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Senate GOP Vows to Block All Initiatives In Lame Duck
Breaking news on Msnbc: Mitch McConnoll just sent a letter to Harry Reid vowing to hold the Senate hostage on all Initiatives in the Lame Duck, including Start, DADT, Unemployment, ect. unless tax ...
renior 12/01/2010 48 20 - 55
We Need to Wise Up
I don't write many diaries. But, for a long time I have seen something on this blog that deeply worries me. I see so many people falling into a trap and causing so much division and anger. And it ...
renior 11/17/2010 15 10 - 40
breaking:: It's over. It's finally OVER. So Long Iraq
very short but, sweet. Very important. MSNBC: Breaking news: Iraq is over this ...
renior 08/18/2010 81 25 - 40
Erik Ericson Got His Backside Handed to Him by Eric M. Dyson
Now that was a debate. It was just beautiful. On Anderson Cooper tonight, the topic was Dr. Dean calling Fox News racist yesterday on Wallace's morning show.
renior 07/26/2010 51 41 1 41
Updated....The Story is Rightwing News and not the Administration.  
I watch Washington Journal on Cspan in the morning. They have a call in in the first segment on a topic of the day and I think it should be mandatory watching for the beltway bubble heads like ...
renior 07/21/2010 101 29 - 63
The Middle Class Will Pay the Taxes
Interesting segment on C-span's Washington Journal this morning. The guest was Arthur Brooks, President of American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Mr. Brooks was on to hawk his new book and the ...
renior 06/21/2010 18 14 - 27
My Personal Observations on Crisis and Problem Solving
I have been thinking on this oil spill. Reading alot in the newspapers and blogs. Reading alot of comments and listening to television. I see and hear alot of anger and emotional reaction but, ...
renior 05/30/2010 6 5 - 20
Imagine If Black People Were The Tea Partiers...
Please excuse any mistake I may make - typos ect. while writing this. I just got this new computer and I am not use to the keyboard and have not found out how to do alot of things yet. My computer ...
renior 04/26/2010 13 6 - 107
Fake Memo Spread by GOP Re: CBO Costs
I rarely go to Huffington Post but, today thought I would go through there and link up to my blogs from there. Imagine my surprise when my eye caught wind of this gem: 'Doc Fix' Memo FAKE? Health ...
renior 03/19/2010 7 7 - 77
Look Who's Starting a Lobby and Tea Party Group
"I am an ordinary citizen from Omaha, Neb., who just may have the chance to preserve liberty along with you and other people like you," she said at a recent panel discussion with tea ...
renior 03/14/2010 6 4 1 18
Guess Which Media Stars are BFFs with Liz Cheney
this is going to be a very short, sweet diary. I could not find a proper diary to insert this gem into a comment without going totally off base. So, I decided to write one of those annoying very ...
renior 03/13/2010 59 29 - 30
A Generation of Lawmakers Mezmerized
This morning I was watching the former head of the IMF (international monetary fund) on Washington Journal. He was on to explained the debt and also the problems with Greece and other countries in ...
renior 02/17/2010 4 5 - 10
Rush Limbaugh Pens an Op-Ed...
I cannot believe this. I am so stunned. Absolutely stunned that I can barely type. Rush has penned an I'm Sorry op-ed and I just had to share:
renior 01/25/2010 11 3 - 19
Fox New Is Thriller
There is a guy, Iman Crossan, who is known as Alphacat. He does these videos that are dead one impressions of president Obama. His latest one is a must see as he takes on Fox News....
renior 01/23/2010 3 1 - 92
The Media Plays a Big Role in the Dysfunction of Politics.
I have been very dissatisfied, as many people are, with the state of our media. They have redefined their role as one of opinion and gossip and fluff over that of truth and facts. Not all of them ...
renior 01/20/2010 14 10 - 22
After Everything, Why Does the Public Keep Supporting Republicans?
