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99%Spring is a bust at co-opting Occupy Wall Street
Everyone knows that I'm a big fan of Van Jones, and it's not just because he's hot. That's not why I chose to participate in 99% Spring, however. I'm not one of those people who goes around ...
resa 04/11/2012 44 30 1 318
Beautiful Sunday at Occupy Wall Street
On Sunday, I arrived at Liberty Park around 4:00 with another friend and her daughter who was eager to visit Occupy Wall Street. We dragged down my 800 pound djembe so that she could join the drum ...
resa 10/10/2011 2 3 - 29
"There are no angry people here" Occupy Wall Street 10/7
During the interview, the reporter asked him if he had talked to many people who are very angry. "There are no angry people here", he told her. "What about the people holding up the signs and yelling"
resa 10/07/2011 7 17 1 93
Why is Joe Six-Pack afraid? Why am I?
I am around the same age as Obama. Like Obama, my parents were mixed race. My father was an Anthropologist, as was Obama’s mother; I lived in another country as a child. Like Obama, I grew ...
resa 10/11/2008 31 14 - -
Breaking: This is What Democracy Looks Like!
I know that this diary may not get much attention but I couldn't live with myself if I didn't make the effort to remind people that this situation is still taking place. If I got you to look, I am ...
resa 09/03/2008 36 66 3 170
Are we paying attention?
Right now many of us are concentrating on whether or not VP nominee Gov. Palin has a baby that is her baby. In the meantime serious civil rights violations are taking place right under your nose. It'...
resa 08/30/2008 10 1 - 5
A disturbing story: Civil Rights in New York
You may believe that because Obama is now the democratic nominee for president that racism is dead. It isn't.
resa 06/10/2008 45 9 - 1
[Updated]Why My Mother deserves respect.
I've seen more than enough posts bashing those "older" HRC supporters. My Mother was born in 1938. She was a child during WWII. She was a white woman and she married my black father in 1958. Many ...
resa 05/11/2008 92 16 - 8
Join a CSA!
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a day late for Earth Day, but this will be short and sweet. CSA's reduce the distance that your food is transported, support family farms, and ...
resa 04/19/2008 26 12 - 4
Just Say NO to Corn (Yes to Bees,Farms,People) - Updated
The film "King Corn" will be aired on PBS this week. I'm looking forward to it. I love corn. I just don't like what we do with corn. In honor ...
resa 04/17/2008 86 39 4 187
Yes, it does matter...
Let me tell you a secret... Many black people and many of us in between do not really believe that a black man can be elected as president in America. We don't think that America is ready. Let ...
resa 03/20/2008 18 4 1 -
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