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I need 2 more players to keep my league at 10 teams. We draft Wednesday 9PM ET (7PM my Colorado time). No money or betting involved. The cool part is that it's an auction draft. So you can have ...
retro postmodernist 09/02/2014 6 - - -
Awesome health care poll!
We all know that Obamacare only fixes some of the myriad problems of health care in America, but so does Michelle Obama. Take the poll!
retro postmodernist 04/02/2014 6 1 - -
I bought legal pot in Colorado today!
It was a joyous day today in Colorado, and I was not going to miss out, so I planned to spend my day legally buying cannabis. Freedom is as freedom does. I went to bed early last night, and ...
retro postmodernist 01/01/2014 41 39 2 -
If only we lived in a democracy. . .
If only we lived in a democracy, then maybe voting for Democrats might be enough. So we re-elected Obama and the stock market and corporate profits are at all time highs. The recession is over for ...
retro postmodernist 03/07/2013 9 4 1 -
My Green conversion project
Hello comrades! If you're like me, you haven't done nearly as much as you wish to take the big oil companies and the military-industrial complex down. And you don't see the Democrats doing that ...
retro postmodernist 02/01/2013 9 11 - -
Dems and GOP play good cop, bad cop (again)
The Democrats look so much better than the Republicans on policy, but with results like the "fiscal cliff" crap, it's clear that they work together in a good cop/bad cop dynamic to screw us over.
retro postmodernist 01/01/2013 3 3 - -
I finally got my electric car!
In which I compare my new 2012 Nissan Leaf with my previous car, a 1988 Toyota Corolla. I feel like I've finally joined the 21st Century. And with my solar panels coming in January, then I'll feel ...
retro postmodernist 10/21/2012 33 36 - -
Apparently nobody here has started Berniekos or, so let me at least get the ball rolling. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) makes the most sense of any of our US Senators, and is our only non-...
retro postmodernist 08/02/2011 5 4 - 79
"Democratic" Senator Mark Udall supports oil shale and expanded nuclear power!
I bug my elected officials regularly with e-mails and occasional phone calls. (hat tip to!) Once in a while, I get a response, and this latest one from Senator Udall was ...
retro postmodernist 07/06/2010 27 2 - 29
CO-Sen: Should I caucus for Bennet or Romanoff or other?
I seem to have trouble learning substantive information about the Democratic Senate primary coming up for the Colorado Senate seat recently appointed to Bennet. I would love to hear opinions as to ...
retro postmodernist 03/13/2010 22 2 1 8
Which environmental organizations should I donate to?
Hey Kossacks, The end of the year is nigh, and I need to decide where my charitable donations are going. It's tough, since there are way too many deserving groups and no amount I give will ever be ...
retro postmodernist 11/05/2009 40 6 1 111
Who is doing the best population work?
I'd like to get involved in overpopulation issues, but I'm not sure who would be most effective. But this big DKos community probably has lots of ideas.
retro postmodernist 06/17/2009 25 10 1 37
Lebanon experts: Is Friedman actually right about something for once?
His latest article praises Obama for his speech in Cairo influencing the Lebanese election in what Friedman says is a positive direction. Is he right? He's been wrong so many times before . . . ...
retro postmodernist 06/10/2009 26 1 - 18
Attempting to phone Interior to leave a message for Ken Salazar
Assuming it's true that a phone call has much more impact than an e-mail, I decided to attempt to phone Ken Salazar (my former senator).
retro postmodernist 04/29/2009 2 8 - 19
What to do when you're to the left of Obama?
I'm sure I'm not the only one here who is generally to the political left of Democrats. Currently, Obama defines the left end of the Democratic party, with only a few Dems in the House and one ...
retro postmodernist 04/17/2009 55 15 - 20
Has DKos turned into a teabagging site?
I love this website, but I'm sooooo done with the teabag stuff. This site has wasted so much space mocking it that it may end up increasing the buzz around the phenomenon. Sometimes there are ...
retro postmodernist 04/15/2009 55 14 - 18
Afghanistan is the original Vietnam analogy
So Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, we've been fighting there for almost 8 years, and we actually have a significant number of "coalition" troops helping us, and yet ...
retro postmodernist 04/03/2009 11 6 - -
Lieberman Last Straw: Hillary for Senate Majority Leader
Gutless Dems Reward Lieberman's Backstabbing I agree with Kos here completely. And while Lieberman isn't a very important issue (...
retro postmodernist 11/18/2008 16 5 - 33
Politics and the internet reducing political privacy?
I'm not sure how bad that is. It's one thing to be able to know who a politician is receiving donations from, and a search engine of specific donors sounds politically democratic and open, but. . .
retro postmodernist 11/09/2008 3 1 - -
Election eve catharsis/response to e-mail from John McCain
This evening, I received an e-mail from John McCain, asking for my vote. I replied. It felt good.
retro postmodernist 11/04/2008 5 6 - 4
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