I shake my head alot when I see the condition the republicans have left the country again after a period of Republican rule. Back in the 1920s, the republicans messes up as bad as they did today but,
renior 01/19/2010 70 10 1 34
Bid Now and Own Your Own Pat Robertson Voodoo Doll
yep. If you hurry, you can bid and own your very own Pat Robertson Voodoo Doll on Ebay!!!! Bidding is for 8 days. Current Bid: 750....
renior 01/17/2010 32 17 - 34
Saving Two Countries by Rebuilding Haiti
I was reading the New York Times accounts of the tragedy in Haiti. I went to see what other readers were saying in one section. A posting said something I think deserves consideration and possibly ...
renior 01/13/2010 15 11 - 13
Obama Outpaces LBJ in Legislative Victories
Many on this blog and others have been lamenting on "why, oh why, can't Obama be more like LBJ?" If Obama had been, he would not have gotten as much legislation passed in his first year then any ...
renior 01/12/2010 56 38 2 34
Terrorism, Reactions, Obama and the Left
Balloon Juice has a good posting today about the White House pushing back on republicans and Cheney. They use quotes from another article by Greg Sargent and then they end with a nice summary. The ...
renior 12/31/2009 20 8 - 33
Obama, Progressives and the Dysfunctional Senate
Everyone knows our politics, especially in the senate, is broken. When it takes 60 votes to bypass the perennial filibuster from the minority party, to all legislation, then there is a problem. The ...
renior 12/25/2009 53 14 - 100
A View of the Health Care Debate
Reading the diaries and comments on this site it is apparent that in between the divide between the 'kill the bill' and 'something is better', little is being asked of the people who actually need ...
renior 12/22/2009 3 2 - 56
Stupak Aims To Sink Unacceptable Senate Abortion Compromise
That little snake, Bart Stupak, is working against the democrats and doing so in coordination with, of all people, Mitch McConnell. Stupak's office had been emailing McConnell's office and sending ...
renior 12/20/2009 26 4 - 44
It Was Worth Seeing Turtle Mitch Look Ill
For all the disappointment of the health care bill being watered down to nothing, I did find one thing that was simply priceless.
renior 12/19/2009 34 13 - 92
Since When Was Politics Pure???
I keep seeing diaries filled with romanticized versions of what the democratic party use to be like. Oh really??? When was the party ever noble? When were our politicians ever honest and upright? ...
renior 12/18/2009 28 2 - 12
Quiet Rage
Like everyone else, Joe Traitor is dirt and I see him as little more then an egotistical slime. He is one of the worst people, even comparing him with republicans, in DC today. He has sentenced ...
renior 12/17/2009 5 4 1 15
We Are All Angry. We Share Some of the Blame
To which I replied: "As for nowhere left to go, I guess i just don't know what that means. If you care about the country and the direction of its politics, you stay involved in pragmatic political ...
renior 12/16/2009 11 - - 13
How Bush Watered Down Civil Rights
Like many veterans of the Justice Department, Alan Jenkins, who served as assistant to the solicitor general under Clinton, is saddened by what happened under Bush: "It's a tragedy . . . ...
renior 12/12/2009 17 12 - 21
Zazzle is Back - This Time With Death Threat TShirts For Sale
Last month Cafe Press was selling T-shirts with the verse Psalms 109:8 which said: "Let his days be few and let another take his office." A threat to President Obama. A few people here traced the ...
renior 12/11/2009 15 10 - 26
The Depression Era and FDR vs Today
Kossacks keep talking and writing about FDR. But, they seem to have some version of him that I am not acquainted with. The FDR I have read about in dozens of books, including several biographies, ...
renior 12/06/2009 30 16 - 20
Paying For Bush's Lawlessness and Incompetence.
Talking Points Memo posted a letter from a guy who was forced to block emails from cousins who were sending him racist emails. Further down in the letter he posted this: These emails ...
renior 12/04/2009 5 8 1 17
Bush's Betrayal is Obama's Blame
So, today people are having a day of it slamming the president for trying to see if he can fix another of the long list of problems Bush left for him. From the economy and two wars, unfinished ...
renior 12/02/2009 16 17 - 155
"Why I Parted Ways with the Right" LGF Goes Rouge
I was reading Plum Line and came across an interesting blurb. Mr. Johnson of Little Green Footballs, the conservative blog, has parted ways with the right. I read awhile ago he was a libertarian but,
renior 12/01/2009 35 19 - 31
Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Seems alot of people are angry at the rumors that Obama is going to be sending more troops to Afghanistan. From what I have read it seems that the President was left with little room to do much. ...
renior 11/30/2009 6 3 - 18
The Best Car(s) You Ever Had
The best cars I ever had was a 1991 Red VW Jetta. We got it used in 1997. I loved that car so much. When it died I cried. I really did cry. The other car was my green VW Bug. 2001. We got it ...
renior 11/28/2009 153 8 - 46
Heads Exploding Across Wingnuttialand
Ah. The wonderful, musical sound of exploding rightwing heads...pop! pop! And when they do so in unison, it is like the forth of July! Why are the rightwing heads exploding, you ask??? Grab an ...
renior 11/27/2009 34 46 - 67
1980 and Today.
