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The Rape-ublican Platform
It's time to stick them with this label and not to let up. They never gave up calling us the DemocRAT party. They need their platform name to remind everybody, every day, including GOP women, what ...
rhetoricus 08/21/2012 42 8 - 139
The Magic of the Values-Based Consensus Model
If your local Occupy is anything like ours, it’s been challenged by harsh weather, police harassment, city ordinances, liberal armchair quarterbacks, endless right-wing attacks in the local paper, ...
rhetoricus 11/15/2011 7 4 - 28
#OccupyWallStreet Core Msg: "Get. The Money. Out. Of Politics."
Our good friend Plutocracy Files has suggested that the bloggers, academics, and activists who ...
rhetoricus 10/01/2011 14 14 - 83
Yahoo Neighbors & Their Damned Guns
(Why do I feel like shit like this doesn't happen in civilized, non-Glenn-Beckian countries, because they actually have sane gun laws?) So I'm all happy and exhausted from a week at Burning Man, ...
rhetoricus 09/04/2011 86 21 - 302
Cheap Labor is a Right Wing Scheme
There is currently a diary on the wreck list mocking Georgia for voting for a "Tough on Aliens" local regime that shipped out the migrant workers, and now Georgia farmers are faced with worker ...
rhetoricus 06/22/2011 57 92 3 480
M.K. Gandhi on Cowardice
"I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence... I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honour than that she should,
rhetoricus 04/11/2011 15 8 1 75
Human Contraband, Cesar Chavez and the Intricate Violence of Globalization
Cesar Chavez, remembered today, was one of the great nonviolent champions of human dignity and worker justice across borders. The bulk of his work and service came before collapse of the USSR and ...
rhetoricus 03/31/2011 24 20 2 135
They Aren't Afraid of Us
As uplifting as "We lost the battle, but we are winning (WINNING!) the war" sounds, the grim truth is that Walker and his band of lackeys are not afraid of us. Not even a teensy weensy little bit, ...
rhetoricus 03/10/2011 338 481 20 2674
Small Biz Owners Demand American Dream
For some reason, small business associations too often still spout Sam Walton propaganda. As though small business and big, transnational corporations are on the same team, while workers, ...
rhetoricus 02/18/2011 75 45 2 228
Hey kids, it's a male privilege checklist! And a hetero one to boot!
What is most troubling is that the "white privilege" diaries popping up are doing so in the context of the left (including the Congressional Black Caucus, btw) virulently speaking out against the ...
rhetoricus 12/13/2010 142 30 - 68
11th Dimensional Chess May Still Be His Game
Call me desperate. Call me a hanger-on. Call me a starry-eyed believer in fairy dust and unicorns. But there is a strategy that may be at work in the apparent "caving" on the Bush tax cuts. Here'...
rhetoricus 12/06/2010 44 1 - 26
"Free Market Demands Foreign Labor"
Really, Lawrence O'Donnell? Really? MSNBC just hosted an interesting forum on immigration and the law, held at the University of San Diego. Listening to the panel that Lawrence O'Donnell has ...
rhetoricus 11/15/2010 24 16 - 61
Free Market A Stake Thru the Heart of Immigration Reform
A few days C-SPAN 3 aired their Congressional Hearing on Immigration, Citizenship and Border Security. Stephen Colbert's infamous Testimony and response to questions was clever and caring, if a bit ...
rhetoricus 09/30/2010 26 2 - 50
Antigay Megachurch Leader Accused of Propositioning Boys (UPDATED)
Not that this should even be news anymore. Scratch a zealot, find a pervert. Can't we just assume that anyone, anywhere, who is antigay-for-pay is also some kind of freak or offender behind closed ...
rhetoricus 09/22/2010 86 27 - 95
Stop Repeating the Lie that Citizens Won't Take Certain Jobs
The right-wing argument that citizens are too proud or soft to take certain jobs is too often embraced on the left in a well-meaning but misguided effort to stick up for migrant workers. This myth ...
rhetoricus 07/10/2010 267 44 2 38
Explaining the Spectacular Dishonesty of AZ's Immigration Law
If you haven't yet found yourself in an argument with Tea Baggin' defenders of AZ's draconian "Stop-&-Search" law, it's bound to happen soon. What never ceases to amaze me is the fact that folks ...
rhetoricus 05/15/2010 124 29 1 41
Trippi to FOX: Liberals Would Have Done Violence Too if HCR Failed
So Joe Trippi, former campaign manager for Howard Dean and John Edwards, goes on FOX and ...
