cain's Rise: Attack Dogs vs. Nice Guys
. Looking at the GOP race it appears that the candidates doing the most attacking of their opponents are successful in harming those they attack, but hurting themselves. The beneficiaries of their ...
renewables 10/10/2011 9 1 - 50
Perry's Tuition Position Destroyed Him As GOP Savior
So much analysis has been given to the idea that Perry's poor debating skills has led to his bad showing in the Florida straw poll. Really? What made the people in the room in Orlando boo him was ...
renewables 09/24/2011 19 3 - 165
No Reason to Release the Photos of Bin Laden
There is one good reason not to release the photos of dead Bin Laden and no good reason to do so. The reason not to release the images is clear: It could inflame fundamentalist radicals in the ...
renewables 05/03/2011 30 3 - 105
Trump Is Not Dumb - Just a Publicity Hound Bigot
Two 22 year olds walk into a bar. One is white and the other is black. Bartender says "Guys, I'll need to see some ID.'' White guy shows his driver's license. The bartender reads it, sees it's ...
renewables 03/31/2011 12 7 1 114
Fukushima: Endangered Workers and What's To Come
I have been watching all the major news shows this morning reporting on the nuclear disaster at Fukushima plant and decided to stop and Tivo CNN. Every once-in-a- while CNN gives a pair of two-...
renewables 03/15/2011 11 13 - 150
New Spin: Fukushima Plant PROVES Nuclear Plant Safety
"We must remember that there are 55 reactors in Japan and this was a huge earthquake, and as a test of the resilience and robustness of nuclear plants it seems they have withstood the effects ...
renewables 03/12/2011 66 11 - 237
Clinton Stood Up to Gingrich: Obama Lost His Moment
In 1995 Gingrich and the Republicans were tough and belligerent --riding high off a recent midterm election sweep. They wanted massive cuts and a change to Republican values: Gut government at all ...
renewables 12/07/2010 114 12 - 102
Boehner Cries for Himself. But Where are His Tears For Others?
He had tears when he remembered the days he had to wait tables before he reached the status of big shot Country Club Republican cavorting with the wealthy and powerful. But Mr Boehner: ...
renewables 11/03/2010 12 3 1 15
Nixon to Palin: Looks, Intelligence and the GOP
I recently viewed the Minnesota GOP video showing how Republicans tend to have attractive women as candidates and Democrats not. It was obviously outrageously offensive and manipulated. There are ...
renewables 08/23/2010 35 2 1 36
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