Stand back. Observe. Watch the republicans eat their own. It's fun to watch and fun to laugh and joke about the way the republicans are going after each other. About the purity test that even ...
renior 11/25/2009 5 1 - 53
TIME: The Polarized Media
Simply jaw dropping. This morning I was reading Media Matters and they had a short article about the Time Magazine story on how the media is polarized and has a moderate bias. So, I followed the ...
renior 11/06/2009 23 11 1 97
Teabaggers Gearing Up For Big Push in DC
The republicans, Dick Armey's groups, Faux news and host of other organizers have the teabaggers geared up for a final push on Capital Hill. Complete with a packed scheduled of congress and senate ...
renior 11/02/2009 20 13 - 89
Spineless II: In Re: to JoanMar Diary
I have never answered to a diary before and frankly was not planning on writing any diary tonight but, reading the responses to Joan Mar's diary, I realized my posting would end up being far too long.
renior 10/03/2009 39 5 - 17
This Explains Glenn Beck
I looked to see what was new on the site of Time Magazine and their cover story is Glenn Beck. I read part of it to see if they took him to task, or called him on his damaging run, ect. It was ...
renior 09/17/2009 48 8 - 39
Fight the Wingnuts over Obama's speech.
I have not been doing diaries for a while because I was laid up and then really did not have much to say. However, this dustup over President Obama's speech is the last straw for me. But, I also ...
renior 09/04/2009 8 9 - 3
From MLK to Today
I saw on CNN a very powerful short video where the words of Barack Obama are entwined with clips of MLK and the civil rights movement and the violent clashes of the 1960s.
renior 01/19/2009 3 3 - -
Still.....After All These Years
At the close of business yesterday, Friday, Jan. 16, 2009, the staffers of the George W. Bush administration officially called it a day. It was their final day and they are now done with the jobs ...
renior 01/17/2009 5 1 - -
President Obama and First Lady's First Dance...
I am sorry this is not a diary about real politics or issues or anything to debate and discuss and fight over. But, in case anyone needs an interlude from all that I thought I would post it for ...
renior 01/16/2009 24 7 - 16
Richard Perle Now Claims to be a Democrat
I am serious. I was watching Hardball and flipped when Chris was going to do a segment on Burris. I live in Illinois. Anyway, I came across a discussion panel for the BBC that was in Washington ...
renior 01/12/2009 106 15 1 31
Report by Center for Public Integrity on the Bush Era
Broken Government. That is what the report is called. It is an indictment of the way Government was run and failed during the Bush Era. The amount of money wasted and stolen or lost during the ...
renior 01/11/2009 19 39 6 180
Just Win, Baby.  EJ Dionne on Stimulus Package
EJ Dionne has a very good article on the stimulus package and the politics behind it. The article explains the ...
renior 01/09/2009 6 7 - 1
Did Feinstein Leak the Panetta Nomination Herself???
I came across an odd little item at Marc Ambinder's speculating that maybe Diane Feinstein leaked the Panetta nomination herself....
renior 01/06/2009 19 12 - 27
What Obama's Law Review Presidency Can Teach Us.
In the last month it seems many are quick to judge, to anger and to condemn PE Obama. It began as soon as rumor came out that he was considering Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State and it's ...
renior 12/19/2008 37 33 2 17
The Makings Of Presidents
I just finished watching on cspan Washington Journal. They had a segment on FDR. My favorite president of all time and someone I've considered my president all my adult life (when you have only ...
renior 12/17/2008 3 2 - -
I Think Caroline Kennedy Should be Given a Shot
I have read and heard about Caroline Kennedy's work over the years and from what I hear she is a very hard worker and very smart. As an attorney, she is also a specialist in constitutional law. ...
renior 12/15/2008 93 17 - 27
The Man who blew the Whistle on Domestic Spying
His name is Thomas TaMM and he worked for the Justice dept. He comes from a family of FBI agents. In 2004 he was assigned to the Justice Dept to work on Foreign surveillance and stumbled onto ...