rhetoricus 03/25/2010 59 25 - 42
TeaBaggers' Solemn Oath
It's time TeaBaggers put their money where their mouths are, and collectively reject the evils of socialism in this nation altogether. I think we should help them.
rhetoricus 03/22/2010 19 24 3 104
Forget the Mop. Grab a Spear
Along with our health care calls today, a quick word to the Democratic leadership in the White House, and the rotating Democratic ...
rhetoricus 02/24/2010 24 19 - 29
Mr. President, Tear Down This Wall
Tim Dickinson of Rolling Stone and Bill Berkowitz of Buzzflash add ...
rhetoricus 02/11/2010 66 20 - 49
Menu Choice: Party of Reagan or Party of Pinochet
It's hard not to view this as a coup of the right, however you slice it. ...
rhetoricus 01/27/2010 15 5 1 10
While You All Were Fighting..
..our country just become the United States of Exxon. Prepare to welcome president Blackwater, Vice President Aetna, and Secretary Monsanto. Yes, there ...
rhetoricus 01/22/2010 3 3 - 11
Why the GOP Doubles Down on the Crazy & Still Wins
Ariana Huffington suggested the Massachusetts special election might have been a blessing, because it will ...
rhetoricus 01/20/2010 28 14 - 20
Avatar is Racist. Also Sexist, Heterosexist and Militaristic (w/ spoilers)
And those are the progressive assessments. (The right wing dismisses 'Avatar' as anti-American, anti-troops, anti-white, and anti-human. Little more than a suicidal ...
rhetoricus 01/06/2010 222 28 - 28
Unwad Thy Disingenuous Pantaloons
Making temporary common cause with adversaries is as common as fishnets in a burlesque show. Markos allied with some of the most nauseating right wing bloggers on the issue of 'net neutrality. Obama ...
rhetoricus 12/24/2009 123 17 1 45
I'm Starting To Freak Out
So I'm driving along this afternoon, when I hear on the local talk radio about how global warming has been "debunked." Then some caller bitches about the Democrats in Congress using health care ...
rhetoricus 12/03/2009 752 660 12 189
From Family Guy : Congressman: There is no just cause for an invasion.. Peter: Well that may be, but what were all ...
rhetoricus 12/01/2009 47 11 - 55
On "Raising The Bottom" and the University Degree
There's an eloquent diary on the wreck list explaining why too much blame can't be laid at Obama's ...
rhetoricus 11/29/2009 35 8 - 44
Our Carbon Footprint: The Elephant In the Room
If you haven't read the latest on where we are with Global Warming according to ...
rhetoricus 11/25/2009 21 4 - 149
Busting the Right's Good Cop/Bad Cop Rhetoric on Immigration
What's so insidiously effective about the ethno-racist rants of people like Lou Dobbs is the fact that the bigotry is embedded within legitimate complaints about how corporations are permitted to ...
rhetoricus 11/18/2009 7 8 - 323
5th Grader Refuses To Salute Flag Until GLBT's Can Marry
And here we have the slapdown rebuttal to Senator Coburn's "all porn is gay" Chief of Staff who (approvingly)
rhetoricus 11/16/2009 14 24 1 130
Lie Factory in Hyperdrive: Latest RNC "Survey" Mailer
The Republican National Committee's Lie Factory is working overtime, tossing their fetid chum out wide for any "low info" reader who might bite. "Obama's America Survey," their disinformation-...
rhetoricus 11/11/2009 30 14 - 116
Um, Bootstrappin' Conservatives? Socialism Made You Rich
If you have my luck, your hometown is rife with golden year economic pontiffs who made their comfy riches in the "socialist" 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's (before their hero Reagan's free-market ...
rhetoricus 10/30/2009 50 87 9 700
We're With You, Alan
The brave Rep. Alan Grayson is coming under increasing attack for his fiery remarks, and most recently for a slip in which he called a female Wall ...
rhetoricus 10/27/2009 186 32 - 52
Dear WH: FOX News' Bias Ain't Half Its Problem
My dear President. Thank you for taking on FOX News. You thumped their “Fair and Balanced” and “We Report, You Decide” nonsense, calling out their ideological agenda and the ...
rhetoricus 10/19/2009 12 13 1 48
Time for a "Covenant Marriage" Movement
So they voted for Prop 8 because they "believe in the Bible," eh? They insist "marriage" is between a man and a woman because that's what the Bible says , right? I think it's time to get ...