renior 12/13/2008 11 23 1 178
Obama's Grandmother, Toot, Is Suffering From Cancer
I was looking at Newslink and linked to the Hawaii newspapers and television stations in Honolulu, Hawaii. The local reports say that Grandmother Dunham, known as Toot, is suffering from Cancer. ...
renior 10/24/2008 41 35 1 28
Something Strange is Happening Here...W/Update
On Huffington Post there is a op-ed from a guy who has spent many years arguing and disagreeing with family and friends as he is a liberal and they are conservatives. Until lately. Lately, something ...
renior 10/22/2008 493 851 51 50
Boogie Man: The Life of Lee Atwater
The Nation has a review of a movie that is coming out about Lee Atwater. The write up gives alot of insight that is so timely and I felt this article should be read by Kossacks. The beginning of ...
renior 10/10/2008 10 6 - 2
Democrats Get Green Light to Raise McCain's Past Associations
Marc Ambinder just reported that the Obama camp gave the green light for democrats to raise McCain's past associations with troubling figures if they are asked about Ex-Weatherman, William Ayres. ...
renior 10/05/2008 38 24 - 100
For your Rezko, Ayres and Wright, I Raise you a Keating, Hagee and Liddy
So, the rightwing has been making a big deal out this guy, William Ayres, because he was a radical 40 years ago and Obama worked on a board with guy in Chicago. They think this is a big deal. Enough ...
renior 10/04/2008 25 17 - 14
Tidbits from the Senate Yesterday
I found a couple of interesting bits about Obama's day in the senate yesterday. I wish the media could read these as it answers the leadership question. We all know that McCain provides zero ...
renior 10/02/2008 7 7 - 2
Time Poll: No Democrat Hit 50% in General Election Since Before Reagan - O 50%/M 43%
Political Wire has a blurb about a new Time Poll showing Barack Obama at 50% and John McCain at 43%,8599,1846065,00.html Key ...
renior 10/01/2008 58 24 - 21
The Obama Relationship: A Major Benefit Nobody is Talking About
I read the most heart warming article in Huffington Post today. It was about how the most overlooked but one of the most important things about Barack Obama getting elected is his relationship with ...
renior 09/26/2008 8 14 - 1
Tell Me Again Which Party is Weak, Unrealistic and Elitist.
While cruising the Internets I came across an interesting article by Christopher Hitchens. Yes, that Hitches. It was in Slate Magazine's online site and he wrote an article about how Barack Obama ...
renior 09/15/2008 6 5 - -
Comparing the Legislative Records of McCain and Obama
Hilzoy of Obsidian Wings has an interesting 3 part series on the legislative records of McCain vs. Obama. He gives us some very eye opening facts. Strictly the facts.
renior 09/14/2008 6 7 3 8
What Small Town America is Thinking and Saying About Obama
I read an interesting article in Salon yesterday. The writer interviewed many small town voters in battleground states to find out why Obama is having problems there. The conclusions from the ...
renior 09/13/2008 167 33 2 23
Les Misbarack - video
Few words are needed for this. New You Tube video taking One Day More from Les Miz and using it as an obama tribute. Enjoy
renior 09/12/2008 18 11 - 1
Something's Up
Obama is 30 points down in the poll and won't go after Clinton. He stays under the radar. He does these professorial town halls and keeps his gatherings small. The press has written him off. The ...
renior 09/11/2008 92 46 1 16
Proud Bush - McCain Republcians w/ Video.
Very Short Diary. I had to post this for your entertainment. Minnesota Independent did a video where they were handing out Bush/McCain stickers to delegates, ect., at the RNC convention as freebies ...
renior 09/07/2008 4 6 - -
McCain Abdicated GOP Platform to Religious Hard Right
Crooks and Liars has an interesting post on McCain and his abdicating his party platform over to the religious hard right. Some of what is talked about really is draconian and quite scary if McCain ...
renior 09/06/2008 7 3 - -
Why Do Political Women Have to be Treated with Kid Gloves?
This question has been bothering me since the Democratic Primaries. And with the gop strategy of screaming sexism all the time to keep Palin from being challenged this has become an even more ...
renior 09/05/2008 24 5 - -
Obama Brings In the Big Gun to go After Palin
I was just surfing around Political Wire and decided to link to the Page. Imagine my surprise when I saw what the Obama campaign is up to in order to Fight Palin.
renior 09/04/2008 84 80 3 16
I'm So Sick of the Tawdry Gossip About Palin
News about and vetting of Palin is fine and stories are expected. But, I am really sick of the Gossip. 24/7 all I've seen and heard about is Palin. That would not be so bad but, 90 percent of it ...
renior 09/03/2008 98 7 - -
Democrats are Building a File Against the Bushies.
Late this afternoon I turned to Cspan and came across the beginning of a Town Hall in Florida with Joe Biden. I must say it was wonderful to see a not just a democrat but, our veep nominee as a week ...
renior 09/02/2008 22 19 - -
C-Span Undecided Voter Focus Group
Cspan had one of their Undecided voter focus group panels today. A mixture of republican and democratic swing voters. 25 people participated. The panel was sponsored by AARP but, the group was a ...
renior 08/31/2008 39 31 1 24
New Poll Show Palin a Bust
I was not going to do a diary on Palin. Too many have come out with people freaking all over the place. But, I happened onto Americablog and they have a link to Editor and Publisher that has a ...
renior 08/30/2008 34 6 - 2
The Traditional Media is Trying to Destroy Obama's Candidacy With Update
We all know what the media did to Al Gore in 2000. They literally began the rumor and kept it going that Al Gore was a Liar. We knew he was an honorable man but, they kept the lie going about Al ...
renior 08/25/2008 661 694 16 157
Hey There Obama
this will be a short diary but, must have you guys see this. it's a great video I just came across. It's called Hey There ...
renior 08/21/2008 5 2 - 2
Should We Take the Pro Hillary Groups More Serious?
I am not saying that there is going to be upheaval or that we need to be upset. I am pointing out in this diary that some troubling signs are popping up and we need to be aware and vigilant. Last ...
renior 08/20/2008 39 1 - 70
The Faith Forum Was NOT a Win or Lose
Many diaries and posters are commenting like the forum with Rick Warren was like the Debates or some kind of Win or Lose situation. It was not. The purpose of the Forum was to have evangies see both ...
renior 08/17/2008 29 8 - -
Frank Rich Scolds Media - Again - for McCain Crush
I am finding myself living for Saturday evening lately, when my favorite columnist comes out with his gems of wisdom. Frank Rich is the most clear eyed and strongest voice in this election. Again, ...
renior 08/16/2008 21 37 1 17
It's Obama's Party Now
I see handwringing beginning over this nomination thing with Hillary. I think it's time for a little common sense and to get the real lay of the land regarding this whole thing. Barack Obama took ...
renior 08/14/2008 18 17 1 18
Vice President Vetting: Liebermann
This little blurb in the Financial Times should give people something to talk about besides the Edwards Affair: Joe Lieberman, the former Democratic vice-presidential nominee who has ...
renior 08/09/2008 76 10 - 20
Swiftboaters Are Back and Sprung a Leak
If this has already been diaried, I'm sorry. Washington Post's The Slueth has an article today on the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. They are out to do to Obama what they did to Kerry. And there ...
renior 08/05/2008 12 9 - 3
McCain Will Make 2000 & 2004 Pale in Comparison
Joe Conason at Salon Magazine has an article about how the press is coming to the painful realization that McCain is not the lovable Maverick they fell in love with in 2000. That he is morphing ...
renior 08/01/2008 20 17 - 25
Professor Obama
The New York Times is running a series on Professor Obama. The main article looks at the years he was a professor at the University of ...
renior 07/29/2008 29 20 - 28
Obama Camp Pushes Back on Injured Vet Controversy
The Republican party and McCain have been using the problems with the pentagon and the Obama camp over the injured vets in Germany and Obama not being able to visit them for political fodder. As ...
renior 07/27/2008 31 27 - 30
He is President of the World
Der Spigiel has an article today titled American Idol in Germany.,1518,567148,00.html The article discusses the coming of Obama on Thursday and the ...
renior 07/21/2008 19 8 - -
A Cast of 300
http:// This is my first diary so bear with me. The New York Times has an aricle on Obama's Foreign Policy Team. It is a cast of 300 and organized like a mini State Dept. This ...
renior 07/17/2008 12 9 - 9
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