rhetoricus 05/26/2009 45 10 1 39
The Return of Torture Is Now Inevitable
Rahm Emmanuel has apparently confirmed what we had hoped never to hear. The ...
rhetoricus 04/19/2009 69 30 - 90
Obama's memo to us: "MAKE Me Prosecute War Crimes"
Obama would not have released the torture memos if he truly wanted the Bush War Crimes Era to vanish down the memory hole. Obama is not happy that the only torturer to see prison walls has been ...
rhetoricus 04/17/2009 66 41 1 27
Listen Up, Wingnut Brides of Chucky
We're onto you. And we're onto the corporate dirtbags who are trying to make you into their private band of orcs. The distracting, divisive, terrorizing shit you're looking to pull? We won't ...
rhetoricus 03/11/2009 16 21 - 22
How We Can REALLY Fix the Economy
We're looking at near-60 in the Senate. I think it's time we got as ambitious as W, except in ways that will actually help us. Adjustments to mortgages and to large-...
rhetoricus 11/13/2008 42 4 2 -
Prop 8: Blame vs. Disappointment
Can we all agree that anyone who tries to pin the passage of CA's Prop 8 on the high turnout of Black voters is a ...
rhetoricus 11/07/2008 59 16 1 2
Can Prop 8's "Simple Majority" in CA be Challenged?
Obviously IANAL, but California's legislature twice passed gay marriage in California. The state ...
rhetoricus 11/05/2008 93 28 1 33
We've Already Got The Damn Solution
The ever-knowledgeable Thom Hartmann has proposed the resurrection of a familiar market remedy to our current economic ills that: --has served us well in the past, and is currently employed by ...
rhetoricus 09/30/2008 8 22 - 15
How Congress Can Castrate Itself for Years
Easy. Give a "signing-statement" executive that has NEVER submitted to oversight 700 billion dollars. Congress is the purse strings? No more. Congress just gave a mafioso administration a credit ...
rhetoricus 09/25/2008 7 3 - 2
"The candidate who votes for bailout will lose in November"
Say it with me. Kos quoted ...
rhetoricus 09/23/2008 21 18 2 28
"Rub My Corns Or I'm Voting McCain!"
Dearest Hillarions swarming to the site and demanding royal treatment while your candidate's attack dogs are still chomping: get over yourselves. Obama did not "steal" anything from you. Hillary ...
rhetoricus 06/02/2008 31 14 - 8
It Was NOT a Gaffe.
However we choose to make sense of, respond to, and move on from, Hillary's statements, we need to understand a few things. A gaffe is something said once. A gaffe comes out in opposition ...
rhetoricus 05/24/2008 29 27 2 55
The Soft Sexism of Low Expectations
John Aravosis points us to an article by E.R. Malcolm that essentially argues that Hillary should be ...
rhetoricus 05/10/2008 31 9 3 21
Clinton's "Soft" Support
Clinton just had an impressive win in PA after a gruesome six weeks. She's re-invigorated, and her followers are electrified. 10 million dollars streamed in from 500K "new" sources overnight, and ...
rhetoricus 04/24/2008 13 1 - 9
"Toughening Up" Obama
As someone who spent a decade and a half idolozing Hillary Rodham Clinton, and fiercely defending her from ridiculous and vicious right-wing smears, I've been reeling from a series of consecutive ...
rhetoricus 04/15/2008 19 6 - -
Driving Voters to Ron Paul
I used to celebrate the near-inevitable independent run by Ron Paul. The fact that so many Republicans would happily vote for a racist, xenophobic, tax-hostile, anti-choice conspiracy theorist ...
rhetoricus 11/08/2007 36 12 - 17
Why I'm not happy for Mary
I thought I'd explain some of the "incivility" some of us are expressing towards Mary Cheney's budding new family. Our ire is truly not directed towards the baby, in spite of "Cheney spawn" jokes ...
rhetoricus 12/06/2006 16 10 - 3
Apologize to ME, Pastor Ted
rhetoricus 11/06/2006 21 27 3 11
They ARE brilliant. At what they do.
rhetoricus 10/22/2006 12 14 - 7
Dear Concerned Christian Re: My Homosexuality
rhetoricus 09/27/2006 28 32 1 18
Antigay Death Threats on My Campus
rhetoricus 04/07/2006 14 27 3 29
Why 9/11 Debates Go Nowhere
rhetoricus 03/25/2006 124 18 2 9
Crash is a Lie, Cont.
rhetoricus 03/06/2006 101 7 - -
If the "Wacky Left" Were in Charge..
rhetoricus 01/15/2006 6 5 - 